Friday, June 30, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: sumbidy aint duckin thar duty!

i have been trine to change how i start my day, witch in sted of porin over the noosepapers all mornin, i quit that long bout civil twilite sos i kin try to catch the sunrise. thay aint been a goodn all year. eether thay aint no clouds or thays too minny. ye need a mix of em.

twuz a happy moment, tho, whenever i larnt bout the spreme cort standin up n not duckin its duty. mayhap thays hope fer our way of gummint, even when tiz threatend by a rag tag bunch of criminulls that caint even git a gummint a'goin. that takes courage n tiz the ack of patriots, not partisans, ceptn fer them three partisans name of alito, scalia n thomas that seems to thank the presdint orta be a dicktater.

speakin of havin the courage to do rite, i tuck a cuple pitchers of a mama duck doin her duty by her lil ducklings, witch ye kin see one peekin frum under her wing ...

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: hopin fer a sunrise

yesterdy i writ bout feelin deepressd over the news, witch durin the corse of the day, i cum to figger twuz sumthin else. later in the mornin, durin a meetin in my offus, it seemed lack i couldnt git sumthin outta my eye. turnt out to be a blind spot, witch that meant a migraine wuz a'cummin. i sniffed up my imitrex n hoped to wurk thru it, but twernt to be. my mind felt lack twuz in a vat of mole-asses n even tho i tuck the medicin, i still had a killer hedache. i finely give it up round noon n hedded home.

this mornin i figgerd i wood hunt fer a sunrise in sted of readin papers. mayhap the fresh air n mornin stroll wood hep. i do feel much better today even ifn thay wuznt much color in this mornins sunrise.

i do hope to git a better sunrise this year. its been a bad year fer em. eethur thay aint no clouds or thay aint nuthin else. but the sun keeps on a'risin, witch i take that as a positiv thang.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

pinions of buddy don: too deepressd to rhyme

ever mornin i git up n try to cunvints myself not to read the noosepapers. most ever mornin, i fail to do that. in sted, i find myself caught lack yer curious rubbernecker, knowin it dont hep nuthin fer me to gawk, but unable to look away.

tiz sad to see our nayshun so easily give up bein the eggsample that inspired the world n made us grate, that no matter whut the provocayshun, we woodnt putt security over liberty, tht no matter whut, we woodnt tortchur folks, that no matter whut, we wood deefend n preserve our form of gummint with its separayshun or powers, cumplete with checks n balantses.

we dont have that no more n the most deepressin thang bout it is all the folks that thinks its jes fine, the folks that prooves thar partisans, not patriots.

folks lack Deputy Assistant Attorney General Michelle Boardman, the low-rankin offishull the administrayshun sent to anser questchuns frum Arlen Specters Senate Judiciary Committee. sed she,
"Respect for the legislative branch is not shown through [making a] veto," Boardman argued. "Respect for the legislative branch, when we have a well-crafted bill, the majority of which is constitutional, is shown when the president chooses to construe a particular statement in keeping with the Constitution, as opposed to defeating an entire bill that would serve the nation."

Boardman said the president has the power and responsibility to bypass any statute that conflicts with the Constitution, even in cases "where the Supreme Court has yet to rule on an issue, but the president has determined that a statutory law violates the Constitution."
but thats eggzackly the rong point. tiz the congress that makes the laws. the presdint is spozed to uphold em, to eggsecute em, not change em, not interpret em. interpretayshun blongs to the courts, makin laws to the congress.

we dont have no real cunservatives no more: in sted, we gut a bunch of short sited regressives who seem hellbent to take our form of gummint back to the form we revolted agin a cuple centries ago.

it gits me to the point whar i caint hardly keep my hed long a nuff to finish a simple bit of rhyme. heres the articulls that gut me stirrd up:i wonted to rite sumthin. rhymes cum into my hed. but i couldnt git em to go nowhar on a counta how it makes me so mad to see that thay aint nuthin we kin do that matters.

with all the wurk to be dun – address the deficit, cum up with a plan fer suckcess in iraq thats sumthin moren makin fun of the dimcrats fer ackshly trine to deebate a plan, cum up with sum kinda approach to solvin the energy crisis that dont make global warmin wurser than it dun alreddy is, make shore that everbidy kin vote n gits thar votes counted fairly, do sumthin bout the ever increasin disparity of wealth, etc etc etc.

