Tuesday, March 28, 2006

quick note of buddy don: still home

i writ that i wood be goin back in to wurk today, but my boss writ me back to say she figgerd i should keep to my plan of goin at lease a week with no migraine, witch i had one on sundy. she also pointed out that i gut to see the ear nose n throat docter, witch we dont know whuther that will mean surgry, but ifn it did, theyd jes as soon i did it all on the same disabilty. so i will have to wait a lil longer befor i git to go back to wurk. i know it sounds odd, but i kin hardly wait!


Anne Johnson said...

I luv ma job too. But since I gits no bennies, I've gotta work sick er well. So far I've been a lucky camper and ain't missed no work time, even when havin babies.

Well, mebbe I missed a week er so with them babies.

I sure am glad you got a job you laak. Sounds laak yer boss is nice too.

Left a comment about the devil on my site. You don want him showin up to write on yer blog, I never seen no one feel more sorry for hisself.

Tennessee Jed said...

I am glad you like your vocation there you hillbilly! I hope you can get some funds for your down time, I have been thinking of you.

We have this civil service short-term disability program called the sick leave bank where you give two sick days a year back to the bank and you can appily with them if you need some recovery time. The healthy in this case take care of the not-so-healthy and they say it averages out pretty well. Perhaps you could suggest something like that at the "good bank" when you return. That way there is less big insurance hassles with an in house committee of fellow workers.