Thursday, August 31, 2006

pomes of buddy don: We Said We'd Get Osama

We Said We'd Get Osama

We said we'd get Osama, said we'd smoke him from his cave
We said we'd bring him in alive or dead!
For his evil deeds in sending thousands to their grave,
We put a giant bounty on his head.

At first we did pursue him, chased him in Afghanistan
In that we had the whole world on our side.
When we destroyed his bases and brought down the Taliban
It seemed that justice would not be denied.

But then we somehow lost our way, or maybe lost our will
When he slipped from our grip in Tora Bora
We needed better targets, our vengence to fulfill
What better than to stop Saddam's Gomorrah?

Therefore with shock and awe we chose to sow the desert wind
And reaped the bloody whirlwind, bloody whirlwind without end.

[update: jes so ye know, whenever i make one of these here pomes (or 'linkoems, as tennessee jed putts it), i caint do much to tease out the harder lines ere i half to git sos i kin catch the bus over to man hattan. but sumtimes a line bothers me such that i caint quit till i change it.

the last line above is a eggsample. i wudnt satisfide with whut i had: 'and reaped the bloody whirlwind that we cannot comprehend' (ifn memry serves). but i couldnt figger nuthin that sooted me better all day long. miz bd had er a good idee so i stuck it in, but it kep on naggin at me.

finely las nite i had a dream whar sumbidy wuz sangin. twuz lack we sung that docksallogy in church 'world without end' ceptn whut the feller wuz sangin woodnt scan rite, 'whirlwind without end.' that sangin pesterd me till i woke up. it tuck me a mint or two, but i real eyesd i had me the endin so i changed it.]

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

nuther quik note of buddy don: new gallery on smugmug

i jes made me a new gallary on smugmug name of At the Zoo, witch tiz pix i tuck at that bronx zoo .

heres a sample ...

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ramblins of buddy don: this n that fer a tuesdy

winnin the war agin drugs? hard to tell, i reckon, but this articull is intrestin – Anti-drug advertising campaign a failure, GAO report says:
A $1.4 billion anti-drug advertising campaign conducted by the U.S. government since 1998 does not appear to have helped reduce drug use and instead might have convinced some youths that taking illegal drugs is normal, the Government Accountability Office says.
wunder whut them rite wing pundits is sayin bout drugs? ye mite be sprized by thisn frum john tierney of the new york times – The Czars’ Reefer Madness (subscription needed):
More than half a million Americans are arrested annually for possessing it. The Bush administration can’t even abide it being used for medical purposes by the terminally ill. Why risk having any of it fall into the hands of young people who could turn into potheads, crack addicts and junkies?

But if America’s drug warriors came here [Amsterdam], they would learn something even if they didn’t sample any of the dozens of varieties of marijuana sold legally in specially licensed coffee shops. They could see that the patrons puffing on joints generally don’t look any more zombielike than the crowd at an American bar — or, for that matter, a Congressional subcommittee listening to a lecture on the evils of marijuana.

And if they talked to Peter Cohen, a Dutch researcher who has been studying drug use for a quarter-century, they would discover something even more disorienting. Even though marijuana has been widely available since the 1970’s, enough to corrupt a couple of generations, the Netherlands has not succumbed to reefer madness.

The Dutch generally use drugs less than Americans do, according to national surveys in both countries (and these surveys might understate Americans’ drug usage, since respondents are less likely to admit illegal behavior). More Americans than Dutch reported having tried marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Among teenagers who’d tried marijuana, Americans were more likely to be regular users.
then thars this closin line, witch i bleeve it splains a lot:
Roskam sneers at the street products in the United States, which he considers overpriced and badly blended. But he acknowledges there’s one feature in the American market he can’t compete with.

“Drugs are just less interesting here,” he said. “One of my best friends here never smoked cannabis, never wanted to even try my products. Then when she was 32 she went to America on holiday and smoked for the first time. I asked her why, and she said: ‘It was more fun over there. It was illegal.’”
so thats quite a pallsy we gut: keepin drugs cool by keepin em illegal.

then thays this note bout how them publicans is trine to putt sum space twixt tharself n mr bush, witch e. j. dionne splains a bunch of it in this mornins washington post, witch his articull is called Slowly Sidling To Iraq's Exit; Many GOP Candidates Part Company With Bush:
With a growing number of Republicans now echoing Democratic criticisms of the war, Republican strategists will have a harder time making the election a referendum on whether the United States should "cut and run" from Iraq, the administration's typical characterization of the Democrats' view.

