Thursday, June 19, 2003

thangs peepl bleevs

in cuntrys whar peepl votes, whut thay bleevs n knows n larns is very important on a counta becawz thays the ones sposed to be runnin the place. ye might cud member abe lincoln on thisn from that talk he give at gettysburg on how this is sposed to be a cuntry of the peepl by the peepl n for the peepl n i speck it probly was thataway at the time he wuz aspeekin bout it.

thangs changes n now ye got to wunder how peepl kin vote proper when thays so confused bout thangs witch i got egzamples of sum the stuff thay bleevs but furst thars the distinkshun tween bleef, persepshun n whut ye kin proov to be fack

ye kin bleev innythang n cant nobidy say yer rong since ye kin bleev whut ye want, fer egzample, 80% of merkin folks bleevs the gummint is hidin evidence bout the exist stance of exter terrestruls or aleens n ifn ye follow the lank on thatn ye kin fine ye all manner strang stuff folks bleevs

yer avridge magician kin tell ye that whut ye persieve cant be trusted since yer so easy to fool

n yer jurnlist kin tell ye that facks is stubborn thangs n hard to cum by n fack is ye cant hardly know the historkul facks bout yer own times till long after yer daid

n thatd all be jes fine ceptn when yer usin whut peepl bleevs or persieves to start wars n such n then later to claim twas all ok since it cum out right, witch that remines me of how we hated them comunists since thay wuz a claimin that the ends jusdefies the means n we knew that was rong till we needed sum ends to jusdefy our own means, lack in iraq whar sums claimin dont matter ifn thay lied tus to get us to go long with em so longs we wun n so furth

so tis a bit troublsome when peepl bleevs thangs lack this here: "Polls taken recently indicate that most Americans are either unconcerned at the apparent collapse of the rationale behind a war that's still killing their compatriots, or ignorant of the whole situation. Before the Iraq war, a Knight Ridder poll showed that nearly half of Americans surveyed believed, erroneously, that there were Iraqis among the Sept. 11 hijackers. During the war, a Los Angeles Times poll showed that 59 percent of respondents were convinced, despite all available evidence, that Saddam was either partly or mostly responsible for Sept. 11. Now that America's failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is becoming an increasingly contentious political issue, a third of respondents in a University of Maryland poll believed that the weapons already have been uncovered. A fifth of those polled think Iraq actually used such weapons in the war." [Salon: Michelle Goldberg, 6/19/2003]

so whar do we git such confused bleefs? n whut kin we do bout it?

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