Saturday, December 30, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: killer takes a lil stroll

killer the blue-clawed crayfish (crawdad) has dun molted agin. fer most of a week he aint been out, witch they hides when thar shells is soft n thar defentsless. when he finely cum out i tuck a few pitchers.

tiz hard to catch im on a counta he lacks to keep hid n when he duz cum out he jes wont sit still ...

heres a few more ...

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Friday, December 29, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: fuzzy focus

i been practissin usin longer eggspozure times to git that feelin of movement. yesterdy mornin i tuck the camera with me n wuz sprized by whut i gut. befor i git into that, heres sum pitchers that shows the moshun i wuz talkin bout ...

but then a patturn strated to eemerge ...

homeless in man hattan:

homeless in man hattan:

homeless in man hattan:

or homeless in man hattan, witch ye caint see this pore woman verr well, but she wuz a sad site to see, lookin as if she had dun lost everthang n hoped to find it in the cracks of the sidewalk:

corse, tiz hard to tell sumtimes who is a'wurkin harder, the deelivery man or the homeless man. notiss the similarties in the final two pitchers fer today, startin with the deelivery man:

ifn ye click on thisn of this here hardwurkin homeless feller, twill take ye to the hole gallery ...

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

quick note of buddy don: now he tells us

ifn he wuz a patriot n not a partisan, then mr ford wooda made this publick whenever he wuz furst thankin it:
In a four-hour conversation at his house in Beaver Creek, Colo., Ford "very strongly" disagreed with the current president's justifications for invading Iraq and said he would have pushed alternatives, such as sanctions, much more vigorously. In the tape-recorded interview, Ford was critical not only of Bush but also of Vice President Cheney -- Ford's White House chief of staff -- and then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, who served as Ford's chief of staff and then his Pentagon chief.

"Rumsfeld and Cheney and the president made a big mistake in justifying going into the war in Iraq. They put the emphasis on weapons of mass destruction," Ford said. "And now, I've never publicly said I thought they made a mistake, but I felt very strongly it was an error in how they should justify what they were going to do."
he coulda told folks bout this as well:
"Well, I can understand the theory of wanting to free people," Ford said, referring to Bush's assertion that the United States has a "duty to free people." But the former president said he was skeptical "whether you can detach that from the obligation number one, of what's in our national interest." He added: "And I just don't think we should go hellfire damnation around the globe freeing people, unless it is directly related to our own national security."
not that mr bush wood listen to nobidy that wudnt alreddy sayin whut he wonts to here, witch how kin we send this man a message? we march by the hunderds of thousunds, vote as strongly as we kin to tell im we dont wonta pore more gasoline on the iraqi fire, n all he kin say is surge, even tho whut he proposin is more lack a spurt than a surge. corse, a real surge wood take troops n at this point that wood take a draft (or a change of hart by all them 101st keyboarders who support the war in thar pjs -- magine the surge we wood have ifn they all volunteerd!?!).

ye mite remember (or mayhap ye dun red about) whut happend durin the last war we escalated.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

critters of buddy don: them crawdads

i wish i could show ye sum pitchers of them crawdads, witch they dun gut tharself into sum verr innerestin bizness n fer that reason, they wont hardly cum out atall.

it all started nigh onto a munth ago whenever miz tenna (we used to call her onetenna since she only had one antenna whenever we gut her), whenever miz tenna gut to whar she woodnt hardly cum out n whenever she dun it, she kep her tail jes as titely rolled up as inny rolly polly bug ye ever seen.

so we googled em up online to find out whut could be a'goin on. this site deescribes sum of thar beehavyer.

after we red that, we knew miz tenna wuz holdin a tail full of eggs at the verr lease. whut we dont know is whuther she will foller the same patturns of them wild crayfish, witch 'crayfish' is whut sum folks calls crawdads.

meanwhile, killer dun went n hid fer the longest on a counta how he wuz moltin agin. he aint gut hard a nuff to feel safe cummin out, witch thats why i caint git no pitcher of im. but no matter whut, it should be verr innerestin to see ifn inny of them baby crawdads makes it.

