Wednesday, June 18, 2003

wurd of the day: an algy

whenever we merkins was agettin ready to invade iraq, we was subjected to talk of "peasmint" n that talk showd that we dont all rightly unnerstan todays wurd an algy. an algy is sumpin ye use to proov yer point by cumparin 2 differnt thangs thats simlar nuff to make ye thank one of em cud cum out lack tother did. tis a powrful thang n folks get cunfusd by an algy now n then. fack is, yer scribes n pundits n common taters all seem lack thay was confusd by an algy that was amakin the rouns, witch that wud be an algy bout peasmint. mos yer studints of histry knows sumpin bout peasmint n thay was abusin an algy to proov thar points.

the owe ridgnull peasmint tale cum from nevul chamberlin whenever nazi germny wanted to invade n take over check-o-slow-vakya. the peasmint cum out this away, that the worl wud allow them nazis takeover the small cuntry to keep em germins frum wantin to have a war with the peasers, witch that wud be ingland n frants n tother parts of yourup

furst lets remind ourself whut an algy is n how twurks: ye take 2 thangs that ye kin cumpar sumhow, fer instunce, a elfant n a mous. ones big n tothers small n ye cud use that to splain how much bigger sum thang is than sum other thang. so ifn sumbidy said our army compard to theirn is lack a elfant compard to a mous, then yed know we got us a big army n thay got em a small one. least thats howt sposed twurk. that aint how we wuz a usin it to proov we had to go to war.

no, in sted, we wuz amisusin an algy on a counta becawz in the owe ridgnull peasmint situashun twas the mos powerful cuntry on earth, witch at that time was nazi germany, a wantin to invade a tiny cuntry. ye cud a made an algy bout it: the nazi army cumpart to the check army is lack a elfant cumpart to a mous. by lettin the most powerful cuntry on earth invade the little cuntry, we wuz apracticin peasmint.

but whenever we wuz a usin an algy of peasmint to proov we had to invade iraq, it cum out difernt: ifn we didnt let the merkin army, most powerful on earth,  invade the small cuntry, we wuz apracticin peasmint? n ifn we did let em invade, we wuznt apracticin peasmint?

whar wuz the ingleash teechurs n filosofers n common taters when we wuz aneedin em? cudnt nobidy spot an algy that was false?

dont git me rong on this cawz i luv our cuntry america as much as innybidy, fack is, i luv it nuff to say we shudnt lie to ourself nur the worl neither n speshly not our own peepl.

but im jes a cuntry boy from way down in tennessee
all this crazy stuff dont make much sense to me
i guess ye might say i'm jes a homegrown fool
well thats all rite with me its all rite with you

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