but all we git is meaningless nonsense lack the flag amendment stuff. n why? on a counta thats how them publicans wins eleckshuns.

n saddest of all, this trick is jes as lackly to wurk as inny since most folks dont wonta study the issues n kin be swung with a clever sound bite.

so heres one rhyme i tride n give up on:
Lobster-like we sit in tepid water
And do seem not to notice as the heat
Slowly rises, threatening to slaughter
Each of us before we can retreat.
a nuthern that cum to me wuz thisn:
Too smart to think, like the Democrats do,
We always agree with each other –
We have no plan but to jeer and to boo
As we rubberstamp for big brother.
ben franklin tole us the foundin fathers had dun give us a republick, ifn we could keep it.

looks lack we caint. we druther be safe frum a rag tag bunch of criminulls that caint even git a gummint a'goin. them chicken littles / chickenhawks are afraid of thar own shadow or less. these daze, we woodnt give up life fer liberty. we wood go back to tyranny to be safe.

n thats the real choice: security under tyranny or liberty with risk of death. ye caint have bof.

or mayhap i am jes too deepressd to see thangs inny other way.

i wood appreciate innybidy lettin me know why i shouldnt feel – shouldnt bleeve – shouldnt use my brain to thank – thisaway.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

pinions of buddy don: fishers of men private data

seems lack ye caint go thru a week without larnin thays a new way our own gummint is spyin on us or a new way our leaders is ignorin the plane langwage of the constitushun. evidently they know now that the amurkin people aint lack them that founded our cuntry, willin to take either liberty or death.

no, nowadaze they figger we will fall fer innythang, even the idee that seven suspecks that aint been proovd to have tickets to git to the city whar they wonta attack – that seven such is able to wage a ground war agin us all!

i am beginnin to thank thonly thang keepin us frem feelin lack winston smith is how we dont know that everthang we ever do is bein spied on. lease in 1984, ye could see them cameras in yer room. we dont even know whut thar watchin, how minny of us, how minny ways they gut to doot, nuthin.

under such a scenario, whut wood keep em frum usin everthang they have to git senators n congressmen to change thar votes? whut wood stop em frum threatenin to show how palltishuns aint gut no eggzemptshun frum the rule that sez all have sinned n fallen short of the glory of god? ifn y gut the rite kinda eyes, they ye could blackmail almost innybidy.

thang is, i treat the fish in my tank bettern our gummints treatin us, witch they kin see thru the glass when i am gittin reddy to take thar pitcher. as ye kin see in these two, them fish lacks to pose sumtimes. ifn ye click on them pitchers, they will open full size in a nuther browser.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

deehydrayshun of buddy don: musta been sumthin i et

tuna fish? i reckon. whutever twuz, i been feelin verr poorly all nite long. lease i aint vomited, even ifn i wuz tempted.

heres sumthin fer a lil fun while i git better. click on this, make it as big as ye kin on yer monitor, n step back 10 to 15 feet. whut do ye see?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: sumthin to git my mind offn the news

when i woke up this mornin n red the news, red thisn frum frank rich bout how them privateers aint made thangs bettern iraq n thisn bout how minny folks has dun died since we invaded, witch tiz over 50,000 (eequivalent of 570,000 amurkins) n thisn bout that ice sheet in greenland thawin out quickern they had thunk possibull, i gut to whar i dint hardly wonta do nuthin with this rainy day.

but then i figgerd i mite swell look at how sum of gods other creatchurs, them thats a'doin thar jobs lack theys spozed to, witch aint we humans spozed to be tendin our earthly garden n livin in peace?

i am trine to live in peace by sharin these pitchers with ye, witch ifn ye click on em, theys a'gone swell up.
honeybee in geranium ...

papyrus ...

palm leaf ...

flowering onion ...

sea holly ...

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: raw duck

whenever me n my boss wuz stuck in the airport on mundy nite, i gut me a magazine bout takin pitchers n red bout takin em usin that thar RAW settin. innywho, heres my furst try, witch i dint thank i could git nuthin takin pitchers of these ducks on account tuz so dark n drear, but ye kin make em out purty good. ifn ye click on em, ye kin see em a lil better.
mamas splainin how shes gut to take a lil swim ...

off she goes ...

mayhap she wonts to tell daddy tiz time fer im to watch them ducklins, witch here he is ...

