Thursday, July 27, 2006

mizry n hope of buddy don: prayin fer no blindness

the last three days i had blindness in the early mornin, furst after walking thru a strobelite made by a broke florescunt lite, nex by the brite lite of the mornin n finely by the lite n noise of the city, manely a poundin tool they use to putt gigantick girders into the ground sos they kin bild sumthin on em. as ye mite know by now, evertime i git that blind spot, a migraine cums along in under 30 mints. yesterdy i dint have my medicin with me, so i wuz in pane ere i gut home n the medicin dont never hardly catch up. tiz a verr lucky thang i gut miz bd to hep me out in times lack that.

but tiz lack a evil trick yer bidy plays on itself ...

The Migraine Trick

It seems to be a trick yer mind can learn –
It makes you feel so sick you wish to spurn
The next event but nothing seems to wurk –
For when the pain begins you go berserk.

i am hopin fer sumthin better today. i missd the pal visit to shea statium yesterdy n have a lode of wurk pilin up.

meanwhile, a cuple weeks ago, i putt a new creatchur into our tank. tiz a blue clawed crayfish, witch i thought i knew bout em but dint know as much as i thunk. i putt thisn into a tank at wurk n he or she (lets say 'it') started eatin everbidy in the tank ... alive.

so i named it killer n tuck im home, whar it is spozed to be able to live with cichlids. corse, bof cichlids n killer kin be verr aggressive. so they have a standoff based on near equal potentchull force.

its purty, but deadly ...

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Deb @ Sugarfused said...

BD, I never thought I'd say these words but "that's a pretty crawfish you've got there" !

So sorry about the migraine pain. You know how I feel...I'd give anything to have you not suffer from those anymore.

Always rootin' for ya down here in Tennessee!

Tennessee Jed said...

Killer does look happy and well fed for a crawdad.

Another best wish from down in the Valley right by the river in Tennessee.

I once had a tank of beta fishes and I bought some white frogs to live with them, well the beta didn't like the frogs and ate their legs faster than they could grow them back. When I would go over to the tank to investigate the fish would look like they had no interest at all in the frogs, but somehow they were getting chewed up.

Margot100 said...

I drove to work ( this was a couple years ago) and felt worse as I drove. I worked the 3-11 shift and I was looking right at the sun. Finally got to work and got really sick, had to go home, inject the Imitrex. Eye doc tells me her husband has same reaction, so he always wears those Transition glasses that turn dark in sun.
Wish I had a magic wand and could wave it for you to be cured, I would do it.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you :)

Anne Johnson said...

Better in an aquarium than whar you kin step on him in a crick.