Tuesday, April 13, 2004

progress of buddy don:
gittin better at havin migraines

yesterday mornin, jes after i had dun my early mornin daily bloggin, i real eyesed whut wuz makin me feel lack i wonted to vomit: i had me a migraine fixin to attack. i walked frum the dark livin room to the lite in the bathroom n the way the lite hit me wuz proof.

so i kep my hed n rote a short note to the folks at wurk, lettin em know not only that i wuz a'gittin sick but whut all needed to be dun in my absents. i then tuck the new medicine dr mauskopf give me whenever i went to my appointment. tiz sum stuff called zomig n ye take it as a nasal spray, witch that means it wurks almost in the instunt.

main thang it duz is make ye sleep all day, but whenever ye git up, ye feel a lot better. miz bd sed, 'yer back,' as soon as i gut up late in the afternoon. i feel fine at the moment n dun gut reddy fer wurk, so im happy bout that.

thang is, even when yer in yer fifties, ye still gut thangs to larn, lack how to have a migraine.

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