Monday, July 31, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: snake feeders in sted of lotus blossoms

i been trine to catch the sacred lotus blossoms at the brooklyn botanic garden ever since i had the grate good luck of gittin a near purrfeck shot furst time i went. i aint yet seen them lotuses lookin that beeyootifull agin.

me n miz bd braved the in-tents heat on saturdy to give it a nuther try. the lotus blossoms wuz hidin thar gratest beeyooty agin.

so i settled fer takin pitchers of them snake feeders, witch ye probly know em as dragonflies. thar generly almost impossibull to git, but they wuz breedin n landin all over them lilies in the same pond whar them lotus blossoms grows.

point is, ye caint force thangs to cum to ye, but ye kin ackcept them thangs that duz cum, even ifn thar snake feeders.

heres sum pitchers i tuck of em ...

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Friday, July 28, 2006

good days of buddy don: beeyootifull mornin

aint hurtin, feel grate. thay wuz lots of color in this mornins sunrise n they even opened the 14th street pier early. so everthang is lookin good.

heres how it looked this mornin ...

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

mizry n hope of buddy don: prayin fer no blindness

the last three days i had blindness in the early mornin, furst after walking thru a strobelite made by a broke florescunt lite, nex by the brite lite of the mornin n finely by the lite n noise of the city, manely a poundin tool they use to putt gigantick girders into the ground sos they kin bild sumthin on em. as ye mite know by now, evertime i git that blind spot, a migraine cums along in under 30 mints. yesterdy i dint have my medicin with me, so i wuz in pane ere i gut home n the medicin dont never hardly catch up. tiz a verr lucky thang i gut miz bd to hep me out in times lack that.

but tiz lack a evil trick yer bidy plays on itself ...

The Migraine Trick

It seems to be a trick yer mind can learn –
It makes you feel so sick you wish to spurn
The next event but nothing seems to wurk –
For when the pain begins you go berserk.

i am hopin fer sumthin better today. i missd the pal visit to shea statium yesterdy n have a lode of wurk pilin up.

meanwhile, a cuple weeks ago, i putt a new creatchur into our tank. tiz a blue clawed crayfish, witch i thought i knew bout em but dint know as much as i thunk. i putt thisn into a tank at wurk n he or she (lets say 'it') started eatin everbidy in the tank ... alive.

so i named it killer n tuck im home, whar it is spozed to be able to live with cichlids. corse, bof cichlids n killer kin be verr aggressive. so they have a standoff based on near equal potentchull force.

its purty, but deadly ...

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

pomes of buddy don: If Spin Could Win Our Wars

If Spin Could Win Our Wars

If spin could win our wars the way it helps to win elections
If the same tricks that fool us hicks could ensure our protections
If only cruel reality
Did not use such brutality
Perhaps our claim to have no blame would win the world's affections!

i wish spin could kill migraines. i figgerd i wuz outta the woods yesterdy whenever i writ my blog post, but i wuz rong. as soon as i gut out in the brite sunshine, thay wuznt no doubt but that i still had the trubles, witch they have becum more panefull than ever befor.

innywho, we went to see the acupunkchurist frum tennessee over in brooklyn yesterdy – speshull thanks to miz bd fer sheperdin me thar n back — n she give me the most amazin sesshun of needles i ever had. heres hopin that i dont find myself on the verge of vomit when i git out this mornin!

i been gittin lots of kind comments on them pitchers frum the subway, so heres a nuthern fer ye ...

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mizry of buddy don: beware the strobelite

yesterdy mornin i wuz up early, witch i always git up by 4 am fer the most part. i had dun red as much of the papers as i could take n figgerd twuz time to try catchin the sunrise. my habit has been to take the stairs n not the elevator, even tho we live on the fifth floor.

whenever i gut to the bottom, thay wuz a problem with the lites to whar they had turnt into a floressunt strobelite. it felt a lil lack bein cut with a sharp knife.

i went out into the mornin, but i could see twuz too late. it seemd thay wuz sumthin in my eye, witch by the time i figgerd whut twuz, twuz a lil too late: i wuz blinded on one side till i felt dizzy. i tride to tell myself twuznt whut twuz, but i had to add mitt i wuz havin a nuther migraine. i had dun deelayd a lil too long n paid fer it by suffern one of the mos panefull migraines i kin member.

the memry of it hurts n i caint stand to thank bout that flashin lite, witch miz bd tells me they dun gut it fixed.

