Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ramblins of buddy don: got reality?

cupla thangs fer a tuesdy, witch aint it time to eeleck sum folks that bleeves in reality?

get real: vote out them thats in!

nuff of that kinda palltickin fer the moment. now fer sum news ...

furst, did ye read bout how we wont be gittin all of the royalties them oil cumpnies owes us fer drillin on our land? tiz trublesum to make em pay n i reckun the current reality-challenged bunch dont wonta take the effort to make thar friens pay whut they owe. ye kin read all bout it in the new york times articull name of U.S. Drops Bid Over Royalties From Chevron. them oil cumpnies probly needs the money moren a lil ole gummin runnin such record deficits.

then ye probly dun red bout how we are doin our best to make shore them iraqis have guns whuther thar on our side or sum of them other sides.

by the way, did ye know that readin yer froomkin everday keeps yer spin-made ignorunts away?

did ye here the one bout how them slime ads used by one party has been backfirin?

now its them u.s. officers thats wontin to hold the gummint of iraq accountabull by givin em sum timetabulls fer u.s. troops to withdraw. who wooda thunk it?

but it gits wurser: thays one reetired lt gen who claims outright that eggzackly whut we gut to do is cut n run!

but ifn we train them iraqis how to stand up better, mayhap we kin stand down sooner. so how is that a'goin? not so good ...

whut about stayin a losin corse? h.d.s. greenway cuvers thatn in a bit of punditry fer the editoryall page of the boston globe today. did ye know that after the same three years in the veetnam war, this wuz whut we had dun lost:
Like Bush in Iraq, President Johnson had hoped to bring some soldiers home in 1965 when South Vietnamese troops had been properly trained to take on their own security. "Now there is no more talk of being out by 1965 -- or any other year in the foreseeable future," Time said in 1964. "After three years of intensive effort and considerable pain, including the expenditure of $3.3 billion in aid and the loss of 262 Americans killed, 1,196 wounded or injured . . . the war is still not being discernibly won." So Johnson sent in more soldiers.
but thays even skeerier enemies, lack reality bout the earth! sumbidy better splain to our leaders in washington how reality is mad n bout to git back at us lessun we take it a lil more serious. or is them brits betrayin thar allies?

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Monday, October 30, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: when yer depakoted

caint thank of no idees this mornin, witch this past weeked wuz the kind that has always give me the wurst of migraines. i wuz offn my game but dint git sick, witch tiz the power of depakote. on tuther hand, i feel a lil ded-hedded at the mement n felt thataway all weekend long.

but i am happy on a counta miz bd has been away at a skool over in a suburb of chicago n shes a'cummin home this evenin. heres a cuple pitchers i tuck of sum flowers she lacks:

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Friday, October 27, 2006

pomes of buddy don: We Just Can't Say How

We Just Can't Say How
(We needed to whip the defeatocrats
But the media made it seem we were losing –
Now we have those wily Democrats
Attacking the winning slogans we're using!)
Sure, "Mission Accomplished" came too early –
Too bad we have to admit that now
That Iraq has become so hurly burly –
Since we know we're winning – we just can't say how.

Yes, "Staying the Course" has had its run –
A policy we never did avow –
It means only that we won't "Cut and run" –
Because we are winning – we just can't say how.

And "Clear, hold and build" sounded pretty good –
As did "When they stand up, we'll stand down" –
Too bad that our slogans were misunderstood
Since we know we're winning – we just can't say how.

Deaths and destruction can be confusing –
We're doing all our tax cuts will allow!
We'll stay till we win since leaving is losing –
And we know we're winning – we just can't say how.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: when ye aint gut no wurds ...

i spoze tiz a price ye pay fer freedum frum migraines or mayhap i could be havin a off day, but i caint thank of a sangle idee to blog bout.

lucky fer me i have nigh onto 35,000 pitchers tuck since i cummenced usin that RAW format, so heres a cuple frum the last day in september.

furst thays thisn shot frum the hip, witch i wish i hadda framed it better, but ye dont git no secunt chantses whenever ye take yer shot ...

i wuz waitin fer my subway to cum by whenever i seen these two purty ladies studyin thar relijus texts. thang bout shootin in the subway is how ye gut to use iso of at lease 800 n that leaves ye with a grainy look ...