a while back one of my bes friens on all them innernets, tennessee jed, ast a questchun that i meant to anser but never gut to, witch he wonted to know whut them crawdads eats. best we kin tell, thar happy to eat jes purt near everthang they kin git thar claws n ten lil feet onto, startin with the exo-skelton they leave behind whenever they molt. (witch that brangs up this questchun fer inny of y'uns thats flossofers: ifn ye eat a part of yer own body that ye molted offn yerself, duz that mean yer a cannibull?)

killer has been trine lack nobidys bizness to catch im one of them cichlids sos he could eat one of them n far as i kin tell, he lacks eatin live fish betten innythang, problem bein thar so hard to catch. they eat food rite offn his claws sumtimes n he still caint catch em.

them crawdads also makes the best scavengers i ever seen in a tank. they will go thru them pebbles one by one fer as long as it takes, cleanin up innythang they kin git no matter how old or rotten tiz.

at lease one of yall mite catch whut i mean by this: them crawdads is the vultchurs of the tank ... n we luv em fer that.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

celebrayshuns of buddy don: chrismus at paddy n jessicas

yesterdy we rapped up all our presents n gut a cab to cum git us n take us over to man hattan, witch this year chrismus wuz at paddy n lorettas. twuz a wunderfull event.

jack n vaclav wuz thar n friens of paddy n sallie cum, a feller frum philly name of franklin n a cuple thats been together ferever, zaneta frum the czech republick n ajani frum nigeria. paddy n loretta had dun tharself proud with them vittles, ham n turkey n dressin n yew name it. i baked up a cuple apple pies to brang along, n vaclav dun his magick with them amazin czech cookies.

heres ye a lil pitcher of all the loot, ere twuz unrapped, witch thay wuz more later, but i wuz eatin by then n couldnt operate the camera:

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: happy halldays!

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Friday, December 22, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: tiz the season

to me it seems lack xmas has turnt into one of the mos pagan of all offishull halldays: ye gut yer tree worship frum them druids n yer santas, witch everbidy lacks to git into that ack, but they aint gut nuthin to do with the jesus in the bible fer as i kin see. tiz a puzzle how them that claims to foller jesus squares the materialism of xmas with jesus sayin this:
Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
the two idees dont hardly seem to fit. meanwhile, heres santa his ownself, perusin the daily news while waitin fer a train ...

as fer teachin yer children, as the song sez, ye kin see a good mix of commershillisum n santa on this lil gurls hed (ifn ye caint read it, whut it sez is 'commerce bank')...

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

pomes of buddy don: For Want of Truth

For Want of Truth

For want of truth
The plan was botched –
For want of a plan
The museum was robbed –
For want of the museum's protection
The culture was dissed –
For want of cultural respect
Trust was lost –
For want of trust
Security was lost –
For want of security
The hearts and minds of the people were lost –
For want of the hearts and minds of the people
The chance for peace was lost –
For want of honesty about the lost peace
More troops were lost –
For want of a reason for more troops to die
Faith in the war was lost –
For want of faith in the war
The war was lost –
For want of honesty about the lost war
More troops were lost –
More terrorists created –
Our reputation tarnished –
And our safety threatened for at least a generation –
And all for want of truth.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: good mornin!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

pomes of buddy don: The Force of Price

The Force of Pride

The Bible says that pride precedes a fall,
And hubris is, of all the tragic flaws,
The one most likely to lose once for all
The chance of victory for any cause.

So what could come of pride in our great might –
Our military industrial strength –
But proof that force alone does not make right
Nor win the hearts and minds held at arm's length?

For that task we would need humility
Enough to ask if we might have been wrong
To think brawn could enforce stability
Upon a land where we do not belong.

How long will our pride force us to slog on
Long after hope of victory is gone?