And even the war's strongest supporters are offering increasingly critical assessments of past decisions. Last Tuesday Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) recited a litany of past administration statements -- "stuff happens, mission accomplished, last throes, a few dead-enders" -- as indications that "we had not told the American people how tough and difficult this task would be." On Friday McCain reiterated his loyalty to the Iraq mission, but he had already made his point.

The Republicans' restiveness suggests that Bush may not be able to stick with his current Iraq policy through Election Day. Even if he does, he will come under heavy pressure from his own party after Nov. 7 to pursue a demonstrably more effective strategy -- or to begin pulling American forces out.
makes ye wunder ifn democrussy is still on the march? or duz our presdint need to make nice with dicktaters to keep it a'marchin? i reckun ifn ye gut oil, ye kin do whutever ye wont, longs ye aint never been included in the axis of evil:
President Bush launched an initiative this month to combat international kleptocracy, the sort of high-level corruption by foreign officials that he called "a grave and corrosive abuse of power" that "threatens our national interest and violates our values." The plan, he said, would be "a critical component of our freedom agenda."

Three weeks later, the White House is making arrangements to host the leader of Kazakhstan, an autocrat who runs a nation that is anything but free and who has been accused by U.S. prosecutors of pocketing the bulk of $78 million in bribes from an American businessman. Not only will President Nursultan Nazarbayev visit the White House, people involved say, but he also will travel to the Bush family compound in Maine.

Nazarbayev's upcoming visit, according to analysts and officials, offers a case study in the competing priorities of the Bush administration at a time when the president has vowed to fight for democracy and against corruption around the globe. Nazarbayev has banned opposition parties, intimidated the press and profited from his post, according to the U.S. government. But he also sits atop massive oil reserves that have helped open doors in Washington.
n heres sumthin i wood lack to know, witch is how kin this not be a civil war – Radical Militia and Iraqi Army in Fierce Battle:
At least 20 gunmen and 8 civilians were killed Monday when the Iraqi Army battled fiercely for hours with members of a militia loyal to Moktada al-Sadr, the radical Shiite cleric, in Diwaniya, Iraqi officials said.

The violence, which one Iraqi general said included militiamen executing Iraqi soldiers in a public square, amounted to the most brazen clashes in recent memory between Iraqi government forces and Mr. Sadr’s militia.

After weeks of rising tensions and skirmishes between elements of the militia and American-led forces, it could increase pressure on Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, a conservative Shiite, to find a way — political or military or both — to rein in Mr. Sadr’s powerful militia.

The battle erupted after a particularly violent weekend in Iraq for American soldiers and Iraqi civilians, in what had been a relatively quiet month.

The American military announced Monday the deaths of nine American service members in attacks on Sunday. In Baghdad, a car bomb killed at least 13 people on Monday and wounded dozens at a checkpoint just outside the Interior Ministry headquarters.
Over all, more than 100 Iraqis were killed Sunday and Monday.
did we ever smoke that feller out of his cave? did we git im dead or alive fer mastermindin the 9/11 attack? not hardly – Bin Laden, Most Wanted For Embassy Bombings?:
Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is a longtime and prominent member of the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" list, which notes his role as the suspected mastermind of the deadly U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa on Aug. 7, 1998.

But another more infamous date -- Sept. 11, 2001 -- is nowhere to be found on the same FBI notice.

The curious omission underscores the Justice Department's decision, so far, to not seek formal criminal charges against bin Laden for approving al-Qaeda's most notorious and successful terrorist attack. The notice says bin Laden is "a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world" but does not provide details.

The absence has also provided fodder for conspiracy theorists who think the U.S. government or another power was behind the Sept. 11 hijackings. From this point of view, the lack of a Sept. 11 reference suggests that the connection to al-Qaeda is uncertain.