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

pomes of buddy don: The Central Front of the Central Front

The Central Front of the Central Front

The central front of the central front is now the Baghdad street –
Although we lost the enemy in Afghanistan
But as a central front, in fact, the 'Stans were just not meet
So we decamped for Baghdad with our short attention span.

It's true we haven't yet brought back the leader of the plot –
The man who sent the nineteen who attacked us –
But we believe he's stuck in places Pakistan forgot
And Iraq did have something to attract us.

But they will not cooperate, these Shias and these Sunnis –
Who knew that these sects never got along?
Now they have us quagmired in their barren desert boonies
Where no one's sure who's right and who is wrong.

Some say we will look back on this as if it were a comma –
I wonder if by then we will have rounded up Osama?

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Of Course!

Of Course!

We can no longer stay the course of saying, "Stay the course!"
Of course,
Since that is never what we meant when we said, "Stay the course!"
Of course.

When we said. "Stay the course!" we meant "Until the job is done!"
Of course,
Defining "job" or "course," we only said, "Not cut and run!"
Of course.

And "milestones" must not be relabled in "time table" terms,
Of course,
Since "time table" is Democrat for "Crawl away like worms!"
Of course.

No, we no longer stay the course of saying, "Stay the course!"
Of course,
Since that is not exactly what we meant by "Stay the course!"
Of course!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

weekend doins of buddy don: New York Cares

i spent the day saturdy doin sumthin that i always git a big kick out of, witch thats volunteerin. it cums kindly natcherull fer them amung us that hails frum Tennessee, the volunteer state. our assinement on saturdy wuz to hep out with a skool on west 52nd street name of P35M/Manhattan H.S.

heres a pitcher of the ms marta rojo, the principill, being innervued by the press:

tiz a easy thang to do. ye sine up n then show up n after that, thays nice folks to let ye know whut all needs doin.

this here lady wuz one of the leaders, witch as ye kin see, she gits her own hands dirty jes lack everbidy else:

we clean, straiten up thangs, paint bathrooms n even murals.

as ye kin see, it takes a mess of paint:

these events is sponsored by all kinds of corporayshuns, witch thats how i cum to know about it.

heres sum of the books we brung together sos they could git sorted n such:

heres a pitcher i lack even ifn it dint cum out rite on a counta i dint brang no flash, witch they tole us we woodnt have no place to store stuff n shouldnt brang much, but i reckun nex time they mite let me jes take pitchers to cover the hole shootin match.

we tuck a lil lunch brake, witch whenever we dun it that principill gut to talkin bout the kinda kids they gut in that skool. i reckun ye could read all bout em in that thar lank to the skool. theys all gut develop mental problems of one kind or a nuther. she had folks in the palm of her hand whenever she wuz splainin whut life is lack in her worl:

i half to add mitt to leavin a lil early on a counta twuz the third saturdy in october, witch that means tennessee goes up agin thar biggest rival, alabama. as ye know, thatn cum out the rite way this time.

twuz a grand day n a grate weekend on a counta jack n vaclav cum over fer dinner with us on sundy. i made dream tater soup, witch dint nobidy cumplain nun.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

beeyootiful mornin of buddy don: a pitcher

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Friday, October 20, 2006

pomes of buddy don: We Offered Them Our Heaven

We Offered Them Our Heaven

How should our forces prosecute Iraqi civil war?
Should they try to hold the middle ground?
Maybe they should take a side to even out the score?
Or let the two sides wear each other down?

Our mission was accomplished back in two thousand and three,
It seemed that we'd soon get our forces out.
We thought Iraqi oil would repay us and run free,
We knew how things would go and showed no doubt.

But now it seems our forces fight a war they cannot win
We'd like to think the media at fault
We coulda had success if they woulda bought the spin!
For wasn't shock and awe a great assault?