i had herd that strobelites could be truble fer migraneurs, but twuz a furst fer me n i dint wonta ackcep it. but i couldnt make it go away.

so i spent the day in bed, sleepin off the imatrex.

n that wuz a lil bit of a shame on a counta i had sum pitchers i wonted to share. dont have time now to putt em all up, but heres a few.

furst, thays this mornins sunrise:

then we had us a nice visit to the brooklyn botanick garden on sundy, witch i tride agin to git that sacred lotus but she aint revealin herself as purty as she dun the furst time i seen her ...

finely, as we wuz cummin down a stairwell of the subway, this here bass player ast me to take his pitcher, witch i tuck a few of em n heres two ...

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Friday, July 21, 2006

farewells of buddy don: sayin goodbye to a cuple of folks

last nite a bunch of us gatherd to raze a glass to a cuple of folks we been a'wurkin with the last few years. one is off to london, tuther to a nuther job rite thar in man hattan. everbidy had em a purty good time.

one beeyootifull lady showd off her tattoo ...

everbidy wuz razin thar glasses to toast them that wuz leavin, witch ye kin see here how tiz dun ...

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

fun at wurk of buddy don: PAL rookie baseball league

the news aint nuthin but disgustin. bush vetoes a bill that wood hep modern medicin save lives on a counta he thanks 100,000+ froze embryos is human beins, witch thar a'gone be deestroyed innyway.

we sit on the sidelines while our ally deestroys the infrastructchur of a baby democrussy on a conta thay caint cuntrol a terrst group thats gut more arms than the gummint of lebanon.

the presdint prooves his add ministrayshun caint perdick nuthin, be it whuther thays wmd in iraq or how much the budget deficit is a'gone be. thay always manage to perdick thatnll be wurser than twill ackshly be the ack lack they dun sumthin when it dont turn out as bad as they claim twuz eggspeckted to be.

ye read a nuff of this stuff n purty soon ye could thank thangs is dun been sent to hell without even the cumfert of a handbasket fer em to sit in.

but yesterdy twuz my turn to hep the PAL rookie baseball league cunduck sum games twixt a bunch of yungsters. ifn aint nuthin else to give ye hope, playin with kids kin brang ye round. as ye kin see, at lease one yungster had im a big moment in the hot sun ...

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

early start of buddy don: wurkin as the sun rises

i gut to leave early fer wurk today, so i dont have no time left to blog. i hope to be wurkin as the sun is on the rise. as ye kin see, i wont be thonly one:

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: more subway

thays lots of folk that dont much keer fer the subway, but tiz one of my favert places. corse, tiz way too hot in the summer n a lil too cold in the winter n ye caint hope to git a seat evertime. but tiz also as democratic a place as thay is. ye see ever kind of person ridin it, even billionaire mayor bloomberg.

now that i know ye kin legally take pitchers thar, i half to add mitt, tiz lackly my favert place to take em. i lack pitchers of folks that dont know thar pitchers bein tuck, lack candid dramas. aint no place with more of em than the subway. heres a few pitchers i tuck lately.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: sunrise n day moon

i been trine to take my eye offn all the pallticks lately, witch i aint been able to git it dun, but i have been trine to catch the sunrise everday. this mornins had a lil color but twernt as specktacklar as i wood hope:

i have had sum good luck with the moon lately. i dun gut it each of the last four days. here twuz on fridy when twuz 90% of full ...

by saturdy, twuz down to 81% of full ...

by sundy twuz 75% ...

n heres this mornins moon, down to 60% of full ...

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

pitcher tuck by buddy don: butterlies, black panthers, a frog n ... snakes!

me n road kill went up to that thar bronx zoo lack i sed we wuz fixin to do yesterdy. had us a purty good time, gut sorta caught up on whut alls happend since last i seen em, witch that wood be last november.

warnin to them that dont lack to see pitchers of snakes (n at lease one of my reglar readers dont much keer fer em): thays sum a'hangin out down below. furst, tho, thays butterflies n a black panther n jes to keep yer frum goin too far n acksidently seein them snakes, a frog ... n corse, ifn ye click em, they git bigger ...

this here panthers wuz watchin a strange kinda squirrel so hard to whar twuz easy to focus on his eyes ...

heres a frog to keep ye frum goin too far. ifn ye go past this here frog yer a'gonna see them snakes ...

dont scroll down too far!