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Friday, December 15, 2006

nuther early start of buddy don: power agenda take 2

fer the most part, i luv publick transportayshun. i pay $73 a munth fer my bus pass n that takes keer of purt near all the transport costs i ever have, ceptn ifn we rent a car to go on a vacayshun.

but thays times when ye feel lack yer a hostage. yesterdy i wonted to ketch the 6:48 or the 7:00 or the 7:10 or the 7:20, but no bus cum till 7:25, n then twuz full to the brim with folk. i squeezed into the sardine can n rode to wurk standin up, gittin thar slow lack on a counta thay had been a acksident blockin traffick.

i wonted to blame publick transit, but fack wuz, everbidy wuz stuck on this side of the hudson till they gut the acksident cleard up. ifn i hadda had a car, i wooda been stuck in it in sted of the bus.

so i am a'gone leave out early agin today sos i kin do my power agenda.

btw, i menchund bout yesterdy bein comp day at goodbank whar i wurk. twuz a site to see. as generly happens, them that gits the most also gits the most upset (far as i could tell, n my evidents is all aneckdotal). sum of em even big winners thats made plans to splain that they wuz dun rong n needs more.

i dint have no cumplaints on a counta tiz a blessin to have a job at all after bein sick so much this year lack i wuz. my overall comp, as they say, went down frum last year, but i still aint gut no cumplaint. fack is, i wuz sprized to git innythang on a counta how i wudnt eggspeckin nuthin.

even so, i know fer a fack that thays a slew of bankers n such who wooda been insulted by a bonus that wuz 100 times as much n thays lackly sum that gut 1000 times as much.

whut makes me wonta laff sumtimes is how sum of them folks is still sad n feelin putt out, even to the point of badmouthin thar firm.

tiz proof that thay aint no such thang as a nuff when ye are trine to store up riches.

durin sum of them migraines i sufferd this year, i real eyesed that the true treasures in life cum frum the birthdy presents everone of us gut on our verr furst birthdy: hands, fangers, eyes, heart, feet, ears, waterproof skin, yew name it. thems blessins ye caint buy, not even with the best bonus inny banker ever gut. n we gut em fer free along with the luv of our own mothers n fathers.

how kin ye beat that?

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

early days of buddy don:

a while back i writ bout a habit i have at wurk, witch i putt out a daily agenda n give a daily dollar to whoever wins on a given day. this mornin i am havin whut i call 'power agenda' on a counta the prizes is bigger ($13 fer furst, $7 fer secunt, n $5 fer thurd, given everbidy a chants to win ifn they win power agenda) n tiz sorta lack them power lottos they have. thonly reason i am a'ritin this now is to splain why i gut to leave out early this mornin sos i kin git it ready.

it should be a fun way fer folks to spend whut they calls 'comp day' in the wall street bizness, witch thats the day everbidy gits thar 'numbers,' witch that means they find out whut thar year end bonus is a'gone be.

once them numbers starts a'cummin out, thay aint hardly nobidy that wonts to wurk. in sted, everbidy sits round talkin bout how bad they wuz dun or whutever on a counta nobidy wonts to add mitt they gut em a good bonus on a counta thays otherns that dont git nuthin.

i am one of the luckier ones, tho, since i gut the best bonus ye could possibly have, the luv of my life in miz bd, my health fer the moment, n a good job even tho i been sick more this year than i ever wuz in life befor. fer me, a zero bonus is a positiv thang on a counta i coulda been putt on long-term disabilty or even putt out on the street, but goodbank whar i wurk aint lack a lot of them other banks or corporayshuns.

tiz a nuther proof that god cuntinues to bless the undeservin.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

pomes of buddy don: We Want a Land

We Want a Land

There were no weapons of mass destruction –
Just as there were no al qaeda links –
There was no security for reconstruction –
Iraq was a puzzle worthy of the sphinx.

We dreamed Iraq would be a great beacon –
Freedom, Democracy, Liberty, too –
A land whose bright example would weaken
The hands of the terrorists we pursue.

But our noble goals have been restated –
We now want Iraq to defend itself –
To get its violent factions sedated –
To use its oil to build fiscal health.