Exhaustive government and independent investigations have concluded otherwise, of course, and bin Laden and other al-Qaeda leaders have proudly taken responsibility for the hijackings. FBI officials say the wanted poster merely reflects the government's long-standing practice of relying on actual criminal charges in the notices.
btw, i sined up n paid my money fer smugmug yesterdy. today the site is down! tiz a coincident fack: thar movin sum servers to a new datacenter.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

this n that of buddy don: pinions n pitchers

kayakdave over at appalachian greens has a verr intrestin post of facks here. heres a lil snippet, but ye really orta go over thar n read the hole thang on a counta thays a hole lot more thar:
Average CEO pay VS. Fed. Minimum Wage
Ave. CEO made 51 times FMW in 1965.
69 times in 1973
207 times in 1989
668 times in 2001
725 times in 2004
821 times in 2005

If you kill a wild horse or burro on federal land you can be fined a maximum of $100,000.

A company that kills a worker through willful violation of safety regulations can be fined a max. of $70,000.
in case yer wunderin whuther tiz true, ye gut this articull in today's new york times: Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity:
The median hourly wage for American workers has declined 2 percent since 2003, after factoring in inflation. The drop has been especially notable, economists say, because productivity — the amount that an average worker produces in an hour and the basic wellspring of a nation’s living standards — has risen steadily over the same period.

As a result, wages and salaries now make up the lowest share of the nation’s gross domestic product since the government began recording the data in 1947, while corporate profits have climbed to their highest share since the 1960’s. UBS, the investment bank, recently described the current period as “the golden era of profitability.”

Until the last year, stagnating wages were somewhat offset by the rising value of benefits, especially health insurance, which caused overall compensation for most Americans to continue increasing. Since last summer, however, the value of workers’ benefits has also failed to keep pace with inflation, according to government data.

At the very top of the income spectrum, many workers have continued to receive raises that outpace inflation, and the gains have been large enough to keep average income and consumer spending rising.
shiftin subjecks, as i menchuned fridy nite, i finely deecided to host my photos on smugmug, witch i pickt thatn fer these reasons:
  • thay aint no limit to how much ye kin store thar
  • ye kin set yerself up in bizness ifn yer willin to pay fer a pro account, witch i figger i may swell do jes that
  • ye kin make private places that only them with the passwurds kin git into, witch thats useful ifn ye take pitchers of yer fambly n wonta share em with cuntrol over who gits to see em
  • ye kin make yer own domain (aint dun that yet on a counta i aint offishully sined up, witch i am a'gone use the refernts of a frien at wurk but dont know er email address yet)
  • ye kin fix the place to be yourn eggsclusively
  • ye kin set yer own prices fer photos that folks wonts to buy
  • ye kin putt a watermark on yer photos
  • ye kin perteck yerself agin rite clickin n downloadin photos
  • ye kin perteck yer copyrite
  • the fellers that set this up ansers yer questchuns n has em a real down to earth way of doin bizness
  • thays more, but i caint thank of all them reasons at the moment.
ifn ye wonta take a look at this wurk in progress, ye kin see it here. i dun putt up a few gallaries of photos:i aint gut it all dun by no means, but ye kin see lots of photos n make comments n even rate them pitchers, witch twood be a grate kindness ifn ye dun inny of that.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

deecishuns of buddy don: i pickt smugmug

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quik note of buddy don: still searchin fer a photo hostin site

i spent the mornin lookin over sites to whar i aint gut time to blog. so far, i have eliminated them that wont let ye have files biggern a megabyte. seems lack to git whut i wont i am a'gone half to pay, witch i aint gut no problem with that eggzackly, long as i kin git whut i wont. whut that boils down to so far is a choice twixt smugmug n flickr, witch ifn ye pay em, ye kin git large pitchers on thar n even sell em n such.

i wish this wuz easier! note that i kindly lack photobucket n imageshack, but thay wont let ye have the large kinda files i wood lack to post.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

larnin of buddy don: eff tee pee

i finely figgerd out how to git to the ftp site n deelete a bunch of ole fotos. nows the test to see whuther this post kin git thru.

othern that, i spent alll mornin a'wurkin on other thangs, so i caint blog no moren this.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

quik note of buddy don: whut happend to that fashun shoot?

