Friday, June 29, 2007

pomes of buddy don: If They Are Not Stopped

If They Are Not Stopped

We are not privy to the things they do
And yet our lives to them are open books
Through which they are allowed to leaf and view
As they search through our private crannied nooks.

We cannot even see the evidence
That seems to suggest violated laws
For with no proof they need make no defense
Or for their actions even give just cause.

And yet if one of us becomes suspect
The right to legal counsel can be banned
A speedy trial take slow years to affect
With habeas corpus in no man’s land.

Of all crimes, those of leaders are the worst –
For if they are not stopped the land is cursed.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

eggsperients of buddy don: dun been tagged!

anne johnson over at The Gods Are Bored dun tagged me in this here post. ifn ye follerd that lank, ye know i am spozed to list eight randum facks bout my ownself. so here they be:
  1. even tho i find it deathly borin, i have been makin my livin in infermayshun tecknowlogy fer 27 out of the past 35 years

  2. i luv to rite moren mos innythang but aint been published outside of this here blog yet

  3. i writ a play bout 20 years ago, witch its had 14 perduckshuns, but i never made no money offn a one of em, tho i did git $50 in eggspentses fer a show we dun down in macon, georgia

  4. i dun marrd miz bd twice! furst time wuz in edinburgh, scotland, the secunt in new york city at town hall. reason we gut marrd the secunt time wuz sos we could have insurants fer her on a counta i couldnt add her to the pallsy lessn i had a marrg certificate that wudnt moren 30 days ole, problem bein that it tuck moren 30 days fer it to git here frum scotland, witch we lack to call the date of the secunt marrg 'a date that will live in insurants'

  5. i spent my verr furst vote a'votin fer richard nixon in 1972, witch i hate to add mitt it, but tiz the truth

  6. durin my life, my fambly has dun lost at lease three members to suicide, two of em a'usin guns, n mayhap thay wuz a fourth persun that dun the same only ye caint be shore on a counta she wuz on lots of perscripshun drugs n mayhap tuck a overdose only ye caint be sartin she wudnt jes confused by all the medicayshuns she wuz a'takin

  7. i gut a catfish name of felix thats been livin in a tank of fish i keep fer over 11 years, witch thays minny a fish been born n died in that same tank durin them years

  8. i druther take pitchers than eat at mos inny publick affair ifn i wuz allowd to
i wood tag sum other folks such as tennessee jed, but he aint been a'ritin much lately, witch i am a lil wurried n a'hopin his blog silents aint on a counta bad news. so i will let that part of the asinement lag a bit sos i kin git on to wurk. i gut jes six days lef in my present spot n look ford to gittin started on a new job!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Must He Insult Us?

Must He Insult Us?

How can a person be so far divorced
From what is real and what we plainly see
That he would wrongly refuse to be forced
To be what he was elected to be?

Must he insult us with such silly proof
That he does not need to obey the law –
Executive, Senate, he is aloof –
Claiming as member of both it’s a draw!

Could he be evil? Or just a bit crazed?
Could such great power corrupt him so much?
Has he gone bonkers in his bunkered maze?
Or could he simply be losing his touch?

His image has long been blurred and grainy
But this exposé shows it’s ... just ... Dick Cheney!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

pomes of buddy don: How Does A Great Republic

How Does A Great Republic

The Bush administration acts as though
They do not have to guard the constitution
The one they swore to protect even though
It might restrict their thirst for retribution.

They are the people’s servants, after all –
Since we elected them, not the reverse –
And yet they act as if we have no call
To question why our freedoms are traversed.

For they were chosen to preserve our rights
And not to violate them on the claim
That their job is to shield us from the fights
And all the troops who come back dead or lame.

How does a great republic lose its way?
By letting its ideals be betrayed.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: still monkeyin aroun with that manuscrip

fack is, me n miz bd spent considerabull time on it this weekend, trine to git it reddy to upload n putt into a book form. but we did take a brake to go up to the bronx zoo n then walk to the nearby new york botanical garden. whilst we wuz at the zoo, we gut sum pitchers of a famus critter known as the macaque, frum whence we git the term macaca, witch thats the same one that deerailed george allens campain fer senator frum virginny. thang is, one look at this here purty critter n ye real eyes that mayhap twuz meant to be a compliment. aint no doubt this lil feller is a hole lot purtiern george allen ever wuz ...

