Saturday, June 14, 2003

ye might not speck a hillbilly to no nothin bout blogs but i found out about em at a game site called blogshares where i got $500 for joinin up and speckulated jes a few days till it was up to nearly a hunnert times as much which i no is purt amazin so heres how i dunnit

first off i figgerd i wud by me sum shars in a blog i liked a lot like jans and whenever i dunnit them shars went up like i never speckted

next i bought shars in the here blog quixote blog which i liked the name n the guy seemed like he was innit for the long hawl n he rites funny stuff

now i got shars in haborantus which i think has lots a funny stuff n a cours newsgorilla

seem like anybidy cud get rich thisaway so why wont ye try it? ima by a sailboat with all my mony

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