We want a land that can do, unaided,
Things it could do before we invaded.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

pallgies of buddy don: caint thank of nuthin to blog bout

tiz one of them mornins whar i caint git started. caint say whut tiz, tho thays a temptayshun to blame that depakote i been a'takin. since i started it nigh onto two munths ago, i have putt on 13 pounds. seems lack my stumach has dun turnt into a bottomless pit. sum folks tells me thats ok on a counta me bein on the thin side to begin with, but it still dont sit rite with me. this mornin i couldnt even button my shirt collar.

tiz simple to fix: quit eatin so much. but i half to add mitt, tiz grate when everthang tastes so good.

i aint cumplainin. ifn that stuff keeps them migraines away, witch they been a'doin that even when i have had sum tuff trigger events n thought i wuz halfway thar, well, ifn it duz keep em away, then i will ackcept the weight, even ifn i druther not have it.

mayhap tomorrow thangs will cum out rhymin agin!

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Monday, December 11, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: lucky acksidents

i aint fallin fer the thang i found on blogger this mornin, witch it claims thays a new vershun of blogger that i am spozed to use. thonly thang thats changin is i half to login usin my google account, witch they make the ass sumpshun that i have one.

mayhap in the mornin i will try that. meanwhile, heres sum pitchers i tuck. ever one of em has sumthin ye could say is rong, manely on a counta havin too lil lite or havin em no in focus, but i kindly lack how they cum out ...

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Friday, December 08, 2006

evenin fun of buddy don: alvin ailey!

last nite i wuz one of minny folk frum goodbank that wuz invited to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, witch i gut sum pitchers of the recepshun they had fer the lucky ones at goodbank that gut tickets.

they had free wine n good vittles to snack on whilst we wuz waitin fer the show to begin ...

fer our innertainmint, they had em a three-piece band playin jazz standards ...

as ye mite could guess, thay wuz more beeyootifull people thar than ye could shake a stick at ...

thang is, the show wuz even better, witch ye wudnt allowd to take no pitchers in that thar theeater, but twuz amazin, cunsistin of three pieces name of Memoria, The River and Revelations

now i half to add mitt i aint no big fan of modurn dance. i caint hardly tell whut tiz all about most of the time, but these three thangs wuz so amazin i couldnt hardly bleeve they wuz over. i kep havin to check my watch to see did 30 mints really pass by whilst i wuz in a dance trance?

almos befor i knew it, twuz over.

ifn ever ye git the chants to see alvin ailey, git yerself thar! ye wont regret it.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

pinions of buddy don: look, up in the sky! it's a bird! it's a plane! it's ...

Al qaeda, man!

Faster than the spread of Communism!

More powerful than Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, The Soviet Union and Communist Red China ... combined!

Able to topple tall buildings with a single plot!

It's a man!

It's a movement!

It's al qaeda, man!

Yes, it's al qaeda, man, strange islamofascists from another culture who came to the civilized world with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal nation states.

Al qaeda, man, who can change the course of mighty civilizations, bend western constitutions with their bare threats, and who, disguised as simple desert peasants or mild-mannered goat herders in tiny, barren wildernesses scattered throughout the middle east and the stans (Tajikistan, Dagestan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Etceterastan), fight a never-ending battle against truth, justice and the American way!

It is an enemy of such power that the only chance to save our consitution is to destroy it by removing the rights that make it possible for al qaeda, man, to bring down our government, destroy our way of life, and establish a new caliphate over the entire earth.

They may appear to be little more than a rag tag group of criminals, but in fact, al qaeda, man, comprise the most powerful enemy the United States of America has ever faced!!

How do we know this?

  • Never before has an enemy forced us to give up our habeus corpus rights!

  • Never before has an enemy forced us to give up any suspect's right to be considered innocent until proven guilty (now such evil terrorist suspects can be tortured subject to aggressive interogation techniques including solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, enforced constraint in stress positions, administration of psychedelic drugs, and public vilification)!

  • Never before has an enemy forced us to give up each citizen's sixth amendment right to "a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense."

  • Never before has an enemy forced us to give up our fourth amendment right "of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures," a right that "shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized"!

  • Never before has an enemy forced us to give up the checks and balances that made our nation great!

Using the fear engendered by simple and repeated over-estimation of a single enemy's power, our nation has moved forward from its crudely liberal and idealistic belief in an open society, for which we would willingly sacrifice "our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" (to quote one of the primitive texts instrumental in the creation of our flawed democratic republic) to the creation of a land of timidly fearful citizens who eagerly sacrifice their freedoms, rights to privacy and shared faith in our outdated constitution!

