Monday, August 10, 2009

mizry of buddy don: a munth of nuthin

i am a'hopin that i kin git to wurk n stay thar this hole day. i am a'hopin that i kin git my short term disabilty tuck keer of. i am a'hopin minny a thang today.

as ye mite could figger out by now, i have bin bout as sick this past munth as ever i kin member. it all started on the 8th day of july when i knew i wuz in pane but figgerd is could wurk thru it. i dun it n dun the same thang the nex day, witch twuz a fridy. i wuz feelin a lil under the wether, but figgerd twuz sumthin that wood leave me, so me n miz bd wint to the brooklyn botanick garden that weekend.

then cum sundy, july 12: i knew thangs wood be bad whenever i gut that feelin as ifn i had scraped a 1 inch wide strip of scalp frum the top of my hed, jes to the left of the center line. that pane started n dint let up fer four daze. twuz the wurst pane i have yet felt, tho they say ye caint remember pane n tiz probly true, but i caint recolleck ever feelin such pane befor.

frum that, twuz a series of pane n nausea, witch i wuz on the fone to my neurologist day after day. she dint thank i needed to cum see her on a counta i have dun bin diagnosed. i tole her that the pane made it feel lack it had to be sumthin moren a migraine, but thats whut all folks with migraines sez ever now n agin. i wunder to this verr day bout that.

innywho, i deecided i wood make a pointment with my reglar doctor n have my annual fisicull. furst availabull date: september 9, witch thats barely over a munth of waitin. but a fisicull aint urgent innywho.

then whenvever it seemed to me lack the nausea mite could be sumthin else on a counta i feel it ever time i eat, i deecided to make a reglar pointment, witch i wonted to see eem as soon as possibull ceptn the furst date wuz fer the 12th of this munth, over 2 weeks after i made the pointment. ifn i am lucky, i kin still show eem a simptum or two. thay aint no way i kin figger whar ye kin go see yer doctor whilst yer ackshly in the furst blush of yer illness. thar jes too busy.

thang is, i have bout the best insurants ye kin git in this cuntry.

Monday, August 03, 2009

mizry of buddy don: cummin twixt me n my doctor

i aint bin able to rite much lately on a counta havin the longest n wurstest migrain i have yet had in this here life. odd thang bout it is how it prooves that even ifn ye git the best health keer cuveridge ye kin git, thays still a'gone be sum folk standin betwixt ye n yer doctor.

fer eggsample: i wint to see my neurologist, witch that thar insurants cumpny woodnt let me pick a speshulist on a counta that had to be dun by my primary keer doctor. so the insurants cum twixt me n whutever choice i mite coulda wonted to make by gittin my reglar doctor to pick my speshulist. aint no big thang, but tiz the furst place whar insurants kep me frum makin my own choice ... n i caint say i coulda dun no better, ceptn fer this

a few years back that verr same primary keer doctor sicced me onta a grate neurologist, witch he wuz a big hep till he deecided he woodnt acksept my insurants no more. so i had to git a new neuro even tho i lack the one i had. thang is, i coulda kep a'goin to the old one ... ifn i coulda afforded the $350 each visit wood cost on top of inny perseedures he mite coulda wonted to do n inny medicayshun he wooda wonted to perscribe n et cetra.

innywho, i wuz speakin with my latest neuro (thurd one) bout the news on health keer n the publick opshun whenever she wuz inspecktin me fer migraine damages. i ast her whut she thought. she ast me did i have a problum with public fire departments a'puttin out fires? did i have a problem with publick poe-leece takin keer to make the streets safe? did i have a problum with publick skools?

thang is, i dint have no major trubles with inny of em on a counta ever one has hepped me ceptn whenever i wuz livin down in tennessee n thay cum a fire out at the farm witch turnt out thay wudnt no publick opshun whar we wuz a'livin n we dint know it so the fire cumpny cum but reefused to putt out the fire on a counta we hadnt sined up with em (we dint even know thay wudnt no publick fire dept at the time). n they woodnt let us sine up on the spot since the fire had dun alreddy broke out ... so they let it burn n jes watched us puttin it out our ownselves best we could. the eggstint of the damage wuz grater on a counta we dint have nuthin but garden hozes to putt it out with. but we gut it out ere the hole place burnt down.

innyhow, i tole dr k that i dint have no truble with nun of them thangs. she pointed out that folks that dint lack the publick skools dint have to use em n could send thar kids to privutt skools ifn they wonted to, witch tiz the same with doctorin: ifn i had the money, i coulda stuck with the furst neuro i had. nobidy pervented me. i jes couldnt cum up with the scratch to do that reglar lack.

then she pointed out how the insurants cumpny is twixt us n the deecishuns she wonted to make even now. thang is, the pane i am a'havin now dont ack lack a normal migraine eggzackly. insted, i have bin hurtin in the same place fer the longest. it dont stop. it only gits a lil numb. i tole her twuz almos impossibull to bleeve that it wudnt nuthin a'growin up in thar. she sed tiz minny a migraineur that sez the same. she also pointed out that i dun had my last mri jes a year n a half ago n the insurants cumpny wont pay fer a nuther (tiz rashunned keer, by the way) till it has bin three years.

then she increased the medicayshun i am a'takin, but the insurants cumpny tole the farmacist that she couldnt give miz bd the new drugs on a counta they bleeve i am a'takin the medicin too fast, ceptn tiz the doctor that increased the dose! farmacist sed to cum back when i wuz out of pills n she wood be able to git sum more then.

to sum up:
  1. lost my furst neuro on a counta insurants woodnt no longer pay. i coulda paid my ownself ifn i wuz rich, witch i aint n thats the mane reason i have insurants in sted of jes payin fer everthang that mite could go rong, but whut it means is thays a insurants bureaucrat twixt me n my doctor (witch jes magine how much wurser it wooda bin ifn twere a gummint bureaucrat!)

  2. my current doctor wood lack to have a nuther mri dun ceptn the insurants cumpny is rashunnin that keer witch that means thays a insurants bureaucrat twixt me n my doctor (witch jes magine how much wurser it wooda bin ifn twere a gummint bureaucrat!)

  3. my doctor gives me a perscripshun that shows how she has increasd my dosage, but the insurants cumpny is watchin n sez i caint have the medicin jes yet, makin a nuther insurants bureaucrat twixt me n my doctor (witch jes magine how much wurser it wooda bin ifn twere a gummint bureaucrat!)

  4. this same thang happend to me back whenever i wuz havin back surgries, witch thank the kindness of my surgeon fer havin sample pills to give me whenever the insurants bureaucrat cum twixt me n my doctor n sed i couldnt have the medicayshun he had perscribed fer me (witch jes magine how much wurser it wooda bin ifn twere a gummint bureaucrat!)

  5. i reckun it dont count whenever the insurants cumpny denies payment fer sumthin thats cuverd n then sez thar sorry whenever ye call but then deny the payment agin till ye call agin n git a nuther round of how sorry they are (n tiz true how they are verr sorry folk) till after three or four such denials they finely pay ... that aint lack a insurants bureaucrat cummin twixt me n my doctor (witch jes magine how much wurser it wooda bin ifn twere a gummint bureaucrat!), jes the insurants cumpny spendin a lotta our insurants payments money trine not to pay whut they owe, witch they all ways ended up a payin, jes after more time n money wuz spent furst trine not to pay it. aint that purty eefishunt?