Thursday, July 13, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: new york city – safer than indiana

mayhap ye dun red the news splainin how new york aint gut near as minny terrsts targets as indiana has.

twuz a good bit of news fer them amung us that lives in n round the city. them homeland securty folks has a point: who wood wonta bomb this place?

but thays sum targets here fer folks lack me that lack to hunt a'usin a camera. so heres sum thangs i dun shot on the streets of nyc. (btw, thays a innerestin articull bout how the ny times uses pitchers here.)

(ifn ye click on them pitchers, they git real big.)

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous photo's. I love 'em all.

Do you still shoot the moon from time to time?

Anne Johnson said...

You shoot grate pitchers. As fer them terrists, you can best blieve that we're takin xtreme measures fer next year's Gloucester County Vulture Festival. We had a hunnerd people thar, sum wearin red buzzard hats. We've dun already contacted Homeland Insecurity.

red molly said...

You do shoot great photos. Especially of beautiful women which I think I recognize one of the beautiful women you shot!