We have replaced such outdated norms – certainly, if a law passed in 1978 is outdated and too pre-9/11, a constitution written by hand on parchment must be way too pre-9/11 and ready for the scrap heap of history– with a unitary executive who has all the powers he says he needs to protect us (but not the constitution he swore to uphold) from external enemies (but not from a potential dictator)!

Indeed, we now have a streamlined executive that is regaining most of the powers King George III lost in the U.S. revolution!

After all, if you are killed by terrorists, you have lost all of your rights anyway!

And isn't living with limited freedom better than living with fear of death by terror? Already, the terrorists in attacks on our shores have killed a whopping .001% of us (3,000 out of a mere 300,000,000)!

Let's face it, fellow citizens: the Unitary Executive is the only form of "green Kryptonite" available to counter al qaeda, man, right?

Al qaeda, man!

Be afraid ... Be very afraid!

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

pitcher tuck by miz bd: freein the intrepid frum the muck

it tuck two tries n had to be dun under a full moon n hi tide, but they finely gut the intrepid freed frum the muck it had sunk into n stayed in fer years. heres a pitcher miz bd tuck of the event:

woodnt it be nice ifn twere as easy to pull ourself outta the muck of iraq? will it take our congress wurkin a five day week?

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

pinions of buddy don: seein cunnexshuns everwhar

mayhap tiz jes me, but duz innybidy else see sum cunnexshuns twixt the follerin stories?
  • Wal-marting and wealth:
    A single parent with two children working at minimum wage earns $10,700 a year, which $4,700 below the U.S. poverty level. Forbes magazine reported there are now 374 U.S. billionaires who have more wealth than the bottom 95% of the U.S. population.
  • Number of billionaires surges:
    The number of billionaires surged this year, as did their collective pile of cash, according to Forbes magazine's annual billionaire list.

    The magazine said the number of billionaires worldwide increased by 102 people in 2006 to 793, a record number, largely due to bullish global stock markets. Their total net worth jumped 18 percent to $2.6 trillion.
  • U.S. Army Battling To Save Equipment:
    Equipment shipped back from Iraq is stacking up at all the Army depots: More than 530 M1 tanks, 220 M88 wreckers and 160 M113 armored personnel carriers are sitting at Anniston. The Red River Army Depot in Texas has 700 Bradley Fighting Vehicles and 450 heavy and medium-weight trucks, while more than 1,000 Humvees are awaiting repair at the Letterkenny Army Depot in Pennsylvania.

    Despite the work piling up, the Army's depots have been operating at about half their capacity because of a lack of funding for repairs. In the spring, a funding gap caused Anniston and other depots to lose about a month's worth of work, said Brig. Gen. Robert Radin, deputy chief of staff for operations at the Army Materiel Command at Fort Belvoir.

    "Last year we spent as much time trying to find available money as managing our program," he said. "We don't want to go into the next rotation . . . with equipment that's at the far end of its expected life."
  • GSA Chief Seeks to Cut Budget For Audits:
    The new chief of the U.S. General Services Administration is trying to limit the ability of the agency's inspector general to audit contracts for fraud or waste and has said oversight efforts are intimidating the workforce, according to government documents and interviews.

    GSA Administrator Lurita Alexis Doan, a Bush political appointee and former government contractor, has proposed cutting $5 million in spending on audits and shifting some responsibility for contract reviews to small, private audit contractors.
  • Gilded Paychecks; Lure of Great Wealth Affects Career Choices:
    A decade into the practice of medicine, still striving to become “a well regarded physician-scientist,"Robert H. Glassman concluded that he was not making enough money. So he answered an ad in the New England Journal of Medicine from a business consulting firm hiring doctors.

    And today, after moving on to Wall Street as an adviser on medical investments, he is a multimillionaire.

    Such routes to great wealth were just opening up to physicians when Dr. Glassman was in school, graduating from Harvard College in 1983 and Harvard Medical School four years later. Hoping to achieve breakthroughs in curing cancer, his specialty, he plunged into research, even dreaming of a Nobel Prize, until Wall Street reordered his life.