We tried to force our way of life on them – we love it well!
We offered them our heaven, but they paid us with their hell.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

ramblins of buddy don: sum sayins

i aint hardly gut no idees this mornin, so i figgerd i wood list a few sayins folks has used over the years, witch they splain a lot.

furst, thars this classick frum the veetnam war bout the enemey over thar that my aint beula sed one time:
We have to kill those people; they have no respect for human life.
nuthern i herd a lil while back is thisn:
I would rather have someone wrapped in the constitution burning the flag that to have someone wrapped in the flag burning the constitution.
in yesterdys dan froomkin articull name of A Question Bush Can't Answer in the washington post online edishun (best revue of amurkin news innywhar) he listed whut sum of his readers writ to im in reesponse to his astin whut clear message the new terrism bill is a'sendin. heres that seckshun of the articull, witch ye orta read the hole thang everday ye kin:
In yesterday's column , I quoted Bush saying that the detainee bill "sends a clear message: This nation is patient and decent and fair, and we will never back down from the threats to our freedom."

I suggested that he might be mistaken about the "clear message" the bill really sends. I suggested a few alternatives, and asked you readers for more.
Here are a few of your responses:

* "My administration will stop at nothing to protect this nation during even-numbered years." (Patrick McGrath)

* "I do not value the advice of the military lawyers." (Jennifer Forsythe)

* "The terrorists have won." (Richard Panek)

* "The law sends a clear Orwellian message: in the name of justice we will deny justice." (Jon Krueger)

* "If you can't get away with it, and it won't go away, legislate it." (Mark Egit)

* "That I should be sending this anonymously." (Damian Walker)

* "To the Constitution: Your services are no longer required." (Craig Ostovitz)

* "Anyone detained by your government is a bad guy. Anyone tortured by your government is a bad guy. Anyone imprisoned secretly for life by your government deserves it because they were bad. The Constitution and its protections are just something bad guys use. If possible, the law should be expanded to cover U.S. citizens too, because the only people hurt by it are bad guys." (Anne L.H. Studholme)

* "Here's the clear message to me as a Canadian: I cannot visit the United States, because if some over-eager border guard thinks I'm a risk to national security, I could be locked up forever." (Kevin Longfield)

* "The clear message this sends to me is that our politicians fear our freedom much more than the terrorists hate it." (Gabriel Carbajal)

* "I think the 'clear message' of the torture-unlawful combatant-no habeas corpus law is its chilling effect on criticism. Since the law allows the president -- any president -- to name anyone he, alone, sees as a threat as an unlawful combatant (or someone who is aiding unlawful combatants), it is not a stretch to see how anyone speaking against the president or his policies could find himself detained without charges, a lawyer or a court date." (Bill Banks)

* "Clear Message to Charlie Savage and other signing statement watchers: 'The Senate did my signing statement for me this time.'" (Jane Savoca Gibson)

* "The Democrats still haven't learned to stand up to the President." (Tom Benthin)
* "L'État, c'est moi." (Louise Mowder)

* "One branch down, one to go." (Jim Magnant)

* "The Golden Rule is inoperative." (Vince Canzoneri)
seems to me lack folks is wontin change n i shore do hope they git it! tho it mite be hard to git whut they ackshly vote fer ...

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

pomes of buddy don: We Were the Great Republic

We Were the Great Republic

We were the great republic – we were free –
Governed by law and not the whim of man –
A shining beacon was our destiny –
The best democracy since time began.

No one could be arrested without charge –
Imprisoned on suspicion, nothing more –
With speedy trials, convicted or discharged –
We were presumed not guilty – but no more ...

For now the president simply proclaims
A citizen's a danger to our nation –
After which he never clears his name –
Instead he suffers harsh interrogation.

