Thursday, July 02, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: creatchurs of habit

a sayin i lack to live by is thisn:
habits: easy to make, hard to brake
gooduns make ye, baduns brake ye
i try to cuntrol my habits as much as i kin, even trine to reeplace a badun with a goodun ever now n agin. mosly, i am stuck with my baduns (hard to brake) n try to keep my gooduns a'goin.

on saturdy me n miz bd went over to one of our favert places in man hattan, witch tiz a book store name of kinokuniya. whenever we gut thar, we notissd that they had that thar internashunull immigrunts day parade a'goin on n whenever we gut thar, twuz the tail end of it with vietnam agin. heres a cuple pitchers to proov it ...

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