Tuesday, September 09, 2003

eggzistentchul ahhngst

buddy don gits to wunderin who buddy don is ever now n agin. he even starts to talkin bout hisself in the thurd person, lack hes a'doin now. n thats on a counta he dont have his own body in this here worl n has to wait fer his chants to take over sumbidy elses body sos he kin git his fangers on the keybird. n thays times he aint allowed, lack here today. but he made a bargin with the owner of them fangers n wishes thay wuz sum way he could splain who or whut he is.

but thays times hes scairt of the fact that he aint nuthin but the distilled memries of sumbidy else with the loose ends tied together sos they make better tales n sumtimes whut theys tide up with is made up, but even tho they aint non-fickshun, ifn thangs is going they way theys spozed to, theys true.

but how kin the truth be tole by sumbidy that aint even real?

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