Wednesday, December 27, 2006

critters of buddy don: them crawdads

i wish i could show ye sum pitchers of them crawdads, witch they dun gut tharself into sum verr innerestin bizness n fer that reason, they wont hardly cum out atall.

it all started nigh onto a munth ago whenever miz tenna (we used to call her onetenna since she only had one antenna whenever we gut her), whenever miz tenna gut to whar she woodnt hardly cum out n whenever she dun it, she kep her tail jes as titely rolled up as inny rolly polly bug ye ever seen.

so we googled em up online to find out whut could be a'goin on. this site deescribes sum of thar beehavyer.

after we red that, we knew miz tenna wuz holdin a tail full of eggs at the verr lease. whut we dont know is whuther she will foller the same patturns of them wild crayfish, witch 'crayfish' is whut sum folks calls crawdads.

meanwhile, killer dun went n hid fer the longest on a counta how he wuz moltin agin. he aint gut hard a nuff to feel safe cummin out, witch thats why i caint git no pitcher of im. but no matter whut, it should be verr innerestin to see ifn inny of them baby crawdads makes it.

a while back one of my bes friens on all them innernets, tennessee jed, ast a questchun that i meant to anser but never gut to, witch he wonted to know whut them crawdads eats. best we kin tell, thar happy to eat jes purt near everthang they kin git thar claws n ten lil feet onto, startin with the exo-skelton they leave behind whenever they molt. (witch that brangs up this questchun fer inny of y'uns thats flossofers: ifn ye eat a part of yer own body that ye molted offn yerself, duz that mean yer a cannibull?)

killer has been trine lack nobidys bizness to catch im one of them cichlids sos he could eat one of them n far as i kin tell, he lacks eatin live fish betten innythang, problem bein thar so hard to catch. they eat food rite offn his claws sumtimes n he still caint catch em.

them crawdads also makes the best scavengers i ever seen in a tank. they will go thru them pebbles one by one fer as long as it takes, cleanin up innythang they kin git no matter how old or rotten tiz.

at lease one of yall mite catch whut i mean by this: them crawdads is the vultchurs of the tank ... n we luv em fer that.

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Anonymous said...

This post reminded me of my favorite scene from the Beverly Hillbillies. This was in the days of hippies living in city parks. Granny, Jethro, and Elly May were in a New York City park. Granny sent the kids down to the lake to catch some crawdads and was alone in the woods building a fire. Two policemen approached her and asked her what she was doing. She said,"I'm building a fire to smoke some crawdad". The policemen looked at each other then said, "Maam, you can't do that here". Granny replied,"Sure I can. All I need is a little pot!". The policemen then arrested her.

Tennessee Jed said...

Thanks for the answer to the crawdad diet question, old buddy. I hope they don't eat the little hatchlings.

Tennessee Jed said...

flech, I remember that scene got to love them Hillbillies! At one time I thought that show made people from our part of the world look like idiots. Then I thought if anyone out there in TV land is taking a sit-com for real then I know who the idiots really are.