The man who swore he'd guard our constitution
Has gladly signed its writ of execution.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: the kiss

a while back we had a lil diskusshun bout candid pitchers of folks that dint know ye wuz takin thar pitcher. i posted sum lanks to the legal findins, witch ifn yer out in publick, yer in the 'publick domain' by definishun.

one reader, Anne Johnson of The Gods Are Bored, menchunned that at lease i hadnt posted no pitchers of nobidy a'kissin, witch that could git sumbidy in truble, ifn they wudnt kissin who thar spozed to be kissin.

but how bout these whar ye caint tell who tiz? i tuck these back in august. twuz verr dark so i wuz usin a iso of 1600. innywho, me n miz bd cum upon this corner n twuz moren i could reesist.

furst, the kiss ...

but fer me, the reackshun wuz even better ...

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Monday, October 16, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: more drama underground

i have begun takin that depakote, witch i kin see whar a bidy mite not git sick on it, but thang is, a bidy mite not keer bout much of innythang. i shore hope i kin git my edge back, so to speak. seems lack it makes me wonta sleep more.

heres a cuple pitchers i tuck whenever me n miz bd wuz goin to brooklyn fer ackunpunkchur ...

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: sun settin on miz liberty

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

random thirteen of buddy don: a lil musick fer my furst day on depakote

Love is the opening door
Love is what we came here for
No one could offer you more
Do you know what I mean
Have your eyes really seen

  1. Love Song by Elton John frum Tumbleweed Connection
  2. Goodbye Little Darling by Johnny Cash frum Up Through the Years, 1955-1957
  3. Mr. Soul by Neil Young frum Decade
  4. Heresy by Rush frum Roll the Bones
  5. Evie's Garden by Freedy Johnston frum This Perfect World
  6. Worthless Thing by Elvis Costello frum Goodbye Cruel World
  7. Trudy and Dave by John Hiatt frum Slow Turning
  8. I'm Going to Make Heaven My Home by Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys frum The Complete Mercury Sessions
  9. Rikki Don't Lose That Number by Steely Dan frum Pretzel Logic
  10. Desert Rose by Farhat Bouallagui/Sting frum Brand New Day
  11. Show Me a Smile by Fleetwood Mac frum Future Games
  12. Too Far Gone by Emmylou Harris frum Profile (The Best of Emmylou Harris)
  13. Bad Meets Evil by Eminem/Royce Da 5-9 frum The Slim Shady LP

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Friday, October 13, 2006

quik note of buddy don: computer truble

i dint have no chants to blog this mornin on a counta sum computer trubles.

with this lil post i wonted to make shore them that reads this here blog to find out whuther i am sick will know i am havin a good day so fer.

later on i will see my newrallogist, witch miz bd called last week to ast whut should we do bout me bein sick. they tole her they could see me today. tiz one of the minny blessins of havin the most eggspensive health keer per capita in the worl! i reckun it must be the best since it costs the most, rite?

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Our History

Our History

TR said once, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."
(Don't ever make a threat you can't enforce.)
But our big stick's in Iraq, there through thin and thick,
With no real plan except to stay the course.

We said we had to invade to prevent an outlaw state
From making weapons of mass destruction,
But now we have too little, a little bit too late
To stop rogue North Korea's nuke production.

Still, we haven't had to sacrifice a single tax cut
In our war to save civilization
And though we found no weapons, Saddam is a nut!
He's evil's very personification!

So drink up! Let us celebrate our moral victory
We'll all be dead long before they write our history.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

quik note of buddy don: jury duty

i am on jury duty frum yesterdy, probly thru today on a counta how i caint promiss i wood show up fer ever day of inny jury since i could git a nuther migraine inny day.

fack is, miz bds mama tole her bout sumthin she had seen, witch miz bd looked up the feller n turnt out he wuz wurkin on a nuther thang, sumthin that wuz discuverd in the 19th centry name of cyclical vomiting syndrome:
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) is an unexplained functional digestive disorder characterized by recurrent, prolonged attacks of severe nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain resulting in decreased quality of life for both children & adults. Largely overlooked until about 10 years ago, millions of people worldwide suffer from this debilitating syndrome, while the clinical doctors are increasingly educated about CVS, the number of US patients diagnosed with this syndrome is climbing at a staggering rate.