¡¡¡turn back now!!!

n here they are, them snakes ...

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Friday, July 14, 2006

pitcher tuck by buddy don: shootin the moon

i bet most everbidy has played spades at lease once. ifn ye have, then ye know the goal is not to git caught with a bunch of spades in yer takins on a counta ifn ye do that too much, yer gonna lose. but thays one situwayshun whar ye try to git all the spades ye can, witch thats when yer trine to shoot the moon. in that case, ye wonta git all of em, forcin everbidy else to add a bunch of spades to thar scores. problem is, ifn ye miss by even one spade, then ye gut to take em yer ownself.

so whenever ye go to shoot the moon, thay aint no room to miss without havin a lil disaster.

seems to me thats whut happend whenever we invaded iraq. we wuz trine to shoot the moon. heres mr cheney splainin it in that address to the vfw in nashville back in 2002, startin by him trine to proov how much better he understands reality than everbidy else:
Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us. And there is no doubt that his aggressive regional ambitions will lead him into future confrontations with his neighbors -- confrontations that will involve both the weapons he has today, and the ones he will continue to develop with his oil wealth.
seems lack we wooda been able to find sum of em since we wuz so shore they had em. but thay wuz other reasons we had to invade, witch mr cheney splains how twood be lack shootin the moon:
Another argument holds that opposing Saddam Hussein would cause even greater troubles in that part of the world, and interfere with the larger war against terror. I believe the opposite is true. Regime change in Iraq would bring about a number of benefits to the region. When the gravest of threats are eliminated, the freedom-loving peoples of the region will have a chance to promote the values that can bring lasting peace. As for the reaction of the Arab "street," the Middle East expert Professor Fouad Ajami predicts that after liberation, the streets in Basra and Baghdad are "sure to erupt in joy in the same way the throngs in Kabul greeted the Americans." Extremists in the region would have to rethink their strategy of Jihad. Moderates throughout the region would take heart. And our ability to advance the Israeli-Palestinian peace process would be enhanced, just as it was following the liberation of Kuwait in 1991.
but wait, thays more:
Today in Afghanistan, the world is seeing that America acts not to conquer but to liberate, and remains in friendship to help the people build a future of stability, self-determination, and peace.

We would act in that same spirit after a regime change in Iraq. With our help, a liberated Iraq can be a great nation once again. Iraq is rich in natural resources and human talent, and has unlimited potential for a peaceful, prosperous future. Our goal would be an Iraq that has territorial integrity, a government that is democratic and pluralistic, a nation where the human rights of every ethnic and religious group are recognized and protected. In that troubled land all who seek justice, and dignity, and the chance to live their own lives, can know they have a friend and ally in the United States of America.
seems to me lack we accidently tuck a spade or two on sum of the tricks we run into in iraq. fack is, seems lack we gut stuck with the queen, but we dint git all of em. in sted, we jes gut stuck.

in my pinion, twood be better next time to use a camera ifn we wonta shoot the moon. buck of tête-á-tête-á-tête ast me whuther i wuz still trine to shoot the moon my ownself.

anser is yes:

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: new york city – safer than indiana

mayhap ye dun red the news splainin how new york aint gut near as minny terrsts targets as indiana has.

twuz a good bit of news fer them amung us that lives in n round the city. them homeland securty folks has a point: who wood wonta bomb this place?

but thays sum targets here fer folks lack me that lack to hunt a'usin a camera. so heres sum thangs i dun shot on the streets of nyc. (btw, thays a innerestin articull bout how the ny times uses pitchers here.)

(ifn ye click on them pitchers, they git real big.)

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

pitcher tuck by buddy don: blood red day lily

one of the thangs that makes day lilies so speshul is how they jest las fer a sangle day. tiz purty much the same thang fer news stories. ceptn jes lack day lilies, seems lack ye kin hardly tell one days story (or day lily) frum a nuthern. heres a few frum differnt days:ye git the point, speshly ifn ye been payin attenchun to the news.

i aint sayin i know whut we orta do, but thay wuz plenty of folks that warnd bout the problem of a civil war bein unleashd ifn we wuz to invade.

corse, they was branded as traitors n such, witch that makes sense, dont it? to fite the war on terror, we caint putt all our attenchun on the mastermind of the attack that cum to our shores (hint: his name is bin laden or sumthin lack that), but we had to invade a nuther cuntry, git the bulk of our military caught in its flypaper, n then spend billions n billions of dollars we are borryin frum the chinese n japanese n even them folks that sells us our junk oil on the effort to keep ourself stuck to that very same flypaper.

heres a pitcher i tuck of one of them day lilies i wuz jes talkin bout. twuz in that thar brooklyn botanic garden. as ye kin see, thisn is blood red, kindly lack them stories that blooms ever day ...

