Tuesday, September 30, 2003

3rd of 7 dedly sins: anger

i wood lack to jes spit or curse or do whutever i could to make the folks who created blogweaver suffer fer the awful way it wurks. whenever ye post, it asts do ye wonta save yer wurk, n ifn ye do, ye git two copies, so ye git in the habit of sayin cancel. but that means ifn ye make the miss take of clickin on 'template' in sted of 'post n publish,' ye git that same box astin do ye wonta save it, n by habit ye click cancel.

n thats jes whut i did this mornin after ritin a long chaptur 64. n thay aint nuthin i kin do bout it now on a counta i dint have a backup, n i should know better on a counta thats my job, heppin wall street bankers make shore they dont lose no wurk.

the wurst kind of anger is anger at yer ownself.


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