ye mite member how i had this plan of takin pitchers of a fashun model last sundy. it dint cum to pass on a counta the model gut a case of the pink eye. so we are waitin. i ment to say sumthin ere now, but fergut.

meanwhile, i aint gut time to say much more on a counta how much wurk i gut to do today, witch i lack to git thar early so i will be leavin out in a few mints.

ach! ifn i ever wonta publish sumthin, i have to deelete a ole post.

twoodnt be so frustratin ifn ye could git a ackshull human at blogger or even blogspot to rite ye back when ye contack em fer hep, but insted all ye git is automated emails tellin ye to read the same hep files that dint hep ye in the furst place!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

pomes of buddy don: If Ever We Would See a Brighter Day

If Ever We Would See a Brighter Day

Who are these evil-doers on the television news?
And what could make them go so far astray?
Are they primeval monsters that crawled up from the ooze –
Genetic defects who were born that way?

Or were they babes in mangers with tiny baby shoes
Whose parents taught them how to bow and pray?
Were not their mothers there if they should fall and get a bruise
To love them and to kiss the tears away?

Had they no bright future, no hope that they could choose –
No dream that they might realize someday?
Did they never sacrifice or learn to pay their dues
In order that good things should come their way?
What happened to convert them
To confuse them, to divert them
To turn them from the path of purity?
What evil could have made them
Could have used them and betrayed them
Into such malignant immaturity?
No answers can I offer, no solutions you could choose –
I suffer with you the same great dismay.
But Terror's just a tactic that some decide to use
It has no ideology per se.

So blame not Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Bhuddists, or the Jews
For none is terror an accepted way.
We all must teach our children such evil to refuse
If ever we would see a brighter day.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

"Daddy are we there yet?" the first son asked
As his father pulled into the garage,
His father just laughed saying, "No, we are tasked
To save the world from a mid-east barrage."

"But Dad, what about the wmd?
The ones that turned out to be a mirage?"
"Now son, you remember, we all could see
What we thought we saw before the barrage."

"But Dad, what about all the al qaeda links –
Could they have been 'facts' somebody massaged?"
"Son, that's a riddle you might ask the sphinx,
If there had been links, we'd have risked a barrage."
(The cost of the gas, a mere 80 billions
Was paid with a credit card owned by civilians.
Before the humvee could pull out as planned,
The wind came up and the air filled with sand.)
"Could this be a sand storm, Dad? We can't see!
If we try to drive, won't we lose our way?"
"Some call it a sand storm; I disagree,
We'll just stay the course, show pluck, not dismay."

So into the sandstorm the brave man did drive
"We might seem lost, Son, but aren't we alive?
We'll find an oasis soon, not a mirage,
Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the barrage."

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Friday, August 18, 2006

ramblins of buddy don: good news fer a fridy

[note: a post wuz killt -- deleted -- sos i could make this post!! i larnt i wood half to do that after i tride to publish whut ye see below. twuz sum pitchers of the qm2 that had to git pulled.]

i aint been as eager to post ever since i started gittin over my limit, witch i coulda sworn they had writ thay wudnt no limit on the account. but taint the furst time i been rong bout sumthin.

innywho, i have been deeletin ole posts to gimme a lil room till i kin git moved, ifn i go thru with it. i wood luv to stay with blogger, but tiz so hard to git innybidy besides a cumputer to anser yer pleas fer hep.

but in hopes that thays room left, heres sum stories that kindly sprized me:
  • furst up, i wuz wunderin when the moms of amurka wood ever git round to this on a counta aint it thar kids over thar fitin to stay a corse we caint deefine? so tiz a bit of good news to have a story name of Republicans Losing The 'Security Moms':
    CLINTONVILLE, Ohio, Aug. 17 -- Married women with children, the "security moms" whose concerns about terrorism made them an essential part of Republican victories in 2002 and 2004, are taking flight from GOP politicians this year in ways that appear likely to provide a major boost for Democrats in the midterm elections, according to polls and interviews.

    This critical group of swing voters -- who are an especially significant factor in many of the most competitive suburban districts on which control of Congress will hinge -- is more inclined to vote Democratic than at any point since Sept. 11, 2001, according to data compiled for The Washington Post by the Pew Research Center.

