Tuesday, June 24, 2003

scary reedin

thays this book by kevin philips called Wealth and Democracy that ye might oughta skip ifn yer eezy to scare. on tuther handm tis loded with facks n pinions n argumints bout how these hyar united states dun went from a gummint of, by n for the peepl to bein a gummint of, by n for the rich. thay calls that a plutocracy

n thats jes part of the pitcher. whuts scarier than thats the histry he studies up on n the conclushuns he draws. furst, he numerates the three grate worl economies that cum befor ourn, witch thay was them spaniards, them dutch, n them english, n how all of em made the same miss takes that led to them loosin thar place as the grate worl economies. n wurse is how our cuntrys a doin the same thangs:

  1. change from perduckshun to fine ants
  2. becum debtor nayshun, witch ifn ye scrol down ye kin see we becum a debtor nayshun in 1985 fer the furst time since 1914 
  3. invest muny overseas fer cheep labor
  4. git stuck in a long war or series of wars

corse, not everbidy bleevs itll cum out bad: sum folks is optimystic bout the way thangs is agoin.

do not reed this book ifn ye lack a'thankin thangs is great!

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