Wednesday, June 07, 2006

solitude of buddy don: miz bds away

miz bd is up in massachusetts at a place name of earthdance takin a class in thai yoga massage therapy frum a feller name of jonas westring. shes dun made it to the third level, witch the idee of the week she will spend at earthdance is to concentrate eggsclusively on the topic. whar they are, thay aint no cell fone servus, she wont have no fone, so seems lack we will go without contack fer the longest stretch in our marrg, six days.

since she also had classes over the weekend, earnin her reiki master program certificayshun, witch she studied thatn with margaret ann case.

since we woodnt git much time together, i tuck mundy n tuesdy off. on tuesdy we drove up, but the idee fer mundy wuz to spend a lil time together befor she had to go. dint wurk out so well. i have that silly blackberry handheld deevice, witch my boss approoved of my takin vacayshun but then spent the day sendin me 'blackberries,' as folks lacks to say, astin that i handle this, that n tuther. miz bd wwuz not amused by the constunt interrupshun, but whut kin a bidy do?

mayhap this will be a topick of discusshun whenever i have my one-on-one with my boss, witch we have one skeduled fer today, but the boss has been too busy to have one since april 19. so who knows?

but first thangs furst, i gut to take the rental car back, witch that means waiting till after 8 o'clock. then git to wurk a lil late (fer me). whut a day!

but thangs will be lookin up. i am takin mundy n tuesdy of nex week off to go git miz bd n brang er back home. this time, i hope to spend the tuesdy givin her all my tenshun.

lease thats my plan.

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