    Married mothers said in interviews here that they remain concerned about national security and the ability of Democrats to keep them safe from terrorist strikes. But surveys indicate Republicans are not benefiting from this phenomenon as they have before.
  • tiz grate to find out that our system kin wurk even ifn so minny wood sell out thar liberty fer securty (i reckun that ole idee of 'give me liberty or give me death' is too quaint fer the modern world), witch ye kin read bout a brave judge standin up fer her branch of gummint in a articull name of U.S. Judge Finds Wiretapping Plan Violates the Law:
    A federal judge ruled yesterday that the National Security Agency’s program to wiretap the international communications of some Americans without a court warrant violated the Constitution, and she ordered it shut down.

    The ruling was the first judicial assessment of the Bush administration’s arguments in defense of the surveillance program, which has provoked fierce legal and political debate since it was disclosed last December. But the issue is far from settled, with the Justice Department filing an immediate appeal and succeeding in allowing the wiretapping to continue for the time being.

    In a sweeping decision that drew on history, the constitutional separation of powers and the Bill of Rights, Judge Anna Diggs Taylor of United States District Court in Detroit rejected almost every administration argument.

    Judge Taylor ruled that the program violated both the Fourth Amendment and a 1978 law that requires warrants from a secret court for intelligence wiretaps involving people in the United States. She rejected the administration’s repeated assertions that a 2001 Congressional authorization and the president’s constitutional authority allowed the program.

    “It was never the intent of the framers to give the president such unfettered control, particularly when his actions blatantly disregard the parameters clearly enumerated in the Bill of Rights,” she wrote. “The three separate branches of government were developed as a check and balance for one another.”
  • finely, tiz grate to see how folks dont wonta be led by them that makes fun of otherns, speshly the way Eugene Robinson puts it in a bit of punditry name of The 'Real World' of Sen. Allen:
    You know a politician is having a bad week when he spends it trying to convince people he's too unsophisticated to have possibly understood the racial slur he tossed at a man who happened to be armed with a video camera.

    Sen. George Allen's mental journey to the imaginary land of Macaca has brought the one-term Virginia Republican -- considered a presidential hopeful for 2008 -- more national attention than ever before. But not in a good way.

    The Macaca incident became a sensation on the video-sharing Web site, where some visitors helpfully posted clips of macaques, which are monkeys. It spawned a host of predictable jokes -- "Funny, you don't look Macacan" -- and inspired a hilarious bit on "The Daily Show" that ended with a potty-humor punch line not entirely suitable for the opinion pages of a distinguished newspaper. Suffice it to say that another make-believe realm called Yapipi was invoked.

    As you probably know by now, Allen was making a campaign stop and spotted a college student who was shadowing him -- videotaping all his appearances -- to gather possible ammunition for the campaign of his opponent, Democrat James Webb. The young man, S.R. Sidarth, is of Indian descent. Allen pointed him out for the all-white crowd, calling him "Macaca, or whatever his name is," and then said to Sidarth, "Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia." Sidarth happens to be a Virginia native.
heres hopin everbidy has a good weekend!

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

quik note of buddy don: weekend plans

bleeve it or not, sumbidy has ast me to take pitchers of a fashion model on sundy, witch they wonta git over here in time fer the sunrise. i am so in luv with pitcher takin that i caint hardly wait n hope they really do git here before civil twilite, witch thats half a hour before the ackshul sunrise.

but at the moment, i gut to git on a counta i need to rite a reeport early this mornin.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

evenin fun of buddy don: meetin red mollys son n his gurlfriend

corse we ast em to meet us at st andrews, witch thats whar we furst met mr n miz red molly. twuz a fine evenin with sum good food, sangle malt scotches (them kids wuz willin to try em, but thar bof whut ye mite call wine luvers – they know more bout wine than ye kin shake a stick at).

dont know ifn i gut room fer it, but this here pitcher shows ye jes whut a fine pair of folks they is.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

quik note of buddy don: evenin plans

hey thar, everbidy, dont know ifn thisn goes thru, but ifn it duz, i wonted ye to know this evenin we plan to have dinner with red mollys son, witch i will call im eric the red fer now.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

hopes of buddy don: will thisn git thru?

