Monday, July 06, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: firewurks over the hudson

mayhap ye dun red that this year that thar macys july 4th firewurks show wuz helt on the hudson river, witch that made it rite simple to git us a spot whar we could see em n even take a pitcher or two or 6 hunnert. miz bd went out to git a bench round 3 pm. i cooked up sum vittles -- sum gwawkamolee, pizza n lemon meringue pie -- n twuz easy a nuff to take out the gwawkamolee n sum chips fer folks to eat n then the pizza, witch ye caint hardly magine how them other folks wuz a'lookin at our eats n wishin they had thunk of the same thang.

innywho, heres a few pitchers of them amazin firewurks, witch thay aint no way to splain how amazing they wuz, all the thangs they creeated up thar in the air, lil critters or faces or flowers that wuz up thar fer a instunt n then gone. n taint possibull to catch em ... but that dint stop me frum trine ...

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