The cause of CVS hasn't been isolated yet, but there are qualified professionals who can accurately diagnose and treat CVS. You and your family can find relief and gain control of your life again.
it shore do seem to eggsplain sum of the symptums i have had, witch i also git migraines, but thats to be eggspeckted. dont know ifn this will lead to a better treatment or innythang, but tiz oddly cumfertin to find sumthin lack this. kindly makes ye thank thar mite be sum hope.

innywho, i gut to git on a counta it takes me much longer to git to jury duty over in jersey city than it do to git to man hattan. sum parts of jersey is closer thataway.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Who Was It Pooped in Our Pants?!?

hat tip to meatbrain of ThinkingMeat, witch hes also a friend of mine who dun give me the metafor i use in this lil pome bout them publicans n that thar page program they been a'runnin fer the past ten years ...
Who Was It Pooped in Our Pants?!?

Who was it pooped in our pachyderm pants?
Who left the stench in our elephant britches?
Who was it took their stink-ridden chance?
Was it the press or Democrat witches?

Was it the pages with their playful pranks?
Or maybe George Soros, even slick Willy?
Must have been Democrats! They're giving thanks –
Who else wants the GOP to look silly?

And why won't the Dems take polygraph tests?
Since timing's suspicious and they stand to gain?
Why must we have evidence on those pests
To prove they revealed our stinky brown stain?

Someone commited a crime most daring –
They shat in the very pants we were wearing!

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Monday, October 09, 2006

reefleckshuns of buddy don: bein sick

thay aint much of nuthin that kin focus yer mind on whuts importunt moren bein sick kin do. i aint talkin bout havin a cold, but bein sick in a way whar ye almost could wish twood jes be over.

last sundy mornin, i woke with that dam sensitivity in a streak on the lef hand side of my hed. about nine times outta ten that means i am a'gone git a migraine, startin with the vomitin kind n then goin who knows whar.

but as paneful as that spot mite git, taint no migraine n it dont even always mean a migraine is cummin on.

but whenever i woke up on mundy mornin, thay wudnt no more doubt possibull on a counta i had to vomit bout as quik as i gut to the bathroom to begin my mornin ablushuns. i couldnt fite the facks, speshly since miz bd could see i wuz sick, so i tuck the imatrex n tride to git thru the horribull day. miz bd dun everthang she could do, puttin me in a hematite grid, witch she makes me lie down n putts hematite on differnt ackupunkchur spots. i caint say that it makes thangs git better, but it do seem to stop em fer a bit.

even so, i wuz still so sick that i spent much of the day goin frum one place to a nuther, seekin a spot whar i dint feel the urge to vomit. fer sum reason, i git this urge to git down on my knees with my hed on the floor, as if that mite make thangs better.

but it dont matter whut posishun ye git in, witch purty soon i find myself in the same place: lyin ion a fetal posishun up in the bed, no sound allowd, pillers on each ear, almos holdin my breath n waitin fer the crisis to pass. i generly fall asleep n git up late in the evenin. furst thang miz bd asts me is ifn i am ok, witch i caint tell on a counta bein so tard.

innywho, nex day, same thang, vomitin befor i could barely git a'goin. it woke miz bd, so she putt me in the grid n then give me sum reiki, witch that made it so i dint run around trine to git in a posishun that woodnt hurt, but quik as she wuz dun, them symptums cum up jes as strong as befor.

but windsdy wuz a lil different n i caint hep but wunder bout them rebound migraines. i caint tell ifn thats whut twuz. i only know that at about the same point in my daily rooteen, i notissd sumthin bein in my eye. it tuck me a nuther twenty mints to real eyes thay wudnt nuthin in my eye but i wuz havin parshull blindness.

now the thang bout that parshull blindness, lack that sensitivity on my hed, is how it dont bother me that much. tiz gentle, if innythang. i jes caint bleeve it means i am a'gone have the horror of a migraine follerin after it. i also caint tell thats whut tiz rite away.

