Monday, June 05, 2006

pinions of buddy don: intelligent reackshun

yesterdy wuz one of the wurst days fer violents in iraq since the invayshun over three years ago. thays a brakin story in the news now bout fifty folks bein kidnapped offn a bus over thar. ye gut to hope they git better treatment than them students on the bus yesterdy.

so whut is our leaders a'doin? seems lack they gut two thangs on thar mind: keepin gay folks frum gittin the same rites strate folks has n makin shore to cut the taxes on the richest folks in the hole wide worl.

intelligent reackshun to these events appears on the face of this here bird (click on it to make it cum up full size):

me n miz bd is takin the day off on a counta how tomorruh she starts a intensiv class up in massachusetts, witch she had a nuthern saturdy n sundy, so twill be nice to have this day together. hope yer havin a good day n that twill be the furst of minny of em.

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