Thursday, July 06, 2006

weauxphfin of buddy don: mizry fer cumpny

i had big plans yesterdy, so big i gut my bloggin reddy the nite befor sos twood be easy to post it. i wonted to git to wurk early to putt a lil time in on a projeck befor innybidy else cum in, but twernt to be.

befor i could leave, i wuz havin problems with the fine dinner frum vatan the nite befor. but i hattent vomited n figgerd i wood be fine. gut on the 6:33 am bus, but had to cum off n vomit after a cuple blocks. the fack that the bus movement n lites n all botherd me so shoulda tole me everthang, but i dint wonta add mitt no migraine had broke out.

so i cum home n sent a blackberry message that i wood be out sick. i tride to keep it at a bad reackshun to the food, but ere long, i could see – or more percisely, could *not* see, as in i suffered a lil partshul blindness – n by then i knew twood be a nuther migraine, secunt in eight days. so i tuck imitrex n went to bed to sleep the sleep of the near ded all day long.

even tho tiz my favert restrunt, i half to add mitt i caint eat at vatan no more.

but we had a good time while it lasted!

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