Friday, December 31, 2010

pitchers tuck by buddy don: cuple of them pets

the year 2010 has bin bout the worst of my life in more ways than a bidy could count. i aint a'gone list em on a counta how i dont wonta dwell on that kinda thang. i druther thank bout good thangs, lack the way Kingsley n Miss Liberty made such good friends. Miss Liberty gits along with everbidy, but Kimono n Kingsley aint figgerd each other out yet.

heres them friends:

heres hopin nex year will be a bettern fer everbidy ... mayhap we all kin make better friends of our fates ...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

pitchers tuck by buddy don: tuther cat

ye mite could wonder whut gut me to makin entries agin. tiz purty simple. i am seein a psychotherapist, who lets call him Dr. L, n he thanks ifn i wuz to make a lil entry ever day, it mite could hep me git better. i half to add mitt, i have bin missin bloggin fer sum reason.

today i wonta innerduce Kimono, a cat whose mama musta bin a calico n whose daddy musta bin a tabby. shes gut a lil of both colors, witch makes her rite nice.

heres a pitcher of her on a emery cat we gut fer Miss Liberty, who she never used it even once, but Kimono tuck it fer her place n lacks to sleep on it durin the day:

thankee to all that have bin so kind as to make a lil commint, witch that wood mean Geekman n bile.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

pitchers tuck by buddy don: them cats

i promissd yesterdy that i wood putt up a cuple pitchers of them other critters besides Kingsley that lives with us. furst up is a verr speshul yung lady name of Miss Liberty. we gut her frum the Liberty Harbor Animal Shelter, witch miz bd tuck it into her hed that ifn we had us a cat, mayhap Kingsley wood have a lil more innerestin life. he wuz born in a puppy mill in South Carolina n saved by a verr fine yung lady, who she wuz drivin by a kill shelter when she deecided to check fer inny dogs n found thay wuz 17 of em waitin to be "putt down." she saved em one n all, n Kingsley wuz our lottery winnins as a reesult. we call ourself rescuin him, but he is the one doin the rescuin.

Miss Liberty wuz a cat name of Ovid whenever she pickt me out as i wuz walkin thru the cattery at Liberty Harbor. caint say how she dun it, but out of a room full of nigh on to 200 cats, she reached out her lil paw n tuck my hart. dint even see no other cat that time n sed i wood take Ovid. turnt out Ovid was not a male, as they wuz a'thankin, but the most preschuss lil female ye ever seen. Kingsley made miz bd his person, as twere, n he couldnt have pickt a bettern since thay aint no bettern her. but Miss Liberty deecided i wood be hern, witch she follers me round lack a lil ducklin.

Aint she purty?

bein as how i aint bin up to doin much of nuthin, even takin pitchers, i will save pitchers of tuther cat, Kimono, fer a nuther day (i am a'hopin twill be tomorrow). thankee to Tennessee Jed fer his commint!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pitchers tuck by buddy don: pets to the rescue

sorry i aint writ nuthin fer so long. aint felt much lack doin innythang, cant take much of this here keybird, but i figgerd i wood try to show ye pitchers of the newest members of the family, Kingsley, Miss Liberty and Kimono.

we gut Kingsley fer therapy one week after my 58th birthdy, witch he wuz a rescue, who he is a'rescuin us (or trine hard as he kin). he is spozedly a chiweenie, witch ye kin deecide that fer yer ownself ifn ye wonta, so heres a cuple pitchers:

we gut us a cuple cats also, but my left eye is dun achin frum lookin at this here cumputer screen. so Miss Libertys n Kimonos pitchers will have to wait fer a nuther day. i will try to post a cuple pitchers of them wunderfull lil critters soon.

Friday, April 09, 2010

waka of budo adana: Frocks

Chilly April rains,
Crisp afterthoughts of winter,
Cool the warming earth
As white tree flowers give way
To Spring frocks of new green leaves

Thursday, April 08, 2010

waka of budo adana: Smile

Whenever I smile,
The whole world brightens,
Even in darkness,
For a light that shines within
Is reflected everywhere

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

waka of budo adana: Haven

On life’s stormy road,
When there is no place to lay
My rain-soaked body
Down, you pull my aching head
To your breast, my safe haven

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

waka of budo adana: Urge

Two AM, awake,
Wishing nausea away
Trying to resist the urge
To howl, to cry, to vomit

Monday, April 05, 2010

waka of budo adana: Pain

The pain is a friend,
A faithful companion who
Lives inside my skull,
Who wakes me after midnight
From the terror of nightmares.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

waka of budo adana: Renewal

Lichens cling to rocks
Mushrooms feed on felled tree trunks
Dung beetles roll dung
Vultures feast on rotting flesh
I chew up my old writings

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

waka of budo adana: Abuse

How dare you strike me,
A tiny defenseless baby,
Unable to walk,
Unable to remember
Yet unable to forget?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

waka of budo adana: Risks

Make fewer errors
And be less likely to lose,
But avoid losing
And be less likely to win:
Plan, execute, take good risks.

Monday, March 29, 2010

waka of budo adana: Serenade

With my flute and dog,
I wandered up the mountain,
Seeking better views
And a bed of pine needles
To serenade the full moon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

waka of budo adana: Oz

There is no wizard
Other than the little man
Or little woman
Standing behind your curtain
Pulling the strings of your life

Friday, February 19, 2010

more eggsplainayshuns of buddy don: kin it be this long?

jes looked at my blog fer the furst time in way too long. caint say i will be ritin much, but i did wonta let folks know i am sorta livin still. i am in a good kinda therapy, witch thangs has to git wurser ere they kin git inny better, witch the mind kin kindly understand, but the hed still hurts way too much.

wurst of everthang is how i caint rite much of nuthin, not even yer lil waka ...