Thursday, July 20, 2006

fun at wurk of buddy don: PAL rookie baseball league

the news aint nuthin but disgustin. bush vetoes a bill that wood hep modern medicin save lives on a counta he thanks 100,000+ froze embryos is human beins, witch thar a'gone be deestroyed innyway.

we sit on the sidelines while our ally deestroys the infrastructchur of a baby democrussy on a conta thay caint cuntrol a terrst group thats gut more arms than the gummint of lebanon.

the presdint prooves his add ministrayshun caint perdick nuthin, be it whuther thays wmd in iraq or how much the budget deficit is a'gone be. thay always manage to perdick thatnll be wurser than twill ackshly be the ack lack they dun sumthin when it dont turn out as bad as they claim twuz eggspeckted to be.

ye read a nuff of this stuff n purty soon ye could thank thangs is dun been sent to hell without even the cumfert of a handbasket fer em to sit in.

but yesterdy twuz my turn to hep the PAL rookie baseball league cunduck sum games twixt a bunch of yungsters. ifn aint nuthin else to give ye hope, playin with kids kin brang ye round. as ye kin see, at lease one yungster had im a big moment in the hot sun ...

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