Friday, July 21, 2006

farewells of buddy don: sayin goodbye to a cuple of folks

last nite a bunch of us gatherd to raze a glass to a cuple of folks we been a'wurkin with the last few years. one is off to london, tuther to a nuther job rite thar in man hattan. everbidy had em a purty good time.

one beeyootifull lady showd off her tattoo ...

everbidy wuz razin thar glasses to toast them that wuz leavin, witch ye kin see here how tiz dun ...

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red molly said...

Looks like everyone is having a good time.

We are planning a party for Sunday to say goodbye to a couple of folks who are moving up your way.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Buddy Don,

A little off the subject, but I got to thinkin about you the other day.

I remember you mentioned being an Asimov fan. I just finished The Naked Sun and was thinking about the different cultures of Solaria and Earth. I sometimes wonder if this isn't meant (somewhat) to parellel the real world's differences in the U.S. between rural/Appalachian people and city folk. The rural people loving space and feeling more comfortable in solitude; whereas, people who are accustomed to city life like crowds and being around large groups of people all the time.

After I finished it, I thought of you in the city and all your great pictures and wondered if the feeling of being around so many people, so often, ever got to you or made you homesick.

It's probably a silly thing for me to think about. I actually like being in cities full of people and kind of miss my younger days when I used to go down to Cincinnati and stay for a few days with friends. But I think it would be tough for me to handle for more than a week or so, given the area where I grew up.

Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

buddy don said...

ye raze a fascinatin topick, chad. i half to add mitt, whenever i moved up in here, i figgerd i wood stay a cuple years n then move back 'home' to tennessee in hopes of findin a place way up in the mountains whar mayhap i could make a garden n live a simpler life. but i kindly gut stuck here, razin sum debts n gittin so used to the place that whenever i git back home, i last a cuple days n then wonta git back up in here.

fack is, i lack bein round lots of folks, even ifn i long fer the days when i could be alone.

sumthin that i been meanin to menchun to you is that book ye gut me to read name of appalachia. frum readin it, i larnt how east tennessee n west virginny lots of thangs in common, but one mane differnts:

whereas east tennessee wuz lack west verginny in supportin the north durin the civil war, twuz differnt in matters of labor. west virginny turnt into the a major source of the modern labor movement n becum purty much pure dimcrat. but in east tennessee labor organizin never tuck n most of the folks turn into publicans.

i aint never figgerd thatn out. wuz it jes a matter of mother jones' influents?

but as to yer questchun, i dream of gittin back. me n miz bd keeps thankin we will be here jes a lil longer. meanwhile, all our kids has eethur dun settled up in here or is plannin on movin soon.

so ifn we leave, tiz a puzzle whut theyll do.