hi all. my pallgies fer not bein able to post of late. i hope to have a solushun verr soon. thankee to all who offerd such good add vice: chiki wiki, Deb, meatbrain, Tennessee Jed, red molly, anne johnson and innybidy else i mite coulda missd.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

tests of buddy don: kin i post agin?

i have deleted a few ole posts in hopes that i kin post sumthin agin. since i dont have much space, i wonta use this to ast a cuple questchuns:

1. i dun herd frum at lease one nice person sugjestin that i use photobucket, witch i know thays a passle of such sites. my questchun: whut should i use fer postin fotos? sum of yall been usin good places, so i wood luv to here yer idees.

2. whar should i move my blog? i thank i am a'gone use a kind offer of hep frum a good frien over at ThinkingMeat
to do the move, but i wood luv to here yer thoughts (ifn yer willin to splain why ye thank one site -- word press, fer instunts -- is bettern a nuthern.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

limits of buddy don: over it

dont know if thisll go since i am over the limit on whut i kin post, but here goes.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

random thirteen of buddy don: musick fer furst day of a lil vacayshun despert attempt of buddy don: caint publish

i am removin the random thirteen in hopes to tell ye that i caint publish nuthin on a counta bein over my limit. caint git them folks to tell me whut i kin do to fix it.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

legendairy fish of buddy don: bidshicka, RIP

lack all big fish of the tank, he wuz a bully, but he wuz also the smartest mbuna we ever seen or heard tell of. but he had dun led a ruff life n it gut sos he could barely wake up frum playin ded. i reckun that happens to everbidy sooner of later ... we will miss ye, bidshicka!

bidshicka, RIP

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

pinions of buddy don: street shots

yesterdy i sed i wood rite sumthin bout takin n publishin picthers of folks that are out in publick but dont know thar pitchers bein tuck. tiz sumthin i add mitt i luv doin. the questchuns cum frum a good friend of mine name of meathead n a fotogruffer i add mire name of fletch.

thays three mane questchuns that cum up in all this but furst a importunt disclaimer: i aint no lawyer. fack is, ifn ye read this site keerful lack, ye mite coulda notissd this statement:
pay tenchun now: buddy don n everthang he ever rites is all made up stuff. inny resemblunts to reel peeple is jes blind luck on the part of the author.
so ye kin tell by that how i aint no lawyer n ifn yer seekin legal add vice, ye need to move on frum here. all im a'gone do is splain why i bleeve (1) tiz my rite to take pitchers in publick of folks thats in the publick domain, (2) tiz my rite to publish them pitchers here on wandering hillbilly as my attempts to make art outta real life n (3) such pitchers have grate value as a form of fotograffick art.

furst thays the questchun of whuther ye gut the rite to take pitchers of folks in publick, speshly thonly kind i lack, witch thar candids n that means ye caint ast permisshun ere ye take yer shot. i take cumfert in these articulls:

New digital camera? Know how, where you can use it by a feller name of andrew kantor. this articull is quoted all over the place by folks claimin thar rite to take pitchers in publick. heres two of the points he makes:
  1. If you can see it, you can shoot it:
    Let's get the easy stuff out of the way. Aside from sensitive government buildings (e.g., military bases), if you're on public property you can photograph anything you like, including private property. There are some limits — using a zoom lens to shoot someone who has a reasonable expectation of privacy isn't covered — but no one can come charging out of a business and tell you not to take photos of the building, period.

    Further, they cannot demand your camera or your digital media or film. Well, they can demand it, but you are under no obligation to give it to them. In fact, only an officer of the law or court can take it from you, and then only with a court order. And if they try or threaten you? They can be charged with theft or coercion, and you may even have civil recourse. Cool. (For details, see "The Photographer's Right.")

    It gets better.

    You can take photos any place that's open to the public, whether or not it's private property. A mall, for example, is open to the public. So are most office buildings (at least the lobbies). You don't need permission; if you have permission to enter, you have permission to shoot.
  2. Chances are you can publish it:
    Publishing photos has some different restraints, although they're civil, not criminal. Break one of these "rules" and, while you won't go to jail, you could find yourself on the short end of a lawsuit. (Although, according to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, "the subject's remedy usually will not include the ability to bar the publication of the picture.")

