Friday, December 29, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: fuzzy focus

i been practissin usin longer eggspozure times to git that feelin of movement. yesterdy mornin i tuck the camera with me n wuz sprized by whut i gut. befor i git into that, heres sum pitchers that shows the moshun i wuz talkin bout ...

but then a patturn strated to eemerge ...

homeless in man hattan:

homeless in man hattan:

homeless in man hattan:

or homeless in man hattan, witch ye caint see this pore woman verr well, but she wuz a sad site to see, lookin as if she had dun lost everthang n hoped to find it in the cracks of the sidewalk:

corse, tiz hard to tell sumtimes who is a'wurkin harder, the deelivery man or the homeless man. notiss the similarties in the final two pitchers fer today, startin with the deelivery man:

ifn ye click on thisn of this here hardwurkin homeless feller, twill take ye to the hole gallery ...

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