Monday, June 19, 2006

wunderfull weekend of buddy don: good time to be dad

twuz a verr fine weekend fer me. on saturdy i gut a long fone call frum the yungest of our three, tony down in tennessee. we had us a grate talk.

twuz after me n miz bd visited the new york botanical garden, witch tiz gigantick! i tuck about 500 pitchers, witch sum of ems below.

on sundy, jack n vaclav tuck me n miz bd to see that film name of an inconvenient truth. ifn ye dont know much bout global warmin – or even ifn ye do – ye orta see this film. the prospeck of whut mite happen, whut is evermore lackly to happy, is alarmin.

but i druther look at pitchers, witch that seems to be the way mos folks in the hole worl is takin the news that ecologicull disaster is jes ahed.

heres sum orchids.

i mite not git to post no more till fridy mornin on a counta i gut to make a trip to mason, ohio, to visit our hep desk thar fer trainin. (i wisht i dint half to go on a counta i am travlin with my boss n tharfer wont git no chants to visit miz bds mom, who she lives about 50 miles up the rode.) but i hope i kin make a note or two, but if not, i will post agin on fridy, assumin health n life n such.

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Anne Johnson said...

orchids is ma favrit flower next ta roses n lilacs. Hey BD if yer cumpny needs help in Philly, I kid do more n goat judge.

Karen McL said...

Those are some awfully lovely orchids.

Quite the Bee-A-You-Ties!


Margot100 said...

BD, I'm looking for the cleaned up version (without the spam I mean) of your "Duz it take a eevil diktater?" post. I love that and I send it to people. Can't find it.
Welcome to Ohio, it's nice here today, not too hot and not raining. At the moment, anyway.

buddy don said...

he thar, margot100, whenever (ifn ever) i git back home, i will send ye the lank to the 'clean' vershun of thatn. thankee fer them kind wurds.

buddy don said...

hey thar, anne, i aint gut no doubts ye could do sum wurk fer the cumpny whar i wurk. ifn ye mean it, send me a note n i will see ifn i kin git hr to anser. so far, they claim to wonta know bout talent, but i aint never once gut em to anser or even add mitt they gut a resume i sent em.

but tiz a good cumpny relativ to otherns.