Thursday, June 29, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: hopin fer a sunrise

yesterdy i writ bout feelin deepressd over the news, witch durin the corse of the day, i cum to figger twuz sumthin else. later in the mornin, durin a meetin in my offus, it seemed lack i couldnt git sumthin outta my eye. turnt out to be a blind spot, witch that meant a migraine wuz a'cummin. i sniffed up my imitrex n hoped to wurk thru it, but twernt to be. my mind felt lack twuz in a vat of mole-asses n even tho i tuck the medicin, i still had a killer hedache. i finely give it up round noon n hedded home.

this mornin i figgerd i wood hunt fer a sunrise in sted of readin papers. mayhap the fresh air n mornin stroll wood hep. i do feel much better today even ifn thay wuznt much color in this mornins sunrise.

i do hope to git a better sunrise this year. its been a bad year fer em. eethur thay aint no clouds or thay aint nuthin else. but the sun keeps on a'risin, witch i take that as a positiv thang.

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Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful picture Buddy Don. I have only been to that big city twice and it was overwhelming. Every time I see a photo of New York I can close my eyes and almost hear the sounds.

Damn. What a city.

Anne Johnson said...

BD, I sure do share yer concerns bout the gummint, they ain't but one feller I'd vote fer in the Senate, and he ain't in my state. I distrust Dems and Reps alaak, I cain't see no diffrence, I even sneer at Al Gore, cuz wha din the US sign the Kyoto Protocols whaal he wuz in pour?

We got a guvnor in ma state now, he's the onliest one gots a beard. He's tryin to get peoples to understand they gotta pay the state more or it'll go broke. An the people here is a-sneerin' him down, no they won't pay more, so what the heck's he gonna do? Get beat in the next lection even though he's makin sense.

We is also unner water today most everwhere. Such a storm come thru last naat it took out the pour. I'm surprised New York iz dry.