Tuesday, December 26, 2006

celebrayshuns of buddy don: chrismus at paddy n jessicas

yesterdy we rapped up all our presents n gut a cab to cum git us n take us over to man hattan, witch this year chrismus wuz at paddy n lorettas. twuz a wunderfull event.

jack n vaclav wuz thar n friens of paddy n sallie cum, a feller frum philly name of franklin n a cuple thats been together ferever, zaneta frum the czech republick n ajani frum nigeria. paddy n loretta had dun tharself proud with them vittles, ham n turkey n dressin n yew name it. i baked up a cuple apple pies to brang along, n vaclav dun his magick with them amazin czech cookies.

heres ye a lil pitcher of all the loot, ere twuz unrapped, witch thay wuz more later, but i wuz eatin by then n couldnt operate the camera:

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Tennessee Jed said...

I hope there was something great under the tree for the hillbilly!

Anne Johnson said...

If he didn't get nuthin of value, they's a new novel out ba Willian Gay, who he's a wunnerful hillbilly writer. Also Daniel Woodrell pubbed a new novel this fall. So it's bin a good yar for hillbilly writers. Nun of 'em bettern the writer of this here blog.