Friday, September 25, 2009

mizry of buddy don: how long, how long?

i figgerd twood be proper to give ye a lil update on how thangs is a'goin with my migraines, witch i havent bin able to git thru three daze without havin one since july 8. i dun seen a slew of doctors bout it n seems lack twont ever end, ceptn thays always hope n i have dun bin a'countin my blessins, witch thays moren i kin mentchun, startin with miz bd, who she takes keer of me n sticks by me no matter whut, no matter how much it innerupts her own life. twood be nice to have a day with no hedache, but thisn aint one.

fack is, i caint read, caint rite, caint do much of nuthin. but i gut me the worlds best partner n since i hate goin so long without postin nuthin, so this here post is a lil bit of nuthin fer ye.



Buck said...

Thinking about you every day Buddy. Maybe the skies will clear again soon.

buddydon said...

thankee fer yer kind wurds, sir. i grately preciate em.

Anne Johnson said...

Bad as the headaches are, I think life without Miz BD would be worse.

buddydon said...

indeed, Anne. miz bd is my life n purty much of the reason i keep on a'wontin to live.