Tuesday, June 27, 2006

pinions of buddy don: fishers of men private data

seems lack ye caint go thru a week without larnin thays a new way our own gummint is spyin on us or a new way our leaders is ignorin the plane langwage of the constitushun. evidently they know now that the amurkin people aint lack them that founded our cuntry, willin to take either liberty or death.

no, nowadaze they figger we will fall fer innythang, even the idee that seven suspecks that aint been proovd to have tickets to git to the city whar they wonta attack – that seven such is able to wage a ground war agin us all!

i am beginnin to thank thonly thang keepin us frem feelin lack winston smith is how we dont know that everthang we ever do is bein spied on. lease in 1984, ye could see them cameras in yer room. we dont even know whut thar watchin, how minny of us, how minny ways they gut to doot, nuthin.

under such a scenario, whut wood keep em frum usin everthang they have to git senators n congressmen to change thar votes? whut wood stop em frum threatenin to show how palltishuns aint gut no eggzemptshun frum the rule that sez all have sinned n fallen short of the glory of god? ifn y gut the rite kinda eyes, they ye could blackmail almost innybidy.

thang is, i treat the fish in my tank bettern our gummints treatin us, witch they kin see thru the glass when i am gittin reddy to take thar pitcher. as ye kin see in these two, them fish lacks to pose sumtimes. ifn ye click on them pitchers, they will open full size in a nuther browser.

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Tennessee Jed said...

Thoes fish look very healthy and happy buddy don, you are a good keeper.