corse ye pay fer delay: once i tuck my medicine on windsdy (or thursdy when i almost gut out the door till miz bd notissd i wuz lookin strange or even fridy), twuz too late to avoid the pane, witch in my case, it starts rite at my lef eye n covers most of the lef hand side of my hed. tiz so distink that ye half to thank tiz sumthin rong in there, lack a tumor a'growin or sumthin.

whuts almost the wurst thang bout it is how once them docters figger ye git migraines, then they aint too upset over yer bein sick fer six n one half days in a row.

fack is, i dint git over the migraines till i went to see my ackupunkchurist, Christina Morris at Element Healing. she give me a early appointment on saturdy, furst day we could git together (her husbin had jes tuck her to paris fer her birthdy). bout as quik as she gut them needles in me, i gut to feelin better fer the furst time since sundy.

but i still felt on the edge fer the rest of the day. i couldnt reelax n feel good. thang is, ye git to whar yer in a constunt cringe, waitin fer the next blow to hit.

i wont bore ye with everthang ye thank bout while yer waitin fer the pane or the nausea to give ye a brake. i git deepressd, skeerd i will lose my job, skeerd i will have a stroke. odd thang is, i feel lack my hed is bout to eggsplode, but whenever miz bd takes my blood preshur, tiz on the low side, 90 over 56, witch that aint all that low fer me. but tiz odd how ye kin feel so differnt frum how ye are.

but the point is how ye go frum wurryin the furst day over deliverabulls ye gut at wurk to wurryin bout how minny days ye bin sick to wurryin bout whuther ye will ever be abull to wurk agin to whuther ye kin live thru it.

ye real eyes how most of the thangs ye wurry bout everday aint all that importunt cumparrd to livin n dyin n bein abull to hold yer hed up with yer eyes open in brite lite.

but a nuff of me bellyachin bout havin migraines.

fack is, i pray i never have no reason agin to bore ye with talk of migraines. my plan is to see the newrallogist on fridy (furst day he could see me, witch he dint thank a 6.5 day migraine wuz nuthin to git all botherd bout since i am known to have migraines). i wont im to test my liver sos i kin start takin depakote.

i know tiz eggstreme, but i half to do sumthin to stop these thangs frum cummin on.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Just a Comma

Just a Comma

"What happened to your daughter,
Grieving Papa, grieving Mama,
What happened to your daughter in the war?"
"She was taken in the slaughter
Of a comma, just a comma,
But our painful sentence will end nevermore."
"What happened to your brother
When he went to get Osama?
What happened to your brother over there?"
"He went to fight another,
Not Osama, but a comma,
Now we'll never see our brother anywhere."
"When will Daddy come home?"
Asked the baby of its mama,
"When will Daddy come home from Iraq?"
"Never will he come home,"
Said the Mama, as a comma,
Let her sigh and say, "He's never coming back."

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

mizry of buddy don: with a pome writ sundy

i thank i am havin whut they call a rebound migraine, witch that cums frum the migraine medicin that ye take. whenever ye quit takin it, ye sumtimes git sick, witch sum sez thats frum the migraine medicin (how is it differnt frum bein a addick?).

innywho, i writ this pome tuther day whenever i only had that sensitive spot on my hed that warns of truble brewin. befor the blindness i have now turns into the pane twill becum, here tiz:
The Cost of Security

We can't protect our ports because the cost
To inspect each container would be great –
And if we spend that money we'll have lost
The chance to remove taxes from estates.

And chemical plants are run by our friends
Who do not want their profit to be spent
Making the changes safety recommends
A terrorist attack to circumvent.

In fact homeland security's a trough
At which our politicians love to feed –
The way the funds are divied and paid off,
Is based on red state payback, not on need.

The people accept reasons most outrageous
Until we can't protect congress's pages!

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

mizry of buddy don: sick as a dawg

i am in the thurd day of a vomitin migraine, witch seems lack i caint git past a sartin kinda weather change. i pray it ends today spehsly since i had writ a pome bout them pages on sundy when i only had the paneful scalp. mayhap i kin git it dun n feel better in the mornin, but fer now, with pallgies, i am a'goin back to bed.

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