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plum tuckerd outness of buddy don: caint hardly tell witch ways up

twuz one of them weeks whar ye feel lack yer a horse thats been rode hard n putt up wet.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

deelays of buddy don: waitin on the weather

we dint make it outta new york yesterdy, witch in sted we gut on the plane n waited fer nigh onto four hours till they finely canceled the flite. so we plan to try agin today, hopin fer better weather.

heres sumthin ye kin look at, witch tiz sum irises frum that new york botanical garden ...

i aint cumplainin bout havin to wait so long on a day lack yesterdy, witch twuz juneteenth day.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

wunderfull weekend of buddy don: good time to be dad

twuz a verr fine weekend fer me. on saturdy i gut a long fone call frum the yungest of our three, tony down in tennessee. we had us a grate talk.

twuz after me n miz bd visited the new york botanical garden, witch tiz gigantick! i tuck about 500 pitchers, witch sum of ems below.

on sundy, jack n vaclav tuck me n miz bd to see that film name of an inconvenient truth. ifn ye dont know much bout global warmin – or even ifn ye do – ye orta see this film. the prospeck of whut mite happen, whut is evermore lackly to happy, is alarmin.

but i druther look at pitchers, witch that seems to be the way mos folks in the hole worl is takin the news that ecologicull disaster is jes ahed.

heres sum orchids.

i mite not git to post no more till fridy mornin on a counta i gut to make a trip to mason, ohio, to visit our hep desk thar fer trainin. (i wisht i dint half to go on a counta i am travlin with my boss n tharfer wont git no chants to visit miz bds mom, who she lives about 50 miles up the rode.) but i hope i kin make a note or two, but if not, i will post agin on fridy, assumin health n life n such.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

lucky thirteen of buddy don: dreamin, jeanine

  1. Jeanine, I Dream of Lilac Time by Jethro Burns frum Bye Bye Blues
  2. Maybellene by Jim & Jesse frum Y'All Come: The Essential Jim & Jesse
  3. Am I Getting Through, Pt. 1-2 by Sheryl Crow frum The Globe Sessions
  4. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 by Pink Floyd frum Shine On
  5. Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen frum Plugged: In Concert
  6. The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead by XTC frum Nonsuch
  7. The Bad and the Beautiful by Charlie Haden Quartet West frum Haunted Heart
  8. Foxey Lady by Jimi Hendrix Experience frum Are Your Experienced?
  9. Pictures of You by The Cure frum Show
  10. Ain't That a Lot of Love by Taj Mahal frum In Progress & In Motion (1965-1998)
  11. Annie Get Your Gun by Squeeze frum Singles 45's and Under
  12. Delta Lady by Leon Russell frum Best of Leon Russell
  13. Cold Irons Bound by Bob Dylan frum Time Out of Mind
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Friday, June 16, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim

Welfare as we know it was remodeled
There's no free lunch in our land of the free!
Welfare recipients will not be coddled
No matter how hungry or poor they be.

We put them on a timeline so they'd know
There is no Santa Clause, no welfare elves –
We labored to explain the quid pro quo
They must decide to sink or swim themselves

We showed them tough love with no regrets
Insisted working was a fact of life.
So why are the Iraqis pampered pets?
Should they not have to handle their own strife?

It's time to get tough with them, let them know –
They'll have to sink or swim, for we must go!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Better Late than Never?

Better Late than Never?

We finally got the guy we could have got before the war,
Too late to save his many victims from their grisly end.
And though we all are happy that we settled that grim score,
What happened to our pledge to smoke Osama from his den?

ye mite could wunder witch way is up:
but them lilies keeps on a'bloomin, perched on the surfuss of the veil betwixt two worls:

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

vacayshun of buddy don: smellin them roses

yesterdy me n miz bd went back to that brooklyn botanic garden on a counta they dun opend the rose gardens. we had plenty of wurk to do, but twuz time to pawz fer a lil smellin (n pitcher takin) of the roses. so here they are (click on em to make em full size, witch thats verr big).

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: bumblebee in flight

i been kindly lack the bumblebee this here pitcher, flittin frum one good thang to a nuther, enjoyin the sun. went up to git miz bd n spend a lil time in real natchur n tuck today off sos i kin spend a lil time with er on a eggsclusive basis, witch thats to splain why i aint bloggin moren this.
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Friday, June 09, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Turning Points

Turning Points

One has to hope, in dark times such as these,
Zarqawi's death might lead to better days –
Might knock the insurgents down to their knees –
Might cool the hate that keeps Iraq ablaze.

