Friday, June 30, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: sumbidy aint duckin thar duty!

i have been trine to change how i start my day, witch in sted of porin over the noosepapers all mornin, i quit that long bout civil twilite sos i kin try to catch the sunrise. thay aint been a goodn all year. eether thay aint no clouds or thays too minny. ye need a mix of em.

twuz a happy moment, tho, whenever i larnt bout the spreme cort standin up n not duckin its duty. mayhap thays hope fer our way of gummint, even when tiz threatend by a rag tag bunch of criminulls that caint even git a gummint a'goin. that takes courage n tiz the ack of patriots, not partisans, ceptn fer them three partisans name of alito, scalia n thomas that seems to thank the presdint orta be a dicktater.

speakin of havin the courage to do rite, i tuck a cuple pitchers of a mama duck doin her duty by her lil ducklings, witch ye kin see one peekin frum under her wing ...

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Bukko Boomeranger said...

Gol dern it! I thot ya's one of us'n by th' ways ya talked, but ya's gotta gone and crittsize th' prezdint. Doncha no him's onna us'n? So's he wantsa put them ol' A-rab boys in th' pokey frever and frever. Them's A-rabs! Ain't nobody keers whats happnin ta them! He keepin us safe. An he ain't lettin the queers get hitched. I don give a good goldam that I cain't ford no gas for my pickup (and its on blocks anyhow) and my assmars actin up and I cain't ford no inhalayshun medsin, cause we's safe from them queers and terrists. So shut yer gob! Yew sound like a Yankee. Or a nigger. Are yew a Yankee nigger, boy? Show yer face! No Merle, don put them starry thins in the werd nigger. Yew tipe em like I say em boy

Anne Johnson said...

Don blieve Bukko iz reely in Australia. He sound laak a 'Bama boy to me.

I wuz also happy bout the Spreme Court taday, but did notiss that the new chump, Alito, looks laak he gonna swing Dobson's way on everthang.

An taday all wuz sweetness n laat in Chateau Johnson, cuz the new owner of the Philly papers dun laaks Mr. Johnson's paper the best. An it's been Mr. Johnson's paper that's been the one they all sed wuz gonna close down laak a egg suckin dawg.

And Mr. Johnson gathered him all up hiz clips n sech and iz sendin them to a big-time J-school contest, an I know I be his waaf n all that but I cain't see who in this country haz writ better bout sports in society than he done in last 20 year.

He has writ about:
1. haagh school athlete got paralyzed in a football game n wound up 25 year later wif pointment to see Dr. Kevorkian.

2. pro football player wif bipolar disorder went nuts on a commercial airplane and terrized passengers

3. homeless kid winnin state skating championship

4. I laak this one - basketball gal decides to go into stric convent

5. nother pro football player saves drownin boy and dies hisself

6. reggie white, well we all knows him

7. hockey player razed up in foster keer goes and sees foster kids in his spare taam

8. haagh school athlete gets a cut and gets rare infecshun and daas frum it - Mr Johnson got lots a mail on thisn frum coaches never heard a such a thang and wuz glad to know bout it.

9. how boxers deal wif killin other boxers in rang

10. race car driver gits a gender change and goes raat on racin

11. Now thisa one don make no cents to me, but someone ackshully stalked Alan Iverson. Twernt me, but I did like Barkley.

Wish that mama duck wuz here ta help me wif 3-week-old kittie, needs a reel mama, not some ol hillbilly woman wif chores.