Friday, March 03, 2006

progress of buddy don: sum improovment

i am deelited to report that at this verr instunt, i am not havin a migraine as far as i kin tell. i am a lil superstishus bout sayin it, so could be tiz a moment of calm as the eye of the storm passes over me. but i aint suffern the wurst simptums n thats good.

this has been the longest migraine attack i ever had, jes under 13 days total. not only that, but used to be migraines wuz only a matter of suffern thru horribull nausea, but now i git the wurst hedache pain i ever had n even git to whar i am goin blind in my left eye (all my simptums so far are on the left side, witch the pain yesterdy woke me with the feelin that twood be a blessin to have everthang frum my left eye to my left ear removed frum my bidy). so its gittin wurse.

on tuther hand tiz also gittin better on a counta i have seen so minny differnt kinds of eggspurts on this problem. i went n slept fer the sleep study over in man hattan at the new york sleep institute. turnt out i have a problem sleepin that could even approach life threatenin status ifn i wuz to sleep much on my back. more importunt is how sleep apnea seems to make it harder to brake the migraine cycle. on a counta this problem, i wake up wore out n purty soon notiss i am as sick as ever.

i also seen a new newrologist who tole me that ifn i kin git the sleep apnea under cuntrol, i kin start takin sum medicine (depakote) to pervent them migraines frum cummin back, witch i dont know yet ifn that will wurk, but tiz wurth a try.

as fer gittin the sleep problem solved, i am skeduled to git back over thar to sleep fer em agin, this time a'wearin one of them cpap (continuous positive air pressure) deevices to git it properly calibrated sos i wont have this problem no more, assumin i kin sleep with such a objeck attachd to my nose. i reckun we will know purty soon.

but westurn medicull eggspurts aint thonly ones i have cunsulted. i have also been to ackupunkchursts that practiss tradishunull chinese medicine, witch that has wurked purty well but aint purrfeck.

but i also seen a practishuner of ayurvedick medicine, witch thats a tradishun that cums frum india. i half to say the time i spent with that amazin lady name of indrani maity wuz as amazin a sesshun as ever i had. dont git me rong. seems lack that kinda medicine aint fer dealin with acute situwayshuns. tiz more about larnin how to find out whut is out of balunts in yer life n how to git it back into balunts.

whut amazed me bout the sesshun wuz how indrani looked into my eye n tole me i had breathin problems, mayhap frum birth. asthma? allergies? bofem? she wuz eggzackly rite bout me born with asthma even tho i never sed nuthin bout it (i wuz zomiged out n couldnt hardly say nuthin innyway). she jes looked into my eye n figgerd that out. she also tuck my pulses n tole me the root of my problem wuz in eggspresshun.

she ast me did i have truble eggspressin myself, witch miz bd tole her i wuz abnormally adept at that particular pursuit ceptn ifn i am on zomig. but indrani wudnt innerested in my skill at eggspreshun. that wuznt whut she ment by the problem. insted she splaind how thay wuz sumthin i needed to eggspress that i wuz afraid to let out. then she made a guess bout whut it wuz, a problem with my parnts. she ast me wuz bof my parnts alive? i add mitted daddy had died back in 96. she gut to pokin my emoshunull side with sum sharp fangerd questchuns till i found myself trine not to cry my eyes out.

but she sed twuz jes whut i needed to do, cry my eyes out. twuz remarkabull how quickly she figgerd thangs out about me that tuck sum years of talk therpy to git to in the past. she dun all this in under two hours of investigayshun.

thang is, i knew she wuz rite but dint know how to make myself cry. taint lack i caint cry purty easy, but whenever it cums to thankin bout daddy n minny a thang i aint yet writ even in the 148 chapturs of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, seems lack i caint brang myself to keep on the subjeck till i cry. insted, i try to thank other thoughts.

then 13 days ago i gut into the wurse migraine attack of my life, witch it seemed lack it jes gut wurser n wurser. las nite i deecided to listn to a cd we had paid fer but never listend to, witch tiz black cadillac by rosanne cash. as ye know, tiz a album of songs she writ upon losin her daddy (johnny cash), her mama (vivian liberto, johnnys furst wife) n her step mother (june carter cash).

i had been thankin bout that migraine that woodnt end n whut indrani had tole me, witch i gut the idee that mayhap twuz time to listn to that cd. tiz one of the best writ set of songs i ever herd. she coulda been a'ritin my story. whenever she started sangin that furst song, black cadillac, witch it begins 'It was a black cadillac drove you away,' my tears begun to flow n kep rite on fer a good half hour.

n whenever i finely gut my eyes dried, i felt a hole lot better. no hedache. no nausea. no aura. no other odd feelin. i wuz verr tired n purty soon we went to bed. i dint sleep atall hardly n this mornin i am wore out n still in the fog of zomig, but i dont bleeve i am havin no migraine n hope i wont fer at lease a few days.

whenever i aint so fogged, i hope to rite a lil more bout the differntses in approach by various medicull practishuners, mainly the differnts twixt mainstream western medicine, whar ye tell yer simptums n they rite ye a scrip fer eggspensive pharmasuiticulls, n eastern medicine, whar they wonta know bout mos everthang bout how ye live, speshly whut ye eat, how ye sleep, how hard ye wurk n how yer reglar constitushun is.


Anne Johnson said...

That there oxxyen thang work real well for my mama-in-law. She got used to it fast on accounta once she went ta sleep she slept like a babe. It's Ms. BD will have problems listenin' to that thang hiss.

Tra everthang before depakote. See how ya do with that there dvice.

red molly said...

Good God, buddy don it's just like Mr. Red Molly says 'you are doomed to a life of relationships'. I'm glad you are feeling good enough to relate all this to us. I am so sorry for your long 13 days of migraines you have had. Hang in there!