As Mr. Bush explained just yesterday
Iraq has passed a major turning point
When Al Qaeda gave their man away,
And our bombs dropped the exclamation point!

We'd turned the corner when we caught Saddam
Had turned another taking out his sons.
And governments were formed to great aplomb
Till we could weigh turning points by the tons!

So many turning points have come before –
Are we marching in circles through this war?

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

pinions of buddy don: whuts missin

this mornin we gut the good news that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi wuz killt finely. tiz verr good news since it means one less verr evil man in the long iraq conflick.

this mornin thays bound to be lodes of folks that wonts to thank this mite could mean the end of the insurgentsy. i wish twere so, but heres the problem: this feller dint never inspire too minny other folks, period.

fack is, thays a story on (i gut the tip on this frum air america mornings n mark rileys show on air america) name of Zarqawi Scheduled for Martyrdom:
Given that Zarqawi has become a loose cannon and that his actions are handicapping Al Qaeda's efforts, it seems reasonable to expect that an accident may befall him at some point in the near future. If handled right it can be made to look like he went out in a blaze of glory fighting American troops or that he was foully murdered. Either way, al Qaeda gets rid of a problem and gains another "martyr."
whuts intrestin bout thisn is how twuz published yesterdy, BEFORE zarqawi wuz killt.

i disagree with thar claim that it could mean al qaeda wood git a new martyr. n that made me thank bout whuts really missin frum this hole conflick, witch thays two thangs:
  1. thay aint no inspirin leader fer the insurgents, no ho chi minh, witch whutever else we wuz fitin in vietnam, we wuz losin to ho chi minh on a counta the vietnamese people bleeved ho chi minhs vishun fer the cuntry. it dont seem to me lack thays innybidy a'gone be too upset over zarqawi gittin killt.
  2. but thays sumthin more importunt missin, witch that is how the iraq gummint – our side – dont have no george washington to inspire them to putt thar differntses aside long a nuff to putt thar gummint together.
seems to me this is a war whar everbidy is fitin *agin* sumthin, but nobidy has a cunvintsin vishun that the iraqi people as a whole kin bleeve in, so aint nobidy fitin *for* sumthin.

ifn thay wuz such a leader, the iraqi ministries of interior n deefents wood be filld with patriots that wonted to wurk to git the cuntry a'goin.

i hope killin zarqawi kin make a differnts. ifn it turns out twuz only whackin a mole, that a nuthern pops up agin to keep the insurgentsy a'goin, then twont matter much. ifn thjat thar articull on is rite, then mayhap al qaeda gut rid of im, witch thats even wurser than whackin a mole. twood mean that al qaeda dun whut we wonted dun, but fer reasons thats the verr opposit of ourn: we wonted im dead on a counta how he seemed effecktiv; them al qaeda folks mite coulda wonted im dead fer the opposit reason, that he wuz causin them terrst more harm than good.

but i am hopefull twill mean sumthin good ...

.. witch that means i go to wurk today a'hopin fer the best, that this means the tide will turn, the ministries will be filled, the iraqis will form a ackshull unity gummint n quit killin each other fer bleevin in the rong flaver of the same relijun.

but the realist in me thanks this wont do much moren it dun whenever they killt saddams sons or found saddam in his spider hole or had em a vote or a nuther vote or a third vote or a new strategy (clear n hold or whutever) – on a counta thay aint no hope till thays a leader that inspires it.

whut iraq really needs is whut its missin most: a george washington.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

solitude of buddy don: miz bds away

miz bd is up in massachusetts at a place name of earthdance takin a class in thai yoga massage therapy frum a feller name of jonas westring. shes dun made it to the third level, witch the idee of the week she will spend at earthdance is to concentrate eggsclusively on the topic. whar they are, thay aint no cell fone servus, she wont have no fone, so seems lack we will go without contack fer the longest stretch in our marrg, six days.

since she also had classes over the weekend, earnin her reiki master program certificayshun, witch she studied thatn with margaret ann case.