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Friday, June 22, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: makin it a week of pitchers

thays always a bit more a bidy kin do on a manuscrip, so thats whut i dun with my mornin. besides, i mite swell make a week outta pitchers ... heres one that speaks fer its ownself ...

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: pitchers in sted of wurds

i made it thru that manuscrip this mornin, puttin in changes n such, but that dont leave no time fer cummin up with sumthin to say, so heres sum more pitchers, witch i reckun ye know whar they cum frum ...

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: still wurkin on that manuscrip

i gut a bunch of pitchers reddy over the weekend sos i woodnt have no eggscuse fer not gittin inny bloggin dun whilst i am a'wurkin on my manuscrip, witch i gut bout 50 pages lef to finish fixin. innywho, heres sum more pitchers frum one of our verr favert places, that brooklyn botanick garden ... startin with a holy thistle ...

royal lilies ...

wurkin bees ...

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: early birds

i been spendin my mornins a'wurkin on a manuscrip. ye mite could say, i am trine to be lack that early bird ...

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Monday, June 18, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: roses at thar peak

me n miz bd had us a wonderfull time at the bbg on saturdy. we tuck sum pitchers. heres a few of em ...

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Friday, June 15, 2007

daze of buddy don: yesterdy wuz one of the bestns ever

i orta putt a mark by yesterdys date on the calendar on a counta i caint hardly member too minny daze that wuz as good fer me.

to cummence with, i gut the job i wuz a'goin after, witch twill begin three weeks frum mundy. i gut to transishun the stuff i been a'doon to other folk ere i kin move. once i have moved, i will be wurkin in a differnt bildin in a differnt part of the city, witch i reckon thatll mean i kin git differnt pitchers on my way to n fro.

then i cum home n git a call on the telefone frum alabama. turnt out a good frien of mine had moved down thar n bought er a thee-ater n deecided the furst show she wood do is one i writ minny a year ago, witch turns out twill be the 20th anniversry of the musicull vershun (i had earlier writ a one-ack comedy, witch whenever i cum to new york city n showed it to sumbidy, he cunvinced me to make it a musickull, witch me n him n his bruther dun jes that). innywho, twuz a huge sprize to find out that show wood be perduced agin. i will give ye more deetails once we git a lil closer toot.

today at wurk thays a'gone be a lil luncheon sos they kin announce i am a'takin a differnt job, witch i have been in the group the longest of innybidy, so fer sum twill be a bit of a shock.

me n miz bd is on the mend frum them that nasty summer cold n tomorrow we gut a trip to brooklyn fer ackupunkchur, witch we will visit the garden on the way on a counta them roses is bound to be at thar peak bout now.

tiz a time to count sum blessins n real eyes how life is good.

to celebrate i wonted to git a pitcher of the sunrise, witch twuz cuverd in a blanket of clouds, but a'risin nevertheless ...

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

eggscuses of buddy don: nuther quick eggscuse

this mornin i have a secunt innervue whar ima trine to git as new posishun at goodbank whar i wurk. i dun had the furst innnervue with the hed of the group n now i need to talk to the vee pee that wood be my new boss, witch that means a conferents call at 8 a m on a counta one of us is in london. ifn i cum thru thisn, then i mite could have good news by this evenin, witch tiz bout time fer me to make a change thar n the new job is jes whut i wonted.

on that subjeck i wood lack to make this lil note. me n miz bd wuz a lookin fer a new place to live back in 2000 on a counta the landlord razin the rent by nigh onto $500 a munth to hit $2000 fer a 321 sq ft apt. so miz bd dun all the wurk a'lookin roun at whut wuz availabull but wudnt nuthin aroun that we lacked n felt lack we mite could afford. so one evenin we wuz lyin in bed a'wundern whut wuz we a'gone do n we deecided jes fer fun that we wood try to pitcher eggzackly whut wood be the purrfeck apartmint fer us. twood have hi sealins n a south facin winder or two n whut else? how bout a washer n drier that wuz not in the basement or a laudrymat nearby but in the verr apartmint its ownself? yeah, we figgerd we should magin that n we dun it. n then we figgerd we should go fer a new place with new pliances n a dish warsher (on a counta why not?) n a doorman n twood all be cheaper than our place wuz a'fixin to be.

within bout a day, miz bd found eggzackly that apartmint n a few years after we moved here, it 'went condo' n give us a chants to buy it, witch we dun that.

