Wednesday, July 12, 2006

pitcher tuck by buddy don: blood red day lily

one of the thangs that makes day lilies so speshul is how they jest las fer a sangle day. tiz purty much the same thang fer news stories. ceptn jes lack day lilies, seems lack ye kin hardly tell one days story (or day lily) frum a nuthern. heres a few frum differnt days:ye git the point, speshly ifn ye been payin attenchun to the news.

i aint sayin i know whut we orta do, but thay wuz plenty of folks that warnd bout the problem of a civil war bein unleashd ifn we wuz to invade.

corse, they was branded as traitors n such, witch that makes sense, dont it? to fite the war on terror, we caint putt all our attenchun on the mastermind of the attack that cum to our shores (hint: his name is bin laden or sumthin lack that), but we had to invade a nuther cuntry, git the bulk of our military caught in its flypaper, n then spend billions n billions of dollars we are borryin frum the chinese n japanese n even them folks that sells us our junk oil on the effort to keep ourself stuck to that very same flypaper.

heres a pitcher i tuck of one of them day lilies i wuz jes talkin bout. twuz in that thar brooklyn botanic garden. as ye kin see, thisn is blood red, kindly lack them stories that blooms ever day ...

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Tennessee Jed said...

Makes me crazy to think how much worse we are making matters worse over there and here.

buddy don said...

i couldnt agree more, sir!