Tuesday, September 23, 2003

a lil splainayshun

fer this thang to wurk, blogspot has to be up ever time i wonta publish sumthin. taint always the case, n this mornins a purrfeck eggzample. i gut up n found blogspot down. that mint i couldnt publish. ifn thay aint time to wurk on this in the morning, thay aint time fer me on a counta i have this job over in manhattan that eats up 11 hours of my time everday plus a nuther hour of commutin, half hour minimum each way. thay simply aint time lef fer me to do my bloggin ifn i cant git it dun furst thang in the mornin.

also, i dint speck to rite the hole life of buddy don. i dint know twuz a'gone happen atall. fack is, i half to cum up with each chaptur brand new n generly i dont half time to read it befor i leave fer wurk. when i cum home, i try to fix the wurst miss takes, but i know ima gone half to go thru the hole thang sumday.

but i mainly wonta thank my hand full of readers. fack is, i git near 50 hits a day, but 20 of em are searches fer the wurd quote hillbilly unquote n 20 to 25 are jes me. so i wonta say thanks to all five or six of ye who cums by ever now n then to read this stuff.

n ifn blogspot is up tomorrow (before 6:20 am), i'll rite ye a nuther chaptur.

1 comment:

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