Friday, September 14, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: new method fer gittin pitchers of them critters

i aint putt no pitchers of them critters that lives (n dies -- theys a contentchuss bunch) in our aquarium on a counta thonly way i could git em to show up wuz to use a flash. thang bout that wuz how them fish dint lack that flash atall.

i also been playin round with a lens me n miz bd gut a while back, witch tiz a 10-22 mm, a verr wide angull at the bottom end. so tuther day i tuck a pitcher of one of them fish n it cum out all dark. so i changed the iso till twuz up to 800 n set the shutter speed at 1/60 of a second, witch tiz hard to git em to be much moren a blur thataway, but the wide angull is a verr fergivin lens.

we know we will be missin them critters, witch i gut a yungun name of tony thats a'gone be droppin by to check on em while we are gone. he will be a'goin to the weddin, but he wont be thar but a day or two.

furst up is killer, the daddy n grandaddy of nigh onto 20 crawdads thats dun bin born in the tank so fer. (miz tenna, the mama n grandmama woodnt cum out fer a pitcher on a counta she wuz moltin.)

ye kin see whar the algae has dun growd up on his back, witch thats they easiest way to tell whuther one of em has dun molted on a counta how they cum out so clean whenever they have thar new bidy on em ...

as ye kin see, killer goes wharever he wonts to. here hes climbin up on one of the tanks prize spots, that thar jug (thays a crawdad that lives under it name of jughed, witch he woodnt cum out fer no pitchers neethur ...

this nextn is a pitcher of a crawdad name of moon on a counta he or she lacks to live in sum thangs thay call moonrocks whenever they sell em to ye ...

heres a pitcher of ups, witch hes the number two fish in the tank ... the number one fish, kane, woodnt let me git no good pitchers of im on a counta he wuz too busy harrassin everbidy else ...

but i did git a lil pitcher of im swimmin in frunt of the camra whenever i wuz trine to git a nuther shot of killer ... ye kin tell he is the boss by how blue his mouth is, witch thats how sum of them speshees lets ye know who is the boss ...

we will miss em n hope they kin make it till we git back frum ireland ... n we hope to post a heap in heppin of pitchers ifn we kin git access whenever we are over thar.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: a cruise deepartin frum man hattan

sumday mayhap me n miz bd will be on one of them cruise ships we see leavin out ever now n agin. this heres a pitcher of one of em ...

but meanwhile, we gut a truly fantastick vacayshun a'cummin up: we will be flyin off to ireland cum sundy, witch we plan to be thar nigh on to two weeks. thays minny a thang plannd fer us thar: trip on a bog train to cut sum moss peat, witch we generly call it peat moss round here, a tracter pullin contest, lots of hikes n sites to see ... but as ye mite speck, them aint the main reasons we are a'goin.

no the mane reason is sumthin we woodnt miss fer the world: loretta n paddys a'gittin hitched! n we will be thar to do our part. fack is, miz bd will be a'walkin loretta down the aisle on a counta lorettas daddy dun passed away back in 2001.

tiz my plan to do a lil bloggin frum over thar, witch loretta has dun scoped out a place whar a bidy kin make a post now n agin.

my mane problem? i dont thank i gut a nuff storage fer all the pitchers i am a'plannin on takin ... but thats bout as good a problem as a bidy kin have ...

heres hopin that yer havin ye a grate day today!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: chinese shoes

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Someone Else's Problem

Someone Else's Problem

A scant six years ago this very day
We were attacked upon our native soil –
It’s true we let the culprit get away
But he hid in a land that had no oil!

And yet we know we’re doing the right thing
Since in his video bin Laden said
That right there in Iraq we’d feel the sting
Of losing where we chose to fight instead.

And so another FU's ante’d up –
Six months more to show what we can do –
And if we come home like a wounded pup
The blame will tar someone who's not Bush Two!

Same old, same old, same old: why get upset?
And yet I can't compose the last couplet!

[update: i dint much lack that thisn cum out without the 14 lines a sonnet orta have, so i tacked on a endin that splains why i couldnt finish the last two lines. i also fixed the 12th line sos it wurked a lil better.]

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Monday, September 10, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: painted ladies in man hattan

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Friday, September 07, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: corner of 42nd n 6th

lookin northwest a'usin a wide angull lens that makes them tall bildins n everthang look lack thar tilted, witch they aint in real life ...

also, buck ast me in a comment whuther i wuz plannin on bloggin in ireland, witch i am a'hopin that will be possibull. ye kin jes bet ye thays a'gone be a few pitchers tuck durin our two weeks thar ...

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: spread thin late in the season

these here water lilies kindly spreads tharself out late in the season, witch with vacayshun to ireland n all a'cummin up, me n miz bd feels purty much the same way ...

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Over There

Over There

It’s true we’d rather fight them “over there”
Than have to face their evil “over here,”
And yet a bit of math leads to despair
Since “over theres” are everywhere you peer.

We missed one in Afghanistan and let
Osama bin Laden slip through our fingers,
Which meant another “over there” to get
In Pakistan where safely he still lingers.

We added Iraq to our “over theres”
Although ‘twas fifteen Saudis who attacked
But Mecca has us bound in oil’s snares –
With payments for their crude we still react!

With far too many “over theres,” it’s clear,
Our wisest move is defense over here!

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