Wednesday, September 30, 2009

waka of budouadana: eclipses

back this summer whenever thay wuz all that talk bout them eclipses, i writ a cuple of waka. i bin trine to keep ritin, but with these hedakes, i caint hardly see to do nuthin. but heres a cuple i had dun (i am trine to git back to ritin n readin n not havin a migraine ever day of my life!).

Solar Eclipse
In sudden darkness
We find ourselves at midday,
Looking to the sky,
The sun’s loving light dimmed by
A tiny moon of cold stone.

Lunar Eclipse
The full summer moon
Gradually fades, dimming
Like the ragged face
Of an old worker who slips
Into the cool shade to rest.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: big leaf of life

The big leaf of life,
Filled with holes for migraineurs,
Huge missing pieces
Of memories, histories,
Is precious for each cruel flaw.

Friday, September 25, 2009

mizry of buddy don: how long, how long?

i figgerd twood be proper to give ye a lil update on how thangs is a'goin with my migraines, witch i havent bin able to git thru three daze without havin one since july 8. i dun seen a slew of doctors bout it n seems lack twont ever end, ceptn thays always hope n i have dun bin a'countin my blessins, witch thays moren i kin mentchun, startin with miz bd, who she takes keer of me n sticks by me no matter whut, no matter how much it innerupts her own life. twood be nice to have a day with no hedache, but thisn aint one.

fack is, i caint read, caint rite, caint do much of nuthin. but i gut me the worlds best partner n since i hate goin so long without postin nuthin, so this here post is a lil bit of nuthin fer ye.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

waka of budouadana: Oak

i sumtimes wish i could be lack that big ole oak tree that wuz a'growin in grandie's yard ... nuther migraine day (after a nuther migraine night) ... nuther doctor to see today ... tiz true, sumtimes, i druther be a ole oak tree lost in a forest sumwhars ...

Consider the oak,
Standing naked and upright,
Bending in the wind,
Freezing in icy snow, yet
Never a word of complaint.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

amazement of buddy don: shoot the devil gits a nuther review!

thanks to them migraine hed-akes, this has bin one of the wurst summers of my life. but i jes notissd that sumbidy writ eem a review of shoot the devil, witch ye kin git yer own copy over at amazon (n read a cuple other reviews) here (cumpleat with waka writ fer ye [ifn ye give me two wurds fer a topick], a chop in chinese that means 'wandering hillbilly' n my verr own signatchur).

but even ifn ye aint a'gone be one of the furst 49 (thays still time fer that), i hope ye will take a look at this here review over on liberry thang ... it sheds a verr nice lite on the book ... n do i ever hope he is rite about it!

will wunders never cease? i jes checked to git the url of whar ye kin buy the book on amazon n twuz a verr nice surprize to see whar mr reneau kindly tuck it into his hed to post his review over thar as well!

Friday, September 11, 2009

waka of budouadana: Salamander

The salamander,
Easily living both in
Water and on earth,
Unafraid of injury,
Proof of regeneration.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

waka of budouadana: Salmon

Behold wild salmon,
Swimming freely through wide seas,
Coming home to spawn
In death, feeding all others,
An orgy of sacrifice.

Monday, September 07, 2009

waka of budouadana: Mockingbird

Humble mockingbird,
Merrily singing for all,
Master of music,
His own, that of other birds,
And even that of silence.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

waka of budouadana: scars

Still trying to heal
From traumatic wounds that left
Ugly, wicked scars,
Clues from which to reconstruct
The crimes that caged my spirit.

Friday, September 04, 2009

mizry of buddy don: fergive the long silents

jes wonted to post a lil note to let ye know i am still here even ifn i aint bin postin. all summer long migraines has bin a'killin me n turns out thays a lil problem causin nausea that made me thank i wuz gittin more migraines than i wuz. but i aint posted much on a counta the heavy medicayshun, witch it make my hed feel deddern it duz whenever tiz a'hurtin frum a migraine ... but without the pane. sides that, i aint hardly bin out of doors since early july, so taint lack i have much to say ...