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: the most democratick institooshun

ye dont hardly git no more democratick than the subway system up in here, witch by that i mean the nyc metropalltun area. as ye mite coulda dun herd, thay wuz sum discusshun bout whuther to allow folks to take pitchers in the subway. turns out tiz legal.

as ye mite coulda dun herd, the nyc mta transports over 7 million folks everday. kindly makes ye wunder why the citys anti-terrist fundin wuz cut.

mayhap sumbidy thanks all them riders is dimcrats?

heres a few thousund wurds wurth of pitchers of that democratick institooshun, witch ifn ye click on em, theyll git big.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

pinions of buddy don: flyin with peter w pan

mayhap ye member that wunderfull chidrens book bout the kid name of peter pan who refused to grow up. twuz his claim that ifn ye bleeve jes rite n thank the rite thangs, n sprankle a lil pixie dust on yerself, then ye kin fly.

fer sum reason, that putts me in mind of how our own child that refuses to grow up, w pan, splains over n over agin how thangs is a'goin grate over in iraq. whut we are a'doin is speadin freedum n democrussy. twuz meant to be: we go in, do nuthin but good, n cum out with a democrussy in the middle of the middle east n the luv of people everwhar.

but that dint happen, so ...

we wuz tole the insurgentsy wuz in its last throes, witch miz bd splaind thatn to me this mornin by sayin thay aint no insurgentsy no more but a civil war.

so the insurgentsy wuz, if you will, in its last throes. only thang wuz how the civil war wuz lined up n reddy to take center stage.

but it caint be! tiz time fer us to fly home agin, no? let them iraqis make thar own cuntry. make em stand up sos we kind stand down n brang our troops home.

but how do ye fly? heres how peter pan dun it:
It looked delightfully easy, and they tried it first from the floor and then from the beds, but they always went down instead of up.

"I say, how do you do it?" asked John, rubbing his knee. He was quite a practical boy.

"You just think lovely wonderful thoughts," Peter explained, "and they lift you up in the air."

He showed them again.

"You're so nippy at it," John said, "couldn't you do it very slowly once?"

Peter did it both slowly and quickly. "I've got it now, Wendy!" cried John, but soon he found he had not. Not one of them could fly an inch, though even Michael was in words of two syllables, and Peter did not know A from Z.

Of course Peter had been trifling with them, for no one can fly unless the fairy dust has been blown on him. Fortunately, as we have mentioned, one of his hands was messy with it, and he blew some on each of them, with the most superb results.
corse, tiz the medias fault that we caint git home. to fly, ye gut to be able to thank good thoughts bout happy times. ye gut to bleeve in that thar pixie dust dogma thats bein preached by our add mininstrayshun.

thanks to the media reportin ever lil bombin n rape n killin of innocents n whut not, even ifn mr bush has give us moren a nuff tax cut n neocon pixie dust, seems lack we jes caint git ourself to thank them good thoughts.

n that keeps our soljers n marines frum findin thar way home:
"You must be nice to him," Wendy impressed on her brothers. "What could we do if he were to leave us!"

"We could go back," Michael said.

"How could we ever find our way back without him?"

"Well, then, we could go on," said John.

"That is the awful thing, John. We should have to go on, for we don't know how to stop."

This was true, Peter had forgotten to show them how to stop.

John said that if the worst came to the worst, all they had to do was to go straight on, for the world was round, and so in time they must come back to their own window.
have we dun lost our way? is it a civil war? no, no, it caint be. jes thank good thoughts.

are ye feelin inny liter yet? are ye floatin? feelin lite hedded?

heres sumthin to hep ye out. dont read even one of these evil media stories:did ye look tuther way? kin ye keep on a'doon it no matter whut kinda media 'news' the left wing media tries to throe at ye?

member now. dont thank nuthin but good thoughts, chrischun thoughts lack bout the easter bunny n santa claus n all them other grate christchun heroes.

are ye flyin yet? floatin? feelin lite hedded?

