Tuesday, July 11, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: the most democratick institooshun

ye dont hardly git no more democratick than the subway system up in here, witch by that i mean the nyc metropalltun area. as ye mite coulda dun herd, thay wuz sum discusshun bout whuther to allow folks to take pitchers in the subway. turns out tiz legal.

as ye mite coulda dun herd, the nyc mta transports over 7 million folks everday. kindly makes ye wunder why the citys anti-terrist fundin wuz cut.

mayhap sumbidy thanks all them riders is dimcrats?

heres a few thousund wurds wurth of pitchers of that democratick institooshun, witch ifn ye click on em, theyll git big.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics!