Saturday, September 12, 2009

amazement of buddy don: shoot the devil gits a nuther review!

thanks to them migraine hed-akes, this has bin one of the wurst summers of my life. but i jes notissd that sumbidy writ eem a review of shoot the devil, witch ye kin git yer own copy over at amazon (n read a cuple other reviews) here (cumpleat with waka writ fer ye [ifn ye give me two wurds fer a topick], a chop in chinese that means 'wandering hillbilly' n my verr own signatchur).

but even ifn ye aint a'gone be one of the furst 49 (thays still time fer that), i hope ye will take a look at this here review over on liberry thang ... it sheds a verr nice lite on the book ... n do i ever hope he is rite about it!

will wunders never cease? i jes checked to git the url of whar ye kin buy the book on amazon n twuz a verr nice surprize to see whar mr reneau kindly tuck it into his hed to post his review over thar as well!

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Lydia said...

What a fabulous review!

The Gwyns all hope you're feeling better or will be soon.