Saturday, July 01, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: keepin yer battries charged

i bin trine to catch the sunrise n git a real good pitcher of it a'usin that RAW format i been a'studyin. this mornin the vue wuz purty good even ifn thay wuznt no clouds to wurk with. twuz verr humid n thay wuz a lil color cummin up. me n miz bd wuz out thar round civil twilite n i cummenced to shootin that skyline frum a new angle on a counta thay dun opend up a lil more of the waterfront walkway.

but a lil befor the sun ackshly cum up, my battry give out. i dint wurry much since i had me a nuthern. i stuck in n but lo n behold ifn twernt ded too!

so it goes. i figgerd i hattent lost nuthin on a counta whenever the sun do cum up lack as not it cums up yaller, witch ifn it duz that, everthang turns to strate daylite n ye caint do much with it.

but this mornin, ere me n miz bd could git home, up cums the sun jes as blood red n gentle as ye could ever magin. the water wuz so calm twuz purt near a mirror fer it.

but my battries wuz dun ded n i couldnt git no pitcher of it.

nor of the mama duck n her ducklins neethur.

miz bd sez to me as we try not to look head on into that beeyootifull mornin sun: 'ye know this is a lesson to ye bout chargin yer battries.'

as ye mite could magin, she warnt talkin bout no camera battries n i half to add mitt whar shes gut her point. i tend to go so hard ever now n agin to whar my battries gits cumpletely drained.

miz bd bleeves tiz whut happend to set up the last migraine. i spent a verr hard chargin week travlin to mason ohio to wurk with a trainin program fer 14 hours a day n by the time i cum home, seem lack i wuz a'gone half to git a migraine n lie in the bed ded asleep – with that thar cpap deevice blowin air up my nose – fer a day.

n whenever i finely cum out of it, my battries wus recharged.

innywho, heres one of the pitchers i did git this mornin, witch i still aint gut one i lack that much this hole year ...

(click on the pitcher to see it bigger.)
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