    Just how far he had come from a doctor’s traditional upper-middle-class expectations struck home at the 20th reunion of his college class. By then he was working for Merrill Lynch and soon would become a managing director of health care investment banking.
  • Everybody's Business; In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning:
    NOT long ago, I had the pleasure of a lengthy meeting with one of the smartest men on the planet, Warren E. Buffett, the chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, in his unpretentious offices in Omaha. We talked of many things that, I hope, will inspire me for years to come. But one of the main subjects was taxes. Mr. Buffett, who probably does not feel sick when he sees his MasterCard bill in his mailbox the way I do, is at least as exercised about the tax system as I am.

    Put simply, the rich pay a lot of taxes as a total percentage of taxes collected, but they don’t pay a lot of taxes as a percentage of what they can afford to pay, or as a percentage of what the government needs to close the deficit gap.

    Mr. Buffett compiled a data sheet of the men and women who work in his office. He had each of them make a fraction; the numerator was how much they paid in federal income tax and in payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, and the denominator was their taxable income. The people in his office were mostly secretaries and clerks, though not all.

    It turned out that Mr. Buffett, with immense income from dividends and capital gains, paid far, far less as a fraction of his income than the secretaries or the clerks or anyone else in his office. Further, in conversation it came up that Mr. Buffett doesn’t use any tax planning at all. He just pays as the Internal Revenue Code requires. “How can this be fair?"he asked of how little he pays relative to his employees. “How can this be right?”

    Even though I agreed with him, I warned that whenever someone tried to raise the issue, he or she was accused of fomenting class warfare.

    “There’s class warfare, all right,"Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”
  • Protecting the Military? Just “Junk” Says Bush Court Nominee:
    On Friday, the American Bar Association hosted a conference in Washington on national security. Among the speakers was Scott Stucky, General Counsel of the Senate Committee on Armed Services and President Bush’s nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. When the subject of the amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill that protected military families from payday lenders, according to someone in the audience, Stucky dismissed it as “junk.”

    The Department of Defense had asked Congress to cap interest rates to military families at 36%, effectively outlawing the 400% loans and other high priced lending practices that the military said “undermine military readiness, harms the morale of troops and their families, and add to the cost of fielding an all-volunteer fighting force.” Sorry, Mr. Stucky, but this isn't just “junk.”

    DoD had done its best to make clear that predatory lending affects troop readiness. The Center for Responsible Lending estimated that the payday lenders had one in five military families in their clutches. After the DoD report came out, statistics also showed that there had been a nine-fold increase in the number of troops who have lost their security clearances because of debt problem, further undercutting our ability to field an effective fighting force.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Give Him Peace of Mind

Give Him Peace of Mind

The little man could not admit he ever made mistakes
That was his calling card throughout the land –
Though roadsigns called for caution he would never use the brakes –
His gut was all that he could understand.

If soldiers died in searching for what never could be found
Their deaths would be the reason to slog on
Even with three thousand of them buried underground
He wouldn't even say, "I'll be doggone!"

So whom could he appoint to bring fresh eyes to stale events –
To tell him in new ways the same old tales?
To make intelligence claim that what it misrepresents
Is proven by the classified details?

Experience in such a feat is surely hard to find
But at the gates there stands someone to give him peace of mind!

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Friday, December 01, 2006

a stonishmint of buddy don: goin pro?

inf i wuz to see this feller ...

... scoutin the corners of our apartmint, i couldnt be no more sprized. i gut a email frum a deesigner who wonted to know whuther she could use one of the pitchers i dun posted on this here site ... n she wuz offern money fer the privlidge!

but even bettern wontin to buy the rite to use one of my images wuz how she splaind the need fer images lack i take n places whar ye kin putt em sos more deesigners kin find em. fack is nigh onto 90% of the traffick this site gits is on a counta the pitchers on it, so ...

mayhap i will putt sum of my pitchers in such places as thisn.

who knew folks wood pay fer pitchers i caint resist takin innyway?

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