since we woodnt git much time together, i tuck mundy n tuesdy off. on tuesdy we drove up, but the idee fer mundy wuz to spend a lil time together befor she had to go. dint wurk out so well. i have that silly blackberry handheld deevice, witch my boss approoved of my takin vacayshun but then spent the day sendin me 'blackberries,' as folks lacks to say, astin that i handle this, that n tuther. miz bd wwuz not amused by the constunt interrupshun, but whut kin a bidy do?

mayhap this will be a topick of discusshun whenever i have my one-on-one with my boss, witch we have one skeduled fer today, but the boss has been too busy to have one since april 19. so who knows?

but first thangs furst, i gut to take the rental car back, witch that means waiting till after 8 o'clock. then git to wurk a lil late (fer me). whut a day!

but thangs will be lookin up. i am takin mundy n tuesdy of nex week off to go git miz bd n brang er back home. this time, i hope to spend the tuesdy givin her all my tenshun.

lease thats my plan.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

vacayshun of buddy don: drivin north

me n miz bd is on vacayshun heddin fer massachusetts, so heres a cuple reprints that jes keep on bein current.

ye speck yer presdint n senate to wurk on the mos importunt thangs, speshly in a time of war n crisis n all. one thang bout thar obsesshun with restricktin equal rites to sum amurkin citizens, it keeps lil pomes lack thisn on target (i dun reprinted it once befor, witch ye kin see tiz one of my faverts. i posted it furst time on august twintyforth last year n secunt time on april thirteenth this year, witch i changed the endin a lil bit that time.):
It's Always Seemed to Me a Little Odd

It's always seemed to me a little odd
That in his time on earth as Jesus, God
Would fail to make a parable or mention
That being gay defies nature's convention!

Or why in all the truths He did convey
No word against abortion did He say?
Why didn't He explain where life begins
Instead of pardoning evil-doers' sins?

Or how could He ignore the bankers' need
To charge percents of interest that exceed
The fed's prime rate by multiples of eight
And help our rich folks' wealth accumulate?

Instead He advised all to be so meek
That, if attacked, we turn the other cheek
Did He not know the interests of our nation
Might require preëmptive invasion?
whenever i reprinted this the furst time, i figgerd by now twooda gone outta date. after readin this mornins papers, i am sorry to see how tiz as current as ever:i writ thisn back on dec 1 2003. twuz titled 'pinions of buddy don: ye cant win harts n minds with bullets.' agin, to git all the lanks, check the owe riginal.

pinions of buddy don: ye caint win harts n minds with bullets

i wish i could find the quotayshun whar sumbidy wuz arguin that ye kin establish democracy with a gun. i thank twuz in the washington post, but i cant find it nohow. the riter pointed out how thay had dun been a few democracies made thataway. a cuple he menchuned wuz the american revolution n the french revolution.

but thatn dont wurk fer whuts a'goin on in iraq, witch thats whut the riter wuz trine to say, that ye could make a democracy usin a gun. problem with his eggzamples is that the holders of the guns wuz the folks who wuz fitin fer thar own democracy. twuz the insurgents in the fite, not the big powers, be they the british or the french monarchy. tiz us in iraq.

the history of the worl shows ye that it takes a folk makin thar own cuntry to git ye a democracy out of it. n that means that the folks has to git it into thar own harts n minds that democracy is whut they wont. ifn they dont wont it, then ye cant enforce it on a counta ye wood be voted out furst time they tuck a vote.

so whuther we lack it or not, whut we half to do ifn we wont democracy overn iraq (or innywhar) is to cunvints folks to wont it fer thar ownself. ye gut to win thar harts n minds. taint easy.

take whut's a'goin on over in iraq right now. furst, we had to close one of thar media outlets, al arabiya, on a counta how twuz broadcastin saddam hussein. in its place we dun put up a stayshun or our own name of al iraqiya. thang is, folks in iraq druther here al arabiya than al iraqiya.

