Wednesday, June 28, 2006

pinions of buddy don: too deepressd to rhyme

ever mornin i git up n try to cunvints myself not to read the noosepapers. most ever mornin, i fail to do that. in sted, i find myself caught lack yer curious rubbernecker, knowin it dont hep nuthin fer me to gawk, but unable to look away.

tiz sad to see our nayshun so easily give up bein the eggsample that inspired the world n made us grate, that no matter whut the provocayshun, we woodnt putt security over liberty, tht no matter whut, we woodnt tortchur folks, that no matter whut, we wood deefend n preserve our form of gummint with its separayshun or powers, cumplete with checks n balantses.

we dont have that no more n the most deepressin thang bout it is all the folks that thinks its jes fine, the folks that prooves thar partisans, not patriots.

folks lack Deputy Assistant Attorney General Michelle Boardman, the low-rankin offishull the administrayshun sent to anser questchuns frum Arlen Specters Senate Judiciary Committee. sed she,
"Respect for the legislative branch is not shown through [making a] veto," Boardman argued. "Respect for the legislative branch, when we have a well-crafted bill, the majority of which is constitutional, is shown when the president chooses to construe a particular statement in keeping with the Constitution, as opposed to defeating an entire bill that would serve the nation."

Boardman said the president has the power and responsibility to bypass any statute that conflicts with the Constitution, even in cases "where the Supreme Court has yet to rule on an issue, but the president has determined that a statutory law violates the Constitution."
but thats eggzackly the rong point. tiz the congress that makes the laws. the presdint is spozed to uphold em, to eggsecute em, not change em, not interpret em. interpretayshun blongs to the courts, makin laws to the congress.

we dont have no real cunservatives no more: in sted, we gut a bunch of short sited regressives who seem hellbent to take our form of gummint back to the form we revolted agin a cuple centries ago.

it gits me to the point whar i caint hardly keep my hed long a nuff to finish a simple bit of rhyme. heres the articulls that gut me stirrd up:i wonted to rite sumthin. rhymes cum into my hed. but i couldnt git em to go nowhar on a counta how it makes me so mad to see that thay aint nuthin we kin do that matters.

with all the wurk to be dun – address the deficit, cum up with a plan fer suckcess in iraq thats sumthin moren makin fun of the dimcrats fer ackshly trine to deebate a plan, cum up with sum kinda approach to solvin the energy crisis that dont make global warmin wurser than it dun alreddy is, make shore that everbidy kin vote n gits thar votes counted fairly, do sumthin bout the ever increasin disparity of wealth, etc etc etc.

but all we git is meaningless nonsense lack the flag amendment stuff. n why? on a counta thats how them publicans wins eleckshuns.

n saddest of all, this trick is jes as lackly to wurk as inny since most folks dont wonta study the issues n kin be swung with a clever sound bite.

so heres one rhyme i tride n give up on:
Lobster-like we sit in tepid water
And do seem not to notice as the heat
Slowly rises, threatening to slaughter
Each of us before we can retreat.
a nuthern that cum to me wuz thisn:
Too smart to think, like the Democrats do,
We always agree with each other –
We have no plan but to jeer and to boo
As we rubberstamp for big brother.
ben franklin tole us the foundin fathers had dun give us a republick, ifn we could keep it.

looks lack we caint. we druther be safe frum a rag tag bunch of criminulls that caint even git a gummint a'goin. them chicken littles / chickenhawks are afraid of thar own shadow or less. these daze, we woodnt give up life fer liberty. we wood go back to tyranny to be safe.

n thats the real choice: security under tyranny or liberty with risk of death. ye caint have bof.

or mayhap i am jes too deepressd to see thangs inny other way.

i wood appreciate innybidy lettin me know why i shouldnt feel – shouldnt bleeve – shouldnt use my brain to thank – thisaway.

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