Monday, July 20, 2009

mizry of buddy don: migraine migraine migraine

i aint writ a post in a while on a counta how i have bin in migraine hell fer whut seems lack ferever but caint be but a week or so. me n miz bd has tride to track it, witch tiz hard on a counta i dont all ways add mitt that i am a'havin one. i reckun i wurked thru two hard daze with them hedakes last thursdy n fridy, but they set in with wurser n wurser simptums till on mundy twuz as panefull as i kin ever recall it bein. felt as if sumbidy had laid a hot iron on the top of my hed n let it burn its way into the lef side till it gut to the ear lobe. kep up on tuesdy n windsdy ere it turnt to nausea n vomitin. woke up vomitin yesterdy in the middle of the nite.

n wurst is how i feel lack i orta be sayin i am sorry to everbidy i know, lack twuz my fault i keep a'gittin these thangs. n wurser is how i had jes seen dr k n figgerd thangs wuz goin good.


n thang is, it has dun alreddy started agin (or did it ever stop?).


Buck said...

Sorry about it all Buddy. I was afraid that you were probably having headaches.

red molly said...

bd, So sorry for your suffering. I wish they would go away forever.