n the point of all that is i wuz a'lookin fer a nuther job at goodbank n couldnt find nuthin n dint even ritely know how i orta go bout lookin -- aint no reason to git into details bout why that wood be -- till finely i deecided i wood jes magin to myself whut the purrfeck job wood be. i dun that, figgern when i gut a chants i could splain it to sum of the bosses i have now, but ere i could do that, one of em ast me to read a job deescripshun n lo n beehold, thar wuz that verr job i had dun magind fer myself.

now i gut to bewar of it on a counta ye gut to watch out fer whut ye wont on a counta yer verr liabull to git it!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

eggscuses of buddy don: nasty summer cold

pall gies fer not ritin nuthin the past cuple days. me n miz bd tuck sick on sundy n tiz a verr nasty summer cold cumplete with fevers north of 102 fairunheight. we finely broke them fevers by layin up in bed with hats n heatin pads n yew name it till we cum near to wettin the bed with sweat.

i still gut stuff to coff up, but i kin thank n go to wurk, so thats good.

thang is, we met one of our favert riters over the weekend n turns out her husbin is a eggzellent riter too. mayhap i kin tell ye a bit more bout that by n by. fer now, i am lookin ford to a shower n hopin it will hep loosen up sum of the junk that ye gut tords the end of a nasty summer cold.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Though Small as Sand

Though Small as Sand

The universe is vast and still expands
Or seems to from our earth bound vantage points –
To breadth that no one truly understands
Whose implication largely disappoints.

For what in such a universe are we
But scattered sands upon a grain of sand?
Religious principles must disagree
In claiming God’s likeness was made in man.

For if God is not everything and all
That ever was or ever yet could be
Then must God be, like mankind, rather small
Compared to galaxy and galaxy?

No, God is all and everything, and man
Is still a part of God though small as sand.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: everthangs cummin up roses

i am a'goin on a innervue today fer a differnt job at goodbank. tiz a verr good job n time fer a change n seems lack a purrfeck job has cum up fer me. corse, i mite not git it, but jes havin the chants is all a bidy kin ast, n fer that reason i kin say that everthangs cummin up roses. i found ye sum proof over in that brooklyn botanick garden, witch me n miz bd hopes to find more this weekend ... not to menchun meetin sumbidy whose ritin i add mire ...

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: by request

wurd has it that one of my verr favert readers wishes i wood putt up a pitcher of folks enjoyin that thar rose garden, witch tiz a'bloomin but nuthin next to whut twill be by this weekend or nex ...

nuther request i git frum the same place is fer a pitcher of bd his ownself, witch heres one miz bd tuck a'usin her sidekick cell fone ...

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: that thar mama duck is back

reglar readers of this here blog mite member that duck i posted pitchers of last yer. she had two lil ducklins at the time.

well shes back, this time with four times as minny! even so, she kin cuver em all ... witch she had jes gut up whenever i tuck thisn ...

fer as we kin tell, them ducks n geese git along jes fine, but seems them geese kin make that thar mama duck a lil nervus ...

corse, lack yunguns everwhar, them ducklins luvs to go in swimmin ...

n them geese is always curyas bout em ...

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Monday, June 04, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: the garden in june

me n miz bd went to that brooklyn botanick garden on saturdy on a counta me havin acupunkchur at 4. i tuck way too minny pitchers to putt here, but i figgerd three wood give ye a lil idee. tiz june n the roses n sum of them water lilies has dun cummenced a'bloomin, so that thar garden wuz eggsploding with color n folks ...

heres a cuple of the slew of roses, witch mayhap i kin give ye a idee of how minny thay wuz tomorrow ...

i dint catch the name of this flowerin tree ... innybidy know whut tiz called?

corse the mountin laurel always makes me thank of tennessee ...

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Friday, June 01, 2007

pomes of buddy don: How Pre-Nine Eleven!

How Pre-Nine Eleven!

So pre-nine eleven is the mindset
You have to wonder, “Were they even there?”
Their blinkers on, they seem to have a blindset
To anything but how to use the scare.

Our military might is our great pride
And it performed its duty well when asked –
But even such power can’t long abide
When with the unattainable it’s tasked.

For it was not a state that attacked us –
No army was amassed or could invade –
Only our bad decisions could distract us –
And nothing’s more backward than a “crusade.”

Regime change was the preconceived idea,
But how pre-nine eleven is Korea?

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