problem fer us is were in a fite we dont hardly know how to win. these is just my pinions, so ye kin ignore em all:
  1. folks livin in iraq aint used to democracy n dont hardly wont it
  2. ifn ye could give democracy out to folks in iraq, its hard to bleeve they wood vote the way we wont em to
  3. folks livin in the arab worl larnt how to fite asymetrickull battles frum lawrence of arabia n they been a'usin it ever since (have ye dun red t. e. lawrences seven pillars of wisdom? do ye wonta unnerstand whut's a'gone on over thar? then ye gut to read it! the movie aint near as good as the book fer this kinda thang)
  4. folks livin the arab worl have been wontin n havin theocracy in sted of democracy most of thar histries.
  5. thays folks over here that seems to wonta make us a theocracy in sted of a democracy
  6. ifn folks over here, whar we gut us a form of republican democracy, kin wonta a theocracy, it shouldnt cum as a sprize that folks wonta keep the theocracies they dun gut or could git back
  7. granted, iraq wuz a secular muslim nayshun, n thats whut we wont it to be, but thays minny folk over thar that never wonted it to be secular
  8. member that the main thang saddam n osama couldnt agree on whuz whuther to have theocracy or a secular gummint
  9. mos everthang we kin do with our power is a'gone hep tuther side make its points agin us
corse, ifn we cant win the harts n minds over here, whut kin we speck frum our efforts over thar? we wuz set on gittin osama, dead or alive. whutever becum of him? we wuz a'gone smoke him out frum whutever hole he wuz in. he wuz publick enemy number 1 with a bullet. now hes a forgotten man livin in pakistan or afghanistan, sumwhars whar we aint gut a nuff troops to ketch him.

did sumbidy use weppons of mass distrackshun on us?

i luv my cuntry the way i luv my son. ifn he wuz to tell me he wuz gittin reddy to do sumthin stoopid, lack try smokin crack, i wood criticize him. i wood try to stop him. i wood have a march on his home if i thought it wood wurk. fack is, i wood do everthang i could to git him to stop. i wood not be anti-son fer doin so. ifn he persisted in takin the rong path, i couldnt pertend its rite jes to show him my support. i wood half to tell him the truth.

same applies to my cuntry. twuz a miss take to git distrackted frum gittin osama. period. ifn we dont stick with doin whut we say were a'gone do, then aint nobidy gonna take us serious.

n ifn ye aint tuck serious, ye dont win harts n minds. fack is, ye kin only win harts with luv n minds with better idees. bullets dont fit neethur deescriptshun.

Monday, June 05, 2006

pinions of buddy don: intelligent reackshun

yesterdy wuz one of the wurst days fer violents in iraq since the invayshun over three years ago. thays a brakin story in the news now bout fifty folks bein kidnapped offn a bus over thar. ye gut to hope they git better treatment than them students on the bus yesterdy.

so whut is our leaders a'doin? seems lack they gut two thangs on thar mind: keepin gay folks frum gittin the same rites strate folks has n makin shore to cut the taxes on the richest folks in the hole wide worl.

intelligent reackshun to these events appears on the face of this here bird (click on it to make it cum up full size):

me n miz bd is takin the day off on a counta how tomorruh she starts a intensiv class up in massachusetts, witch she had a nuthern saturdy n sundy, so twill be nice to have this day together. hope yer havin a good day n that twill be the furst of minny of em.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

song parodies of buddy don: America?


My country, 'tis of thee
Land of security, with thee I fear!
Land where my fathers quail
Scared that death might prevail
Liberty has to fail – life is too dear!

My native country, you,
Land where fearmongers spew embellished threats!
We love thy guns and tanks,
For bugged phones we give thanks –
Freedom's for left-wing cranks – have no regrets!

Let rock songs make the list
Give their meanings a twist, sweet right-wing song
Make all things fit our view
Whether they're false or true
Long as we can construe as right what's wrong.

Our father's God, you see,
Demands security – He wants us scared!
Long may your spin produce
Panic that can induce
All of us to turn loose rights we once shared.

My country, 'twas of thee
Sweet land of liberty, for thee I cry
Where freedom once was deemed
Worth more than death, esteemed
Fair price for all we dreamed would never die.

i writ thisn after readin that book name of How Would a Patriot Act by Glenn Greenwald. whut happend to a land founded by folks that wood give up life fer liberty?

