Monday, July 31, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: snake feeders in sted of lotus blossoms

i been trine to catch the sacred lotus blossoms at the brooklyn botanic garden ever since i had the grate good luck of gittin a near purrfeck shot furst time i went. i aint yet seen them lotuses lookin that beeyootifull agin.

me n miz bd braved the in-tents heat on saturdy to give it a nuther try. the lotus blossoms wuz hidin thar gratest beeyooty agin.

so i settled fer takin pitchers of them snake feeders, witch ye probly know em as dragonflies. thar generly almost impossibull to git, but they wuz breedin n landin all over them lilies in the same pond whar them lotus blossoms grows.

point is, ye caint force thangs to cum to ye, but ye kin ackcept them thangs that duz cum, even ifn thar snake feeders.

heres sum pitchers i tuck of em ...

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red molly said...

In that last picture, it looks like you got the little guy to smile for you. How did you do that? Very nice pictures!

Tennessee Jed said...

I have never seen a dragonfly that still unless he was dead. Nice shots Sir