    Revealing private facts about someone is a no-no. As the American Law Institute put it, "One who gives publicity to a matter concerning the private life of another is subject to liability to the other for invasion of his privacy, if the matter publicized is of a kind that A) would be highly offensive to a reasonable person, and B) is not of legitimate concern to the public."

    Here the private property issue comes a bit more into play. Publishing a recognizable photo of someone at an AA meeting could be a problem, even if that meeting is open to the public. (An elected official, perhaps, but not of Joe Citizen.)

    You also can find yourself in civil court if you publish a shot that places a person in a false light. That might be more of an issue with the caption than with the photo; running a shot of the mayor and his daughter labeled "Mayor meets with porn star" could land you in hot water. (Assuming his daughter isn't a porn star.)

    Finally, you can't use someone's likeness for a purely commercial purpose — using a photo of someone in an ad, for example. That isn't to say you can't publish a photo in a commercial environment, such as a newspaper or a blog that accepts ads. If the photo is being used in a news or artistic sense as opposed to a commercial one you're OK.
tuther good articull to have is one name of The Photographers' Right writ by Bert P. Krages II, witch he is a lawyer even ifn he aint trine to offer legal add vice.

finely, thays the questchun bout whuther thays inny value in takin such pitchers, witch ifn ye ever herd of a feller name of Henri Cartier-Bresson, ye know tiz a major form of fotogruffy name of Street Photography.

ifn ye foller them lanks, ye know aint nuthin rong with takin candid fotos of folks thats out in publick.

thay wuz a nuther questchun implied by the furstns, witch tiz whuter folks gits upset when ye try to take thar pitcher without them notissin it. fack is, sum duz, sum duznt. ifn innybidy ever objecks in inny way, even by makin a ugly face round my camera, then i leave em out of inny pitcher i take.

but the mane thang is i try to make shore they dont know i am takin pitchers on a counta i lack pitchers of folks that aint posin or puttin on airs fer the camera. that means i shoot a minny a pitcher 'frum the hip,' meanin that i dont lift the camera to my eye n sumtimes frame the pitcher by practissin frum the hip n then ackshly lookin tuther way whenever i shoot. ifn sumbidy reacks to the sound of the shutter, i ignore em n keep on walkin. aint nobidy ever sed nuthin to me ceptn fer a securty guard in frunt of a trane stayshun, witch he claimed i dint have no rite to take the pitcher. i pall gized n walked on, but taint nuthin in the law agin takin the pitcher n i cum back a nuther day n shot my fill of that same bildin.

my favert place fer takin pitchers of folks at the moment is the subway. tiz grate on a counta tiz a publick place whar everbidy acks lack thar in thar own lil worl, almost lack they wuz in thar personal car. tiz a loud place so taint as lackly innybidy will here the shutter slick off. i also lack gittin close to the subjecks n ye kin be rite on top of em in the subway stayshun or car.

ye also git a lot of movement ...

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

pitcher tuck by buddy don: how hot is it?

tiz so hot them geese is pantin lack they wuz dawgs! i tuck this here pitcher yesterdy whenever me n miz bd wuz waitin fer loretta n paddy to arrive fer dinner on the ferry frum man hattan. them geese let me git rite up on em, mayhap on a counta twuz too hot to fly.

innywho, we had us a verr nice dinner over at the madison restrunt, witch loretta n paddy had spent nigh onto two munths over in europe, manely in ireland n the czech republic, n they had em sum gifts fer us. miz bd gut a verr nice bracelet n they give me a bodhrán sos i kin make sum noise, mayhap even keep the beat to sum musick. corse, the best gift wuz the time they give us!

heres that pitcher of them geese (focus on the one in back), witch i never knew they had pink tungs that look a lot lack ourn ...

by the way, in thar comments to yesterdys pitchers, meathead n fletch brung up sum purty good points bout takin pitchers of folks in publick n then publishin em on a blog. i dun sum research on it, but i aint gut time to say much bout it at the moment (gut to git to wurk early fer a presentayshun at 9 am), but i hope to give the topick sum wurds tomorrow.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: no comment

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