Friday, December 08, 2006

evenin fun of buddy don: alvin ailey!

last nite i wuz one of minny folk frum goodbank that wuz invited to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, witch i gut sum pitchers of the recepshun they had fer the lucky ones at goodbank that gut tickets.

they had free wine n good vittles to snack on whilst we wuz waitin fer the show to begin ...

fer our innertainmint, they had em a three-piece band playin jazz standards ...

as ye mite could guess, thay wuz more beeyootifull people thar than ye could shake a stick at ...

thang is, the show wuz even better, witch ye wudnt allowd to take no pitchers in that thar theeater, but twuz amazin, cunsistin of three pieces name of Memoria, The River and Revelations

now i half to add mitt i aint no big fan of modurn dance. i caint hardly tell whut tiz all about most of the time, but these three thangs wuz so amazin i couldnt hardly bleeve they wuz over. i kep havin to check my watch to see did 30 mints really pass by whilst i wuz in a dance trance?

almos befor i knew it, twuz over.

ifn ever ye git the chants to see alvin ailey, git yerself thar! ye wont regret it.

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