(note: please dont try to fly frum inny place higher than standin on the ground. it could be danjerus!)

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: back to the garden

me n miz bd treated ourself to a nuther day at that thar brooklyn botanic garden. heres sum pitchers, witch i hope they hep briten yer sundy mornin. click on them pitchers to see em git big.

a purty day lily ...

a moth inspecktin a aster ...

bumblebees a'doin thar duty ...
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Friday, July 07, 2006

pomes of buddy don: flypaper


Flypaper, flypaper, what have you caught
In your sandy flats, your glutinous gore?
Could it be terrorists that you have got
Pinned down in the central front of the war?
No, I catch whomever should come my way
Those dug in here have no choice but to stay.
Flypaper, flypaper, who comes and goes
Across the borders of your sticky plains?
Who is set free to flee from the last throes,
From the hard labor of freedom's birth pains?
Those who know me know where I don't stick –
They know the ways of the dead and the quick.
Flypaper, flypaper, what can you mean?
Some get to exit while we must remain?
Have our best intentions been smashed between
Our dreams of freedom and your bloody stain?
No, you don't know me, that is your curse –
You came to do good but everything's worse.
Flypaper, flypaper, please let us go
We have errands elsewhere, great deeds to do
The blessings of freedom, we must bestow
To others once we are freed from your goo!
How could you think you wouldn't get stuck?
When you sent your forces into my muck?
How can you not understand your reward?
If you live by the gun, you die by the sword.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

weauxphfin of buddy don: mizry fer cumpny

i had big plans yesterdy, so big i gut my bloggin reddy the nite befor sos twood be easy to post it. i wonted to git to wurk early to putt a lil time in on a projeck befor innybidy else cum in, but twernt to be.

befor i could leave, i wuz havin problems with the fine dinner frum vatan the nite befor. but i hattent vomited n figgerd i wood be fine. gut on the 6:33 am bus, but had to cum off n vomit after a cuple blocks. the fack that the bus movement n lites n all botherd me so shoulda tole me everthang, but i dint wonta add mitt no migraine had broke out.

so i cum home n sent a blackberry message that i wood be out sick. i tride to keep it at a bad reackshun to the food, but ere long, i could see – or more percisely, could *not* see, as in i suffered a lil partshul blindness – n by then i knew twood be a nuther migraine, secunt in eight days. so i tuck imitrex n went to bed to sleep the sleep of the near ded all day long.

even tho tiz my favert restrunt, i half to add mitt i caint eat at vatan no more.

but we had a good time while it lasted!

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

celebrayshuns of buddy don: whut a birthday!

last nite me n miz bd met her son jack over at a starbucks in man hattan. our purpuss wuz to meet before jacks partner vaclav could join us sos we could celebrate his birthday.

vaclav, as ye mite member, is frum the czech republick, witch hes has been in this cuntry fer a few years a'studyin english. he is a verr fine man n we are deelited he has joined our fambly. ever year on the 4th of july we have a double celebrayshun, one fer the cuntrys birthday, tuther fer vaclavs.

last nite after we met up, we visited vatan, our favert restrunt, a indian place that serves the food of gujarat.

whenever ye go to vatan, they pass out menus as ifn ye had sumthin to choose. in fack, thonly thang to choose is whut yer a'gone drank besides water. everthang else is prefix, as they say, witch ye git all ye could possibly eat fer about $24 a hed.

we had us a wunderfull time, endin with a lil birthday ice cream fer vaclav to blow out. twuz verr nice how jack picked up the check n woodnt take any intrusive attempts to hep out.

twuz a real treat fer us all. once twuz over, jack ever give us a ride home, witch in the nyc metropalltun area is a grate servus.

heres a pitcher of that birthday ice cream i mentchuned.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

pitcher tuck by buddy don: happy fourth!

me n miz bd went out to see ifn we could git a good nite time pitcher of the ny skyline, but we wuz in fer a nice sprize: thay wuz a firewurks show up at the george wasthington bridge. i dint have the zoom lens with me, so i tuck this by settin the shutter speed to 20 secunts n closin the apertchur down to f32. the bridge wuz at lease 5 miles up the hudson frum hoboken, near as i kin guesstimate.

so tiz blurrd by the distunts, witch ifn ye click on it n open it full sized, ye will git a much better idee, but the points the same: happy independents day!

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Monday, July 03, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: critters of the bbg

enjoy yer holiday

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