Thursday, January 12, 2012

rare post of buddy don: how i bin sick n all

fack is, i aint gonna git to the 'n all' part. still too sick, but thays a slew of news items i could tell ye ifn i had the health. but i manely need to let sum folks know the follerin:
i am alive n as well as kin be eggspeckted ("i bin worse"), livin in the low desert out here in californy.
twuz our hope that movin to the desert mite could hep, witch thays bin a few more good daze than we had in hoboken n a daze few thats bin as cruel n panefull n hard as inny we ever seen or herd tell of. suffice to say, the securty gard at the hospitull mergency room dun alreddy knows me. my hartfelt pallgies to ever one of my friens in new york fer not saying nuthin bout leavin, fer not sayin goodbye or so long or whutever. but i wuz sick so much that i never could git nuthin dun, see much of innybidy, n thay wudnt no way i could see all that wuz deservin. tiz my fervent hope to git well a nuff to keep up with life. time will tell.