Monday, July 27, 2009

waka of budouadana: Stretch

The prime of one’s life
Seems to stretch out lazily
Like a panting dog
On a summer afternoon;
Autumn winds blow all too soon.

Monday, July 20, 2009

mizry of buddy don: migraine migraine migraine

i aint writ a post in a while on a counta how i have bin in migraine hell fer whut seems lack ferever but caint be but a week or so. me n miz bd has tride to track it, witch tiz hard on a counta i dont all ways add mitt that i am a'havin one. i reckun i wurked thru two hard daze with them hedakes last thursdy n fridy, but they set in with wurser n wurser simptums till on mundy twuz as panefull as i kin ever recall it bein. felt as if sumbidy had laid a hot iron on the top of my hed n let it burn its way into the lef side till it gut to the ear lobe. kep up on tuesdy n windsdy ere it turnt to nausea n vomitin. woke up vomitin yesterdy in the middle of the nite.

n wurst is how i feel lack i orta be sayin i am sorry to everbidy i know, lack twuz my fault i keep a'gittin these thangs. n wurser is how i had jes seen dr k n figgerd thangs wuz goin good.


n thang is, it has dun alreddy started agin (or did it ever stop?).

Friday, July 10, 2009

waka of budouadana: Winning

It does not matter
That athletes should spend their lives
Seeking perfection,
Striving to become the best,
Yet failing ever to win.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: my favert pitcher frum them firewurks

after a while, all them firewurks pitchers gits to looking the same, but thays one that kindly stands out fer me, witch i kindly look lack a huge bow-kay of flowers ... click on it to see it big ...

ifn ye wonta see all them pitchers i tuck of the macys fourth of july firewurks display, click this here lank.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

waka of budouadana: Conception

Potential lies still
In her warm silent bed
While deadly struggle
Cruelly eliminates
All but one of her suitors.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: more firewurks

i aint had time to process all them pitchers i tuck, but heres a cuple more ...

Monday, July 06, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: firewurks over the hudson

mayhap ye dun red that this year that thar macys july 4th firewurks show wuz helt on the hudson river, witch that made it rite simple to git us a spot whar we could see em n even take a pitcher or two or 6 hunnert. miz bd went out to git a bench round 3 pm. i cooked up sum vittles -- sum gwawkamolee, pizza n lemon meringue pie -- n twuz easy a nuff to take out the gwawkamolee n sum chips fer folks to eat n then the pizza, witch ye caint hardly magine how them other folks wuz a'lookin at our eats n wishin they had thunk of the same thang.

innywho, heres a few pitchers of them amazin firewurks, witch thay aint no way to splain how amazing they wuz, all the thangs they creeated up thar in the air, lil critters or faces or flowers that wuz up thar fer a instunt n then gone. n taint possibull to catch em ... but that dint stop me frum trine ...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: creatchurs of habit

a sayin i lack to live by is thisn:
habits: easy to make, hard to brake
gooduns make ye, baduns brake ye
i try to cuntrol my habits as much as i kin, even trine to reeplace a badun with a goodun ever now n agin. mosly, i am stuck with my baduns (hard to brake) n try to keep my gooduns a'goin.

on saturdy me n miz bd went over to one of our favert places in man hattan, witch tiz a book store name of kinokuniya. whenever we gut thar, we notissd that they had that thar internashunull immigrunts day parade a'goin on n whenever we gut thar, twuz the tail end of it with vietnam agin. heres a cuple pitchers to proov it ...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

waka of budouadana: Perseverance

An endless snowfall —
The path grown slick and icy —
Till tired temptation
Whispers: relax, lie down!
Yet the wise old soul hikes on.