Tuesday, July 04, 2006

pitcher tuck by buddy don: happy fourth!

me n miz bd went out to see ifn we could git a good nite time pitcher of the ny skyline, but we wuz in fer a nice sprize: thay wuz a firewurks show up at the george wasthington bridge. i dint have the zoom lens with me, so i tuck this by settin the shutter speed to 20 secunts n closin the apertchur down to f32. the bridge wuz at lease 5 miles up the hudson frum hoboken, near as i kin guesstimate.

so tiz blurrd by the distunts, witch ifn ye click on it n open it full sized, ye will git a much better idee, but the points the same: happy independents day!

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Anne Johnson said...

This here's the purtiest pitcher I ever seen of NYC. Almost make me wanna go thar. But not quite.

Thanks fer settin me strate on Al Gore. I wuz bizzy raisin babies in them yars and dint pay much tension to the noose.

I sure do wish you could teach me to take pitchers.