Wednesday, July 05, 2006

celebrayshuns of buddy don: whut a birthday!

last nite me n miz bd met her son jack over at a starbucks in man hattan. our purpuss wuz to meet before jacks partner vaclav could join us sos we could celebrate his birthday.

vaclav, as ye mite member, is frum the czech republick, witch hes has been in this cuntry fer a few years a'studyin english. he is a verr fine man n we are deelited he has joined our fambly. ever year on the 4th of july we have a double celebrayshun, one fer the cuntrys birthday, tuther fer vaclavs.

last nite after we met up, we visited vatan, our favert restrunt, a indian place that serves the food of gujarat.

whenever ye go to vatan, they pass out menus as ifn ye had sumthin to choose. in fack, thonly thang to choose is whut yer a'gone drank besides water. everthang else is prefix, as they say, witch ye git all ye could possibly eat fer about $24 a hed.

we had us a wunderfull time, endin with a lil birthday ice cream fer vaclav to blow out. twuz verr nice how jack picked up the check n woodnt take any intrusive attempts to hep out.

twuz a real treat fer us all. once twuz over, jack ever give us a ride home, witch in the nyc metropalltun area is a grate servus.

heres a pitcher of that birthday ice cream i mentchuned.

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Tennessee Jed said...

I do love me some ice cream! Looks like a good time was had by all.

red molly said...

Thanks for the link. I will pass it on to the 'youngins'. Glad you all have a good time.