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Friday, June 02, 2006

pinions of buddy don: a tale of two georges

i jes red a book name of Washington: The Indispensable Man by James Thomas Flexner, witch this volume is a cundensed vershun of his four-volume wurk on the father of our nayshun. on page 210 of that book, thays a discusshun of washingtons deesire that the constitushun be ratified. whenever i red this, i had to thank how far we have fallen frum the george that defeated King George III of England to the george that wood becum (has dun alreddy becum?) King George I of America:
The debate over ratification elicited a flood of pamphlets on both sides. Washington read them all. He became convinced that the arguments of the opponents, based mostly on regionalism and an identification of strong government with tyranny, were hysterical when they were not self-serving. The pamphlets supporting the Constitution, particularly The Federalist written by Hamilton, Madison, and John Jay, persuaded Washington that "the Constitution is really in its formation a government of the people; that is to say, a government in which all power is derived from, and, at stated periods, reverts to them; and that, in its operation it is purely a government of laws, made and executed by the fair substitutes of the people alone. . . . It is clear to my conception that no government before introduced among mankind ever contained so many checks and such efficacious restraints to prevent it from degenerating into any species of oppression."
as i red this, i wuz also reeminded of sumthin Ben Franklin wuz spozed to have sed at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787:
QUOTATION: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”
to putt it altogether, heres the final pargraff frum a articull name of A Republic, If You Can Keep It by Richard R. Beeman, Ph.D.:
If there is a lesson in all of this it is that our Constitution is neither a self-actuating nor a self-correcting document. It requires the constant attention and devotion of all citizens. There is a story, often told, that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was: "A republic, if you can keep it." The brevity of that response should not cause us to under-value its essential meaning: democratic republics are not merely founded upon the consent of the people, they are also absolutely dependent upon the active and informed involvement of the people for their continued good health.
ye gut to keep in mind how them early amurkins lack franklin n washington wuz librulls n proud of it. the cunservatives wuz them that figgerd the colonies orta remain loyal to the crown of england.

witch, thats kindly lack the cunservatives of today, them that wood give up our liberty to have a unitary president -- in other wurds, a dicktater.

n the point is, the fite today kin include them cunservatives that kin rise frum partisan to patriot -- n not the patriot of the so-called patriot act (witch ifn ye wonta real skeer bout how bad thangs has gut fer our republick, read that book by Gleen Greenwald name of How Would A Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok)

tiz a short n simple tale, thatn of them two georges:
  • the furst george, washington, bleeved that all power cums frum n reverts to the people.

  • the wurst george, w. bush, bleeves that all power blongs to the president n the people must be sum kinda enemy that needs to be spied on n locked up without due process ifn he suspecks em.
tiz up to each n ever one of us, ifn we bleeve in havin a gummint of the people, not a dicktatership, to be informed, active, and willin to fite back. the real enemy aint that bunch of evil hateful terrsts name of al qaeda, them that caint even git a gummint a'goin, them that wuznt never as dangerus as the ussr or nazi germany or ww2 japan. the real enemy is a president that wont do his sworn duty: to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

pinions of buddy don: whut makes amurka grate?

whenever i wuz growin up the big enemy we all feared wuz the ussr. they wuz all communists, witch that meant totalitarian n such. dint hardly nobidy talk bout the economick ideals of communism on a counta them that practissd it wuz all brutal n kep thar people frum bein free.

but here in amurka, we wuz differnt. i member well why we wuz differnt. heres a list of whut set us apart frum the evil empire name of the ussr:
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, if arrested, a persun wuz assumed to be innocent until proven guilty
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, if arrested, a persun wuz guaranteed the right to a speedy trial
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, if arrested, a persun wuz guaranteed to see the evidents agin im
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, if arrested, a persun had the right to face them who wuz accusin him/her of wrongdoin
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, if we wonted to protest sumthin, we had the right of free assembly n hadnt nobidy never herd of nuthin lack a so-called free speech zone
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, we had the absolute right of free speech
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, our press dint carry gummint prograganda
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, we wuz allowed to bleeve whut we wonted on a counta thay wuz freedom frum inny kind of relijus coershun frum our gummint
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, we dint spy on our own people
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, we dint lock people up in secret prisons
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, we dint encourage naybors to spy on each other
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, our gummint wuz a gummint of laws, not men
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, we had three, co-equal branches of gummint
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, if one branch dun sumthin that wuznt in accordunts with our bleefs n ideals, tuther two branches wood check n balance em
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, we wuz allowd to vote even ifn our name wuz simlar to sumbidy that had been cunvicted of a crime
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, we could check books out of the liberry without nobidy makin a list of whut we wuz readin
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, our private correspondents wuz private
  • in amurka, unlike in the ussr, couldnt nobidy unlawfully search us or our property
thay wuz more, but i git tired countin all the thangs we have dun lost.

i wuz at the zoo tuther day n tuck a pitcher of our nashunull symbol, the bald eagle, witch thisn wuz locked up:

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