Wednesday, April 21, 2004

nite life of buddy don:
a bar thats famus fer sangle malt scotch

back in february, me n miz bd gut our furst taste of sangle malt scotch. dont know how we had dun missd it all our lives, but we had. mayhap it had sumthin to do with not lackin likker all that much. but tiz the drank of our ancestors n with the hep of eric over at straight white guy, we gut started.

twuz luv at furst tastin, so to speak, n since then we dun gut us a colleckshun of half filled bottles of differnt kinds. mayhap this weekend i kin rite up a lil revue of em.

meanwhile, i gut a good irish friend i been a'knowin fer minny years n he dun marrd a woman frum england. (i writ bout a evenin we spent together here.) so ever now n agin, he has to go cross the pond fer a visit with her folks. so twuz whenever me n miz bd wuz a'larnin bout sangle malt scotch. he musta been gone a few weeks n whenever he gut back, he wuz verr busy, so we dint git inny time to talk fer a lil while.

but thay cum a day when we had lunch. corse he had lots to flap his gums about on a counta havin jes had a big ole trip full or add venchurs over in england, but bout time we wuz leavin, i memberd to tell him bout discovern sangle malt scotch. turnt out he wuz a eggspurt ever bit as informd as inny. we gut to talkin bout witchns we had tride n he recommended a few.

next day he cums into my offus all eggcited bout sumthin he had receivd in the mail, a invitayshun to a sangle malt scotch tastin at a bar over in man hattan name of keens steakhouse. but twernt jes inny invitayshun: twuz a invitayshun to whut they call a single malt scotch tastin, witch ifn ye follerd that lank to keens steakhouse, ye dun gut to see whar tiz addvert eyesd fer may 20. he ast did me n miz bd wonta go, so we sed we did.

but we wuz havin truble waitin, so i ast him dint he thank mayhap we should make a eggsporatory visit to make shore we knew whar twuz n how we wuz a'gone git home n all. tiz the kind of info ye dont wonta half to figger out after spendin a evening tastin sangle malt scotchs of all kinds.

last nite wuz the nite n whut a time we had. whenever we gut off work, we walked down to the place n wuz dee lited to see miz bd thar waitin to meet us. she wuz dressd up rite nice n i half to add mitt i wuz proud to have her take my arm. in we went.

tiz a beeyootiful old place, witch fer my taste, tiz much better now that caint nobidy smoke indoors in man hattan. (side note: bars n restrunts wuz up in arms agin mayor bloomberg over his ban on smokin, arguin bout how they wuz a'gone lose bizness, but whut happend wuz the opposit on a counta thay wuz lodes of folks that dint lack going out to breathe smoke.)

the furst plan was to have a cuple dranks. they brung us a menu biggern ye git in mos innyplace ye eat, but it dint have nuthin but sangle malts on it. so we gut us each a differnt one n passd it round fer everbidy to taste. twuz so good, we dee cided twood be wise to eat sumthin, so we orderd us sum dinner. n then a nuther round. n then a nuther. n i thank twuz over round then. sum of the ones we tried wuz laphroig 15 year, ledaig 20 year, cardhu, tobermory, bruichladdich, isle of jura 15, n the champeen of em all (witch we all agreed how twuz the bes of the nite), bunnahabain raw cask 21 year.

whut a nite. me n miz bid sed good night to our irish friend at the corner of 36th n 6th. we walked over to the ferry (a bit of a hike, but we needed to walk a lil) n then across to jersey. whut a dee liteful nite!

thankee